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Akash Dalvi triumphs at the "Kasparov Returns!" Online Blitz

by Priyadarshan Banjan - 25/07/2017

After announcing the "Gary Kasparov Returns" U-2200 Online Blitz Tournament, 114 chess enthusiasts have given their entries to participate in the online tournament. The event started at 8 pm, without any delay. Fifteen-year-old  Aakash Dalvi of Maharashtra scored 8.5 out of 9 points to secure the first place. The final standings will be published within a week after scanning all the games and ensuring that no cheating was done. Here is the provisional standings list. 

Akash Dalvi triumphs at the "Kasparov Returns!" Online Blitz

To honor the return of legendary Gary Kasparov, ChessMine and ChessBase India conducted the...

"Kasparov Returns!" Online Blitz Tournament (U2200)
on 23rd July 2017 

First prize: Rs 6000! 

Date: 23rd of July 2017

Time: 8.00 p.m. IST 

Time control: 3+0: 9 rounds

Prize fund: Rs. 28,000

Venue: Playchess

*Main Prize Winners:

Place Name Prize
1st Aakash Sharadchandra Dalvi 6000
2nd Anusha NLV 5000
3rd Mahendra Venkat L 4000
4th Rishi Thariani 3000
5th Gavi Siddayya 2000
6th Pranav V 1000
7th Sa Kanan 1000
8th Vigneshwaran 1000
9th Kumar Gaurav 1000
10th Panesar Vedant 1000

*Special Prize Winners:

Place Name Prize
20th Sayan Bose 500
30th Duvvala Suresh 500
40th S.Venkatsundaram 500
50th kalyan srinivas Vetcha 500
60th Aanya Agrawal 500
70th Audipudy Sitaram 500

Final Cross-table

Special Thanks to

As always we thank our Tournament Director Halsagar Chincholimath from Belgaum for conducting the tournament in a smooth and professional manner.

*This is the provisional standings.  

*If any player is found guilty of cheating then the concerned player’s account will be suspended and will not be allowed to participate in any of the future playchess events. The prize in such case will move to the next rank.

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