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Five tips by Tania Sachdev to become better at chess!

by RedBull Team - 21/07/2017

Tania Sachdev is one of the top female players in India for many years now. She is not only an International Master but also has two GM norms to her credit. On the International Chess Day on 20th of July 2017, she gives us five tips which has helped her become a strong chess player. Following them will ensure good results for you as well. Also we have a special offer on two of Tania's ChessBase DVDs. Eight hours of high class chess education. 

On 20th July celebrated as International Chess Day, Arjuna Awardee Chess Player and Red Bull Athlete Tania Sachdev shares five tips for young aspiring chess players to improve their game.

1. Work on your openings.

It is hard but in today's times and age, you cannot escape opening preparation. I suggest analyzing at home and having big files that you look at and update every now and then but for that quick brush up before the game have a second set of short easy to remember prep files on your computer.

2.Solve tactics daily

Spend some time everyday solving a couple of combinations. It keeps the brain working and improves tactical vision.

3. Follow all the top tournament games.

This is very important and all professional chess players do it every single day and do it without an analyzing engine on. Try to guess the moves.

4. Study a good chess book.

These days I am on Positional Decision Making by Gelfand. It is brilliant. There are so many great chess books. So much to learn!

5. Play tournaments and analyze your games.

This done regularly will rapidly improve your game. Also, play blitz! Cause sometimes you just want to have fun.

Chess was invented in India in the fifth century, it was named “Chaturanga” and this is likely one of the oldest games of our era. The game then spread to Persia and Europe. In 1966, on the same day as the founding of the FIDE (20th of July), International Chess Day begun.

Sharing further advice on International Day, Tania Sachdev said, “Whether you take it up professionally or as a hobby it's a great game to develop cognitive skills and is a total exercise of the mind. So give a little time to chess regularly, learn the game and the skills it develops will help you in whatever you decide to do.” Arjuna Awardee Chess Player, Tania Sachdev holds the International Master and Woman Grandmaster titles—two of the highest titles in The World Chess Federation. Her recent career successes are Commonwealth Chess Gold 2016 and Commonwealth Chess Bronze 2017.

Sharing her experience winning Bronze at the recent Commonwealth Chess Championship, Red Bull Athlete Tania Sachdev commented, “It's always really a nice feeling to win a medal for the country. My last game I was completely winning and had I managed to win it I would have won the gold. However, in the time scramble I messed up and eventually drew and got the Bronze as I had the worst tiebreak. Therefore, there is that feeling that I missed out on the gold. But well, next time!”

On upcoming tournaments, Tania Sachdev added, “I will be playing in Abu Dhabi open in August. I am working on my game from a general improvement point of view and analyzing my own games to improve where I have been going wrong. Besides that, I am also working on my fitness levels. Chess requires a lot of stamina and long hours of concentration and mental energy.”

Tania Sachdev will be attending the Asian Indoor game camp 11-17 September and then participate in the Asian Indoor Games from 20th to 29th September.

Tania's DVDs on ChessBase:

Tania Sachdev went to Hamburg studio in 2013 and recorded two DVDs for ChessBase. Her fun and lively style make these DVDs quite entertaining and instructive at the same time.

Tania having a nice time at the ChessBase studio in Hamburg

Review of the DVD improve your chess with Tania Sachdev by IM Sagar Shah

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