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Live Games from the 29th National U-17 2018

by Nongsha Angom - 06/09/2018

The 29th National U-17 Open & Girl's Chess Championship 2018 is being held from 3rd Sept to the 11th of Sept 2018 at Gateway Education, Sector 11 , Sonipat, Haryana. FM Mitrabha Guha 2376 of West Bengal and WFM Arpita Mukherjee 2207 of West Bengal are the top seeds of Open category and Girl's category respectively. On this page you can follow the live games of the round in progress and also replay the games of all the previous rounds. Also you get games lightly annotated by the tactical analysis feature.

Live Games:

Top 10 seed in Open section:

1FMMitrabha Guha5057000IND2376West Bengal
2Srijit Paul5094798IND2335West Bengal
3Krishnater Kushager25041142IND2333Maharashtra
4Tarun V Kanth25012185IND2258Tamil Nadu
5Vatsal Singhania25033972IND2225Jharkand
6Gaurav Rajesh Zagade25033522IND2177Maharashtra
7Shyam Prasad Reddy K46681540IND2148Andhra Pradesh
8Panesar Vedant35033018IND2124Maharashtra
9Pruthu Deshpande25015095IND2068Maharashtra
10Manu David Suthandram R35019562IND2044Tamil Nadu


Top 10 seed in Girl's section:

1WFMArpita Mukherjee5056403IND2207West Bengal
2Priyanka K5082986IND2163Tamil Nadu
3WFMHarshini A25008986IND2160Tamil Nadu
4WFMTarini Goyal5082749IND2072Chandigarh
5WCMMrudul Dehankar25096990IND2065Maharastra
6Sanskriti Goyal35009141IND1965Uttar Pradesh
7WCMJyothsna L35013220IND1964Tamil Nadu
8Pandey Srishti35093290IND1958Maharastra
9WFMTanishka Kotia25005600IND1918Haryana
10Ghosh Samriddhaa5094003IND1904West Bengal

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Special thanks to IA Raj Kumar for sharing details and photos and ChessKast for Technology, the event have been powered by ChessKast