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14th Delhi Open 2016: Live games and Report!

by ChessBase India - 14/01/2016

Watch top four boards of the Delhi Open live in our browser with the Live book as well as the let's check function and engines. And not just that, now we have live reports for you as well! Besides you will also get the evaluation about which side is better and you can download PGN files as well. No software or downloads required, you can enjoy the live games right here on the ChessBase India website powered by Playchess.

Watch the games live here! (If you are too lazy to read the Live Report)

14th Delhi Open 2016: Live games and Report!

We are into the third hour of play here at the 14th Delhi Open 2016 and the game of the day until now was the eagerly awaited clash between the top seed GM Boris Grachev (2652)...

...and GM Ivan Popov (2650)

Notes by IM Sagar Shah:

[Event "14th Delhi GM-Open 2016"]
[Site "Delhi"]
[Date "????.??.??"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Grachev, Boris"]
[Black "Popov, Ivan"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]
[PlyCount "58"]
1. d4 {0} d5 {0} 2. c4 {0} e6 {0} 3. Nf3 {0} Nf6 {0} 4. Nc3 {21} c6 {18} 5. Bg5
{54} dxc4 {49} 6. e4 {12} b5 {6} 7. e5 {8} h6 {6} 8. Bh4 {4} g5 {5} 9. Nxg5 {25
} hxg5 {6} 10. Bxg5 {5} Nbd7 {6} 11. exf6 {14} Bb7 {16} 12. g3 {85} c5 {15} 13.
d5 {28} Qb6 {18} 14. Bg2 {29} O-O-O {22} 15. O-O {126} b4 {99} 16. Rb1 {159}
Qa6 {153} 17. dxe6 {104} Bxg2 {48 Believe it or not this position has already
been reached 200 times!} 18. Re1 $5 {250 This was already played by Krylov
against Popov in 2012 and Popov had won. So it could be safe to assume that
Grachev had an improvement.} (18. e7 {has been played in 190 of those 200
games.}) 18... fxe6 {489} 19. Kxg2 {172} bxc3 {48} 20. bxc3 {106 This is
Grachev's big improvement. The position is still equal but Popov has to find
some only moves to maintain equality. Knowing what high level of preparation
he has it is safe to assume that Popov was well prepared.} (20. f7 {was played
by Krylov.}) 20... Qc6+ $1 {179} 21. Kg1 {45} Bh6 $1 {53} 22. Qg4 {173} Bxg5 {
132} 23. Rxe6 $1 {28 There is no time to win back lost material.} Qd5 {67
Black is now two pieces up for a few pawns but White has some nasty tricks!}
24. Qf5 $5 {173} Qa8 {322} (24... Qxf5 25. Rc6# {is something that you wish
for but never really happens in a game!}) 25. Rb5 {173} Rxh2 $1 {92 The
quickest way to draw the game. The threat of mate on h1 forces White to give a
perpetual.} 26. Rxc5+ {32} (26. Kxh2 $2 Rh8+ $19) 26... Nxc5 {7} 27. Qxc5+ {52}
Kb8 {6} 28. Qe5+ {24} Kc8 {7} 29. Qc5+ {24} Kb8 {6} 1/2-1/2

The seductive 24.Qf5 (!) that was so enchanting that...

...numerous players from both the A and C categories left their games en prise!

And some fans resorted to taking the aerial view!

When the games are running, clicking on the above link will take you to our live broadcast. It is free and open to all – in your browser, on a notebook, tablet or even your smartphone. And the Let's Check function will show you what the most powerful computers in the world think of the current position, as each move is being played. Below are the four most-watched boards.

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ChessBase India will keep you updated with the proceedings and bring you a comprehensive report at the end of the round.

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