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Vishy in 'Mann ki Baat'

by Priyadarshan Banjan - 01/03/2016

March is the month of examinations in our country and is often a stressful time for many of our friends -- the chess playing students. They have to cope with their usual appetite for our beautiful game and at the same time study hard for that impending examination that scares the living daylights out of some people. India's beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his monthly address to the nation via 'Mann ki Baat', discussed some valuable insights regarding examinations and how to deal with them. The Prime Minister had a special guest in the form of a cerebral olympian who himself was an above average student in his school days -- Vishy!

Vishy in 'Mann ki Baat'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi began the tradition of addressing the nation with his hallmark programme 'Mann ki Baat' that is broadcast across the country via All India Radio -- that has an estimated reach of 80% of India -- Doordarshan News and Doordarshan National, thus ensuring that his thoughts and discussions is heard by almost every person giving him an ear, which we know are in multitudes.


Till date, around 17 episodes of this show have been aired, with one almost every month. The subject matter in these shows are always the topics of national interest and concern and has seen about 67% of the Indian public turn up to listen to the Prime Minister. The public is invited to share their ideas and inputs on the official site or via phone call. PM Modi skillfully orchestrates this exercise where he reaches out to almost every Indian and has a 'heartfelt discussion' concerning the issues that matter to the common man.


The seventeenth episode focused on the impending exams in the Indian academic year. Examinations are often seen to be extremely stressful for the students and even their families. Every year, countless suicides or stress related disorders are reported due to the inability of the students in coping with exam stress. The Prime Minister had some very important things to say to the Indian students and their parents who will soon begin their exam drills.

This bygone Sunday, the 'Mann ki Baat' show had two special guests -- Sachin and Vishy! Both the superstars had some very important things to say to the students, especially Vishy, who highlighted some very interesting details on how to approach the exams.

PM Modi addressing the nation via his 'Mann ki Baat' show, which you can listen to here.

You may see the full broadcast, or just jump ahead to the 12.20-minute mark when Vishy is introduced to the audience.

We have the transcripts of Vishy's insightful take on the examinations and how one should approach them. We are sure our readers will find the maestro's message useful:


Hello, this is Vishwanathan Anand. First, let me start by wishing you all the best for your exams. I will next talk a little bit to you how I went for my exams and my experiences on that.


I found that exams are very much like problems you face later in life. You need to be well rested, get a good night's sleep, you need to be on a full stomach -- you should definitely not be hungry -- and the most important thing is to stay calm. It is very similar to the game of chess -- when you play, you don't know which problem would appear, just like in a class when you don't know which question will appear in an exam. So, if you stay calm, well-nourished, and you have slept well, you will find that your brain recalls the right answer at the right moment. So, stay calm!

Spot Vishy Anand!

It is very important not to put pressure on yourself. Don't keep your expectations too high. Just see it as a challenge -- do I remember what I was taught during the year, can I solve these problems -- and at the last minute just go over the most important things and topics you feel you don’t remember very well.

You may also recall incidents with the students or with the teacher during the exams and this will also help you recall a lot of subject matter.

If you revise the questions that are difficult, you will find that they are fresh in your head and when you are writing the exams, you will be able to deal with them much better.

Vishy appearing in an advertisement for memory pills.
I’ve always found that these exams go much better than you fear before. 

Don’t be over confident, but don’t be pessimistic either.  So, stay confident and all the very best to you.


ChessBase India wishes all its student readers, and we know you guys form our backbone, all the very best for your examinations. Hit hard and then hit harder, never mind the results! Do play some chess to relax or just walk into ChessBase India and be entertained!

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