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World Juniors 2018 Round 10: Can Abhimanyu win a medal?

by Sagar Shah - 15/09/2018

The World Junior Championship 2018 is poised excitingly for the silver and bronze medals in the open section and all the three medals in the women's section. The gold has already been decided in the open section with Parham Maghsoodloo scoring another fine win in the 10th round against Maxim Vavulin. For Indians our best hope is GM Abhimanyu Puranik who is currently in the fourth position and plays GM Aram Hakobyan with the black pieces in the final round. If Abhimanyu can win this game, he will be assured of the medal. The final round begins at 12.30 p.m. IST. We have embedded the live game player as well as the live commentary and an opening video in this article. Don't miss it.

Overview of Indian performances:

Currently two Indians have a chance for a medal - Abhimanyu Puranik has a realistic chance as he is in the joint second position with 7.5/10, while Varshini is in 8th position and is one point behind the leader. The difference between Abhimanyu and Varshini is that if Abhimanyu wins he is guaranteed of a medal, but even if Varshini wins, she has to have other results going her way in order to get a medal.

4GMKarthikeyan Murali2605IND11½½½1½½016,51810-3,50Open
10GMAravindh Chithambaram Vr.2578IND111010½½½16,52610-2,20Open
13GMSunilduth Lyna Narayanan2573IND1½101101½17,011101,80Open
23GMPuranik Abhimanyu2524IND1½1101½11½7,541017,20Open
27IMKarthik Venkataraman2519IND11½½11100½6,5141017,90Open
40IMHarsha Bharathakoti2474IND111100½½½16,5151011,80Open
50IMMohammad Nubairshah Shaikh2443IND½1½01½½1016,04010-0,30Open
56IMRaja Harshit2419IND10½11001½16,039100,00Open
77IMKrishna Teja N2356IND10011010105,09810-10,00Open
94FMShailesh Dravid2325IND0110½01½1½5,571207,00Open
12WIMChitlange Sakshi2279IND1½½½½½11016,51540-18,40Girls
21WIMMahalakshmi M2213IND½1½1½½0½0½5,04520-19,60Girls
32WIMVarshini V2173IND101½01111½7,082026,60Girls
36WIMIvana Maria Furtado2144IND1½10½½001½5,04320-1,80Girls
55WCMIsha Sharma2012IND10½01110105,52940111,60Girls
65Meenal Gupta1963IND½011½1010005,04440102,40Girls

If Abhimanyu Puranik wins his game today, he is assured of a medal

V. Varshini is currently in eighth position. She has to win her game and hope that other results

In the ninth round Abhimanyu drew his game against Bai Jinshi

Getting some excellent exposure at the World Juniors - Harshit Raja and Shailesh Dravid

The World Junior Champion 2018 Parham Maghsoodloo

Parham Maghsoodloo became the World Junior Champion 2018 with a round to spare. He scored 9.5/10 and is two points clear of the field! He has gained 26.5 Elo points and has a rating performance of 2976! Unbelievable, but true. His live rating is now 2691.


I first saw Parham live in action at the IIFLW tournament in Mumbai in January 2018. He was the sixth seed with a rating of 2570. He won the tournament ahead of some strong players like Abhijeet Gupta, Timur Gareyev, Ivan Rozum and many other GMs. After the tournament ended I asked Parham for a short interview. Here's how it went:

Interview with Parham Maghsoodloo at IIFLW tournament in January 2018

One of the things that stood out from that interview was Parham saying," I work 20 hours a day on chess!" I was not sure how to take that. Was that an overstatement? Was he making fun of me? Or was it really true? A lot of people messaged me that day and on the following day that they had seen the video and were surprised that someone could work so hard and love chess so much. 


Instead of trying to explain to the world, Parham decided to let his performance do the talking. Just 9 months later Parham has a live Elo of 2691. That means he has added 121 Elo points in last nine months. It is very clear to any chess literate person that this can only be possible for someone who works hard on chess. In the last 10 days I have interviewed Parham at least 8 times and every time he is able to surprise me in some way or the other. Sometimes it is his phenomenal opening preparation that runs as far as 35 moves, sometimes it's his memory that he can actually replay those 35 moves on the board, sometimes it is his ability to find the best move in any given position, no matter how bad it is, and lastly his hunger for chess. Every time he played a game there was a child like enthusiasm in him to see whether he had made the best moves or not. I guess what really motivates him is the challenge of finding all the best moves in the position. Sometimes after the game he would ask me, "So, how did I play?" He knew that I would have checked the games with the engine. The focus for Parham is always on making the best moves in any given position. No wonder, he is able to win game after game! I have no doubt that in the years to come he will be one of the finest players in the world.

Parham Maghsoodloo with his family

Follow the games Live which begins at 12.30 p.m. IST

Watch the commentary Live

Live Commentary for the final round on Turkish Chess Youtube Channel

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