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Young sketcher goes the extra mile to save fellow chess player

by Sagar Shah - 20/08/2017

Ikramul Haq Siam is fighting a battle of life and death. The degenerative disc disease has paralysed his right leg. The boy needs to get his surgery done as soon as possible. For that he requires financial assistance. 17-year-old chess player from Kolkata Chandreyee Hajra has decided to go the extra mile to help her fellow chess player. Known for her sketching, Chandreyee will sketch the portrait of any interested chess player and all the money that she earns will be donated for the good cause. Read more about this wonderful gesture.

We are all very aware of the sketching talent of Chandreyee Hajra. The young girl from Kolkata has made some amazing sketches of chess players in the past. Just in case you have missed it, here is some of her work:

(clockwise from the top): Nihal Sarin, Srinath Narayanan, R.B. Ramesh, S. Vishnu Prasanna, Padmini Rout and S. Vijayalakshmi
Now Chandreyee is using her talent to save the life of a fellow chess player: Ikramul Haq Siam from Bangladesh. A few days ago we reported that the 19-year-old Bangladeshi player is suffering from a degenerative disc disease that has paralyzed his right leg. The doctors have recommended surgery. There are chances that he may not be able to live if he doesn't get the operation done on time. The surgery requires 6,00,000 Bangladeshi Taka (approx 4,80,000 Indian rupees).

Get sketched and donate for a cause

The sketch artist of Indian chess - Chandreyee Hajra

All the money that Chandreyee will earn through sketching will be donated to Ikramul for his surgery. This is how it works: 

  • Place your order for the sketch from the "Buy" button below for Rs.999/-
  • Mail us your potrait photo on
  • Chandreyee will send you the soft copy of the sketch as soon as she done.
  • She will also courier the hard copy to your registered residential address.
  • All the money earned through this will be donated for the good cause
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Nithyalakshmi Sivanesan from Malaysia was the first donor. She was sketched by Chandreyee and donated twice the amount (Rs.2,000)

Telugu Chess players' Whatsapp group:

In our previous article we had also mentioned that the Telugu players' whatsapp group is collecting money to save Ikramul's life. They had managed to collect Rs. 94,500. "After the article, that number has gone up to Rs. 1,50,000", says Surya Kotha, the founder of Simply chess foundation.


If you are interested in donating money through this channel, you can contact Mr. Amithpal Singh (+91 7406577878) - who can be reached via call or whatsapp.

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