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ChessBase India Facebook Page has 10,000 likes!

by Sagar Shah - 12/02/2017

The tag line of ChessBase India is "Powering Chess in India". By regular articles on various tournaments in India and as well as intimate coverage of all the achievers, it has brought forth a positive change in Indian chess. But the website is not the only asset of the company. In fact one of the biggest avenues for spreading news to the chess lovers is the ChessBase India Facebook Page. And today it has more than 10,000 people who like it!

The first thing that ChessBase India began with, towards the end of 2015, was a Facebook page. There was no newspage, nor any corporate structure, nor any other resource! We started off by updating the news on the ChessBase India Facebook Page.


At first we hardly got any likes. But we persisted. The content was built up and each and every day we posted something that was of substantial value to the world of chess. Be it Sethuraman's excellent performance in the World Cup 2015 (that's where we started from), or Vishy Anand's performance at the Candidates, or Praggnanandhaa becoming world's youngest IM, or Adhiban's scintillating performance at Wijk Aan Zee 2017, we were always there.


The ChessBase India page has changed the way in which people get to know things about the chess scene in India and the world. We always have the pictures of the winners of any rating tournaments happening anywhere in the country. All the players who perform well all over the world are covered. There is also information about the upcoming tournaments and also interesting articles from various websites. And then there are posts like the one below which have generated 42,000 likes!

Running the social media of a growing company is never easy. You have tonnes of news to be edited and posted, there are messages to be answered and most of all you have to be on the look out for anything interesting that has taken place in the world of chess. The growth of ChessBase India Facebook page would not have been possible without the efforts of....

...Hinduja Reddy. The former National A player is the Social Media and Communications head of ChessBase India. It goes without saying that the role of Hinduja in the growth of Indian chess has been immense.

We thank each and every person who has liked the ChessBase India Facebook page, and we look forward to your continued love and support. We, at ChessBase India, are an ambitious lot of people. Our dream is that every chess tournament in India, and every Indian chess player who performs well anywhere on the globe should be covered! You can help us by sending us pictures of your event or your achievements as a message to our Facebook page. Here's looking forward to our next milestone - 25,000 likes!


On a parting note I would like to mention a joke of a grandmaster friend from India who doesn't have a Facebook account. He said, "Sagar, I know that ChessBase India Facebook page is very popular, but please continue with your website for people like me who are not on Facebook!" Well, my only advice to him was: "Come on Facebook for the ChessBase India page! You are missing out on all the fun!"


For all those who haven't liked our page already, don't miss out on all the action! Here's our page:

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