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Grandmaster Preparation series on Forward chess for Rs.399/- only!

by Sagar Shah - 15/04/2017

ChessBase India boosted the technological development of chess players in India when we introduced ChessBase products at nearly 60% discount. Now we have some more good news for you. Grandmaster Preparation series of Quality Chess written by GM Jacob Aagaard is available on Forward Chess for just Rs.399/-. In his article we give you a step by step explanation of how you can use the Forward Chess App and have all the world class books at your fingertips in a few seconds!

If you are a regular reader of our newspage you must be aware that world class trainer, author and co-founder of Quality Chess Jacob Aagaard is on a book tour of India and Asia. This trip was organized by ChessBase India and Sagar Shah and Amruta Mokal were with him throughout the duration of the tour. As the journey comes to an end Jacob and Quality Chess would like to give a small gift to the Indian chess community.

Grandmaster Preparation series books for Rs.399/- each on Forward Chess


Jacob Aagaard explaining in the video, the rationale behind this decision of offering grandmaster preparation series books at Rs.399/-
Grandmaster Preparation is a series of six books (sixth one - Thinking inside the box is yet to be released) written by GM Jacob Aagaard and have achieved world wide acclaim

What is Forward Chess?

Forward Chess is a mobile app for Android and iOS users. It consists of books from various publishers which can be bought and then replayed on an in-built board by clicking on the notation. The offer of Rs.399/- is available only for Android users in India because iOS doesn't allow price discrimination based on different regions.

You can download the Forward Chess App from the google play store from here. Install it in your mobile.

Once you download the app you get the book On Life and Chess by Sergey Shipov for free

If you press on the button "Store" at the top you get the names of the different publishers like Quality Chess, Mongoose Press etc. You must press Quality Chess.

You can see that four of the Grandmaster preparation series books are available for just Rs.399/-
The two books missing in the series are Positional Play, which Aagaard is updating with the corrections sent to him by GM David Navara, and the final book of the series "Thinking Inside the Box" which will be released within a month.

You just click on the button "buy", enter your card details, and download the book to your device.

The best part about downloading books from Forward Chess on Android is that they are linked to your google account. So even if you change your device, you can always sync all the books you have bought to the new mobile phone or tablet. 


And now comes the most interesting part about Forward Chess:

It is not your normal e-book. The screen is divided into two parts. At the top you have the replayable board while on the bottom you have the notation that can be clicked. The moment you click on a move, that position comes up on the board. For eg. in the picture above I have just clicked on 4...Nfd7 and that position is on the board.


Imagine you are travelling in a car or a train or on flight, you always have the mobile with you, and once the books are downloaded, you can go over the entire content of the book even in offline mode. It is a great way to have all your favourite books at one place.


Quality Chess will look at the response it gets from the Indian consumers in terms of the books bought from Forward Chess. If the trend is positive we can expect that slowly and steadily all the Quality Chess books will be available for Rs.399/- 


Know more about Forward Chess through this video
We have some really exciting news waiting for you related to Quality Chess in India. More details to follow soon. As of now enjoy these world class books for just Rs.399/-!

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