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The winner of "Why do you love ChessBase India?" contest is...

by Sagar Shah - 14/02/2018

On 18th of January 2018 ChessBase India completed two years of existence. We held a Facebook contest where we asked people to tell us the reason why they loved ChessBase India. We got an overwhelming response with more than 75 people sending in their reasons. We went through all of them carefully. There were three ChessBase India t-shirts to be won. We thought about all the comments carefully and chose the three winners. Of course, it was not easy and there were many more comments which were close to winning the prize. We have mentioned them as well in this article.  

The "Why do you love ChessBase India" contest got excellent response from the chess population of India. Below is the Facebook post along with the comments of the participants. The best three were to win ChessBase India round neck t-shirts. Today is the Valentine's day and we thought it would be the best time to announce the winners.

Here are the three winners:

Sachin Salam

As a Hobby Chess player, I have an appetite of getting across good games with annotation as well (else its very difficult to know why someone played something high level) :) :). ChessBase India brings all the latest tournaments updates along with interactive Photos which brings great flavor to whole reading experience. Since my early playing days, Chess has been my first love as I could spend any amount of time playing or even watching it online... And since ChessBase India, I am all able to convert those efforts to make myself more "informed" about news and games of my favorite players... Thanks to the ChessBase India team, my dear friends who works with them!! Wish you wonderful Birthday Celebrations and I am sure there are many more to come.... and as its said by Anne Campbell.... Love means to commit yourself without guarantee... I am with ChessBase India till my existence.... Love you ChessBase India..

Soumyadip Deb:

I have always considered myself a decent writer but failed to get myself published in my school magazine. I was also rejected by the Literary Society of our college. Even after playing chess for 5-6 years, I was not winning prizes. 2017 was such a bad year that I contemplated hanging my boots from chess as well as writing. I decided to register for the blitz tournament on ChessBase organised by GM Kunte. In the first round, I managed to beat IM R Pragananndha. Yes, the same player you're thinking about. It boosted my confidence level immensely and my performance in OTB tournaments improved. I also decided to make an entry for the " Ten Tales Contest " and won the first prize. Chessbase India is the reason I regained faith in my chess, my writing and also myself. Thank you Chessbase India for popularising the royal game and helping millions like me.

Aniruddha Dhage

I like Chessbase India because it has reignited the lost Chess inside me after so many years... 10 yrs to be precise! I was university captain of Chess team in college days but after that I never touched my chessboard again; I was not following the Chess also except some instances like vishy's World Championship match against Carlsen. Chess isn't telecasted on any TV channel in India usually so I always used to try to search atleast some source where I can get the Chess updates of Indian Chess particularly.But the search was ending in despair every time. Then in Sept 2017 at the time of World Cup I found this gem called Chessbase India...And I literally digged out as much articles as possible and read it voraciously. Since then I can confidently say so that I haven't missed a single article on Chessbase India since then and it forced the Chess inside me which was burried somewhere for a decade. I am undergoing training of Range Forest Officer at Hyderabad currently so now following this website and playing Chess is now part of of my daily routine. I have brought my chessboard also from home last time which whenever I see reminds me of so many memories of college days.... This isn't written for any prize or so...I was willing to write about our website Chessbase India and also about efforts taken by Sagar and Amruta to popularize Chess ...anyway this instance has given a good opportunity to make me write.... At last I will just suggest that come up with App on Android soon.... And THANKS A LOT !!


The above three players Sachin Salam, Soumyadip Deb and Annirudha Dhage win the contest and get a ChessBase India round neck t-shirt. Please write to us on to claim your prize.

Vidit is also impressed with the design and the quality! That's the t-shirt you win.

For everyone else, ChessBase India t-shirts now have all the sizes available with them from extra small to XXXL. So go on and order the t-shirts which have been used by a lot of chess lovers all over India.

One of India's biggest talents Pranav V with the ChessBase India t-shirt

If you like a collared neck t-shirt, we have that for you as well. This is how you would look:

Rishi Kaushik with his ChessBase India collared-neck shirt

Apart from the three winning entries above, we also had a lot of very nice messages sent to us about why people love ChessBase India. We reproduce some of them below. 

Pranav Sridhar (on the right)

It is great to see that ChessBase India is promoting chess in India and reaching out to the majority of players, be it titled,untitled or even amateurs, and helping them gain popularity and financial aid. I see posts from this wonderful page almost everyday regarding recent tournaments held, tournaments in process and updates of world class chess. The various interviews with strong players (in English as well as Hindi) lets us know the different aspects and thought processes involved in the game. It is really inspiring to see their games being analysed. It helps us understand why the moves were made in the first place. Simply going through the moves, I hardly get to know the depth of the position but Chessbase has made it possible to let everyone know the deepest of insights. It is wonderful to see young players such as Nihal and Pragg in action. The passion for chess can be seen clearly from the CEO of Chessbase, IM Sagar Shah Sir, by the way he gives us updates of the matches (losing track of time and place), especially great maestro -Vishy Anand's success in World Rapid Chess. Forget about T-Shirt, I'm more interested in the game of Chess than even before! All thanks to Chessbase India and their marvellous work.

Ayushman Dutta

Chessbase India is the only site which focuses everyone's attention to Indian chess.. It keeps every Indian updated about what's happening in the chess world be it the success of young pragganandhaa or nihan sarin who are dominating the younger section of the game or be it the success of the great maestro Vishy Anand winning the world rapid when everyone thought he had lost his ability to win titles... Be it deep analysis done by none other than IM sagar shah, or the perfect interviews done by the members of this site.., chessbase India does it all....last but not the least.. Thank you chessbase India and we support your honest effort...

Chandrima Ghosh

I love chessbase India because it not only promotes chess and talented chess players but also it highlights the struggle and support of those who are behind the success of those great chess players- Be it the parents or the spouse or the coaches

By the interviewing the family members of the successful chess player, the world get to know the story of struggle and sacrifice which he or she has to go through to achieve a feat.

Jagadish Machhi

 I love Chess base India because:

1) Latest updates and excellent coverage on Chess, competitions, tournaments with beautifully clarity photos

2) Game analysis, interviews with video are Awesome, special thanks to IM Sagar Shah

3) Much like to your marvelous effort to reach chess all the enthustic Indian lovers all corners and all over the world

Many this T-shirt offerings ..just awesome steps

Best of luck Team!!

Sushant Prabhu

ChessBase India has been the harbinger of chess updates all over India . The thing I eagerly open facebook is to view detailed reports and magnificent pictures of chess players.2 years have been quite a long time but not when you are diehard chess player ! 
Chess is indeed Life with multiple maneovures and I am pretty sure ChessBase India has,is and will be there to cover it all ! Congratulations team for 2 years and many more to come!

Soumasis Pal:

Chessbase India is only website which covers live Indian chess tournaments and gives us the instant results and also the interview of the players which is very interesting and inspiring for young players. They sell chess softwares like fritz 16. Thats why, now it it very easy to purchase a chess software or dvd for an Indian. They works very hard to spread this game. Indian chess needs this kind of organisation . Also when Indian players go abroad, u guys also give the results of their tournament.Because of only chessbase India it is possible to know the names of all growing young talents. You all really works very hard for chess. And last but not least the quality of all conetnts(analysis of games) of chessbase India is highly impressive. Happy birthday chessbase India.Many many happy returns of the day.

Mukesh Vudayagiri

I adore chess a lot. So, l love to keep myself updated with the chess news. At first I started following ChessBase India on Facebook casually as I'd follow anyother chess pages. But very soon it grabbed my faith with it's 24 hour surveillance on #Chess. I can get more info about the tournaments well in advance from the site. It even analyses the games for free, which is a very great opportunity for me to learn many tricks, tips, strategies and the logics behind those cunningly planned moves by the great players. Overall, I love it because: I get the latest world wide chess news, players bio and technical support all at a very handy single platform- which inspires me a lot to keep playing. I love to follow ChessBaseIndia and I'll continue to follow it 😊. Good work keep it up.

Mohammed Amin

.. Because chessbase india loves us

Rajasekhara Reddy Chemikala

Because it's for chess lovers, by the chess lovers, of the chess lovers.

K P Keerthan Prabhu

I like chessbase because it gives very good information and strategies and how to think in chess. In hindi also they say and even in English. It gives us scientific knowledge of plating chess. The author's of chess Base are talented and strong players. I would thank chess Base India and the authors of chess Base India. Chess Base India's authors are the active authors. The give us all information about tournaments. I would thank IM Sagar SHAH. I would thank even niklesh sir and the strongest and talented a Avathanshu the great...... It gives idea how to play chess. They show the games of super grandmaster, grandmaster, international master and all players. The show the live coverage of playing chess. They show us the blindfold simul of blindfold King timur. He is even strong player. I mean following chess Base from past one and half year almost two year. I follow in Facebook, instagram, YouTube. I like the problems related to chess by IM Sagar Shah. Because of chess Base India, their hard work to improve our games, my game improved a lot. I thank chess Base India and the team.

Anil Kumar Kalra

“Chess In India is CHESSBASE” small or big it’s on ChessBase. From Kaniyakumari to Kashmir ChessBase cover its all. From a move to the winner with the right move ChessBase shows it all....Yeshwanth Rajaram

Simply put - Chessbase India is the "GOOGLE" for Indian Chess news and updates. I get all the info at one place - tournaments, live updates, analysis, accomplishments of indian players and much more...

Srinadh Madhavarapu

h'b'day ChessBaseIndia(cbi) for pawn+pawn(2.0) According to me chess is not only about 2^6 squares, it's all about 2^6 senses to be played between 2 minds. "Senseful Mind makes the beauty of Chess and brings the beauty in you" Cbi alias ChessBaseIndia alias ChessBeautyInside always makes the chess beauty in India by encouraging the players (especially young talented kids), interviewing the top players with analyzing their games, circulating necessary useful chess tips and techniques, capturing the chess players and events snaps (special thanks to Amrutha Mokal), letting us to know about the Indian top players tournament game results, providing cool offers and amazing discounts for membership pack in chessbase website with more over 2^20 brilliant games almost a database, engine to check games, analyze moves, to learn opening variations, much more. It is helping each and every individual who is me ber of this page through online to be more better in chess by posting useful information and also making us to know the things going around on related to chess. Thanks to all the chess base india team people who are working at background and helping us.

Nongsha Angom:

Why I love ChessBase India would take me a dozen of articles to express. On a personal level it gave me a dream , a hope and a reason to rise up and see the entire world with a new perspective. It is also one of the reason for me to become a chess maniac(i consider myself one), before i use to rely on for articles related to chess but since 2016 ChessBase India is my one stop destination, every single article is designed and written with an open heart that you can take so much from it. It is full of entertainment, stories, colorful photos and one always end up with smile and satisfaction. My single article last year for ChessBase India gave me so much of recognition in my state and through it only i met my mentor Sagar Shah Sir, who is an hyper active inspirational person i have ever come across in my entire life and through him i have started a new innings of my life, the second inning!! and yes with his help i could took a strong decision about my career. I just want to take this opportunity to thank ChessBase India and Sagar Shah Sir for everything... Just EVERYTHING. And congratulation for completing 730 days of existence and transforming the entire Chess Culture of India, making it a main stream Sport. And i also would like to thank each and every individuals who have been with ChessBase India on its journey. As Sagar Shah Sir always says " if not we then who?, if not now then when?" #bethechange

Stay with us on this journey as we keep powering chess in India!

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