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Live Games: Vidit takes on China!

by Sagar Shah - 07/04/2018

A very unique rapid Scheveningen match is currently in progress in Liaocheng China - World vs China. Five strong Chinese players Ding Liren, Bu Xiangzhi, Yu Yangyi, Wei Yi and Li Chao take on five players from the major countries in the world. The World Team consists of Vidit Gujrathi from India, Krzysztof Duda from Poland, Etienne Bacrot from France, Samuel Shankland from USA and Daniil Dubov from Russia. It will be a double Scheveningen system Rapid format of ten rounds with the time control being 10 minutes + 10 second increment. Follow the live games as Vidit looks to conquer China!

Live games from the World vs China Match


6th April


7th April

9:30 opening ceremony

10:00 round 1

11:00 round 2

14:00 round 3

15:00 round 4

16:00 round 5

17:00 round 6

8th April

Promotion activity(all players are obliged to participate in)

9th April

14:00 round 7

15:00 round 8

16:00 round 9

17:00 round 10

18:30 closing ceremony

10th April


Finished games:




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