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ChessBase India Calendar: The place to get all tournaments around the world

by Shahid Ahmed - 05/02/2019

We all wish to play a certain tournament when we read the report about it, but we often wonder how do they get to know about it? Which site to follow to know about all upcoming tournaments, be it small, major or official tournament? Well we are now ready to answer all those questions with one single solitary answer, that is ChessBase India Calendar. That's right, the Calendar tab which you have seen for all these years is now going to be the place for all tournaments around the world including our very own country. As a player, it will be easy to access to all tournaments at once, but as an organizer too, you can submit your tournament and make sure people all over the world get to know about your tournament. Read the article to know how to make the most out of it, as a player, coach, parent or as an organizer.

ChessBase India Calendar is something that you have been waiting for all along

ChessBase India Calendar is the place where you get information about tournaments all over the world including India for free. That's right. To access this calendar, you do not have pay to any fee or subscribe to any paid membership for it.


What is ChessBase India Calendar:

1. It is the place to find all local, national, international and official tournament information for free.

2. Players, Parents, Coaches can plan ahead by taking a look at the calendar. Organizers can enlist their tournaments to promote it and make sure everyone gets to know about it.

3. The objective behind this is to make sure players get plenty of options to choose from a series of tournaments and plan accordingly.


How to make the most out of it?

Let's take a look at how to utilize ChessBase India Calendar.

For Players, Parents, Coaches and Accompanying persons:

The ChessBase India Calendar homepage. You can either click on the 'Calendar' tab at the top or go here

Once you visit the calendar page, you will get to see all tournaments starting from the date you are browsing the page on. If there is no tournament on a particular date, the next earliest tournament will be visible.

To know details about a tournament, you have to click on the Know More button

You will get to see the details of the tournament and have an option to download the tournament circular too

If the tournament has website, contact number or chess-results link, they will all be visible on the same page

You can either search for a particular tournament by typing the tournament name inside the search box or click on the drop down button and...

...sort the tournament as per date, country, state, tournament type or currency, as per your requirement. The more criteria you fill up, the more refined the search results will be

For example, if you want to search for the tournaments between May and June, then you have to set the dates accordingly as per your requirement


For Organizers:

We have designed this calendar keeping in mind both players and organizers. As players can only get to know about a tournament if the organizer promotes it well.

Why organizers should consider ChessBase India Calendar:

1. We do not charge any fee for enlistment of a tournament.

2. You can put as much info as you want and their is no limit on it.

3. ChessBase India has a huge readership all over the world. So if you want to make sure that your tournament reaches out to the maximum, this is the best place to put it.

4. This is the only Chess Calendar which is free for everyone all over the globe and it has maximum number of tournaments in it which is being updated daily.

5. Well it is absolutely easy to use.

How to submit a tournament:

Step 1

Go to 'Calendar' tab on ChessBase India site or directly go here. Then click on 'Submit Your Tournament' button.

Step 2

A new tab with blank form will open up once you complete 'Step 1'. You have to fill up all fields marked with an asterisk (*). Rest are optional

Once all mandatory fields are filled up, you have check the 'I'm not a robot' box and then select 'Update' to submit the tournament.

Step 3

Now nothing much left to do. You just have to wait. You will receive an automated e-mail upon the submission of the form. Once our team goes through the entire form, they will approve it and you will receive an e-mail mentioning the fact that it has been listed on our ChessBase India Calendar.


If you still have any queries or doubt, please feel free to write us via e-mail, comments on this page or through any of the leading social media.

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