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First ChessBase India show with GM Vishnu Prasanna

by Sagar Shah - 20/09/2016

Would you like to learn from a 2512 rated grandmaster? ChessBase India begins with its first online live show! The inaugural Show will take place on the 20th of September 2016 at 1 p.m. IST. The host of the show IM Sagar Shah will be joined by the knowledgeable Grandmaster Vishnu Prasanna. All of you are most welcome to join us and ask questions to Vishnu, as he shows some of the best games of his chess career! The entire procedure of how you can view the show live "free of charge" is explained in this article.

All of you are aware of the different shows available on the Playchess server. There is the Powerplay show by Daniel King, the Endgame Magic by Karsten Mueller, Simon Says by Simon Williams. It is now time to have our own ChessBase India show! 


Today, on 20th of September 2016, ChessBase India will have its first live show on the Playchess server. And the best part about the show is that it is completely free!


IM Sagar Shah will be the host of this show

GM Vishnu Prasanna (2512) will be our first guest

The show will be broadcasted live on the playchess server at 1 p.m. IST. Anyone can see this show live and join us with your questions.

How to see the show live

Firstly you have to download the free native Windows software. You should go to and scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Click on the Free Download button.

After you have installed the Playchess client. You must login.

Enter your playchess username and password if you have one. (Note, the ChessBase Account credentials will work). Even if you do not have a Username or Password, you can enter as a guest.

On the bottom right hand corner click on the room broadcasts and then click on the tab Games on the top. In the list you will find the first ChessBase India show with Vishnu Prasanna at 1 p.m. 

Get to know Vishnu better with this short video interview taken during London Chess Classic 2015 by Amruta Mokal
Vishnu has some huge achievements to his credit, few of them being National Juniors Runners-up in 2007, Winner of the Figueres International in Spain, has a current Elo of 2512, and has beaten strong GMs like Parimarjan Negi, Ivan Popov etc. Most of all he is a deep thinker on the game of chess and will have excellent tips and advice for budding youngsters.
This is the first time that such a live show will be taking place from our studio in Mumbai. We hope that you will enjoy it, and will be there to ask your doubts and questions to GM Vishnu Prasanna and in general enjoy the chess discussion!

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