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What will you do if your laptop is stolen before a tournament?

by Hinduja Reddy - 30/03/2017

What can be more disastrous than being robbed of your laptop in the middle of the night, in a foreign land? It's even worse for a chess player, he loses something more than a laptop - all his chess work, analysis, software, etc. To put it simply, he loses his life's work. Unimaginable events keep happening in this world, what can be best done is to prepare for the worst case scenario. Saving data in cloud backup is one such way to secure vital information. 

What will you do if your laptop is stolen before a tournament?

An unfortunate incident happened to 14-year old International Master P. Iniyan from Erode, Tamil Nadu. His laptop containing all his chess files and databases had been stolen during a tournament!

IM P. Iniyan (ELO: 2378)

Iniyan, along with his mother were on their way to Lorca to take part in an event. "It was approximately two degrees and in the blink of an eye, my laptop was stolen. I just didn't know what to do," he said to The Times of India.


"I work with the laptop for 10 hours a day. When we are on road, we can't search for partners to play and thus it becomes our playing partner as well. I had ChessBase installed in it. It had all the data about the players I have countered, my plans, their weaknesses, my coach K. Visweswaran's inputs and my entire history from the age of seven. Losing it was a big blow." he added.


The helpless boy and his mother when sought aid from local police, were asked to reach out the Barcelona’s police commissioner. With too little time in their hands, they had to leave immediately for the next tournament.


He was all set to take part in two major tournaments in Europe - one in Spain followed by another in Italy. Sadly, all his chess files didn’t have a cloud backup. "Even if I bought a new laptop, the lost data couldn't have been retrieved. And I wouldn't have been able to download the specific software that I needed due to technical reasons," Iniyan said.

Losing all your chess files is extremely distressing. Having the data secured is essential.

And it can be done in just a few clicks! All you need is a ChessBase account. It allows a user to store a database of games on the internet, where it can be accessed and modified from any computer or even a mobile phone browser.


You can store your games, opening repertoire, training material and additionally, analyze and share these files!


Learn how to use the cloud storage function in the ChessBase Account:

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