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Live from New York – World Championship Tiebreaks

by ChessBase India - 19/11/2016

The World Championship games will begin at 00.30 a.m. IST. Over here you can follow the games live. It will be a battle between the technical brilliance of Magnus Carlsen and the tenacious defending of Sergey Karjakin. The stage is set for the biggest chess extravaganza. After a tie in classical format, we are now down to the rapid section. Check out all the action!

It's the battle between two youngsters born in 1990: Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin. After playing against Vishy Anand in the last two World Championship Matches, Magnus will face someone from his own generation. While everyone thinks Carlsen is the favourite, the World Champion himself admitted that Karjakin's defensive qualities are perhaps the best in the world. It will be an exciting battle and you can watch all the action unfold, right here.


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11/11/2016 Friday Game 1
12/11/2016 Saturday Game 2
13/11/2016 Sunday Rest Day
14/11/2016 Monday Game 3
15/11/2016 Tuesday Game 4
16/11/2016 Wednesday Rest Day
17/11/2016 Thursday Game 5
18/11/2016 Friday Game 6
19/11/2016 Saturday Rest Day
20/11/2016 Sunday Game 7
21/11/2016 Monday Game 8
22/11/2016 Tuesday Rest Day
23/11/2016 Wednesday Game 9
24/11/2016 Thursday Game 10
25/11/2016 Friday Rest Day
26/11/2016 Saturday Game 11
27/11/2016 Sunday Rest Day
28/11/2016 Monday Game 12
29/11/2016 Tuesday Rest Day
30/11/2016 Wednesday Tie-breaks

Magnus Carlsen has White in odd games.

Fulton Market in New York is the venue for the World Championship Match

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