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Vedant Panesar becomes the latest International Master from Mumbai

by Shahid Ahmed - 13/01/2024

20-year-old Vedant Panesar became India's latest International Master in December 2023. The Mumbai lad earned his maiden IM-norm at Maia Open 2022 in Maia, Portugal. A year, a month and half later, he earned his second IM-norm at Qatar Masters 2023. Ten days later, he started playing at Vezerkepzo Fall GM 2023, where he scored his final IM-norm. Vedant crossed 2400 rating barrier in December 2023 FIDE Rating list as his Elo rating showed 2445. He also scored his fourth and fifth IM-norms consecutively after earning his final IM-norm. However, they were not required as he had already fulfilled the IM title requirements. Vedant's current rating is 2452 and his journey towards the GM title continues. Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Three IM-norms in just over a month

After scoring his first IM-norm in September 2022, Vedant Panesar scored his second, third and fourth IM-norms from 11th October to 14th November 2023. After starting the year 2023 with 2387 Elo, Vedant finished it with 2452. It goes without saying that he earned his IM title and had a fantastic 2023. Vedant is currently trained by GM Krisztian Szabo (HUN). His mentor is FI Vakil Akhtar.

Vedant Panesar becomes the latest IM from Mumbai | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

First IM-norm: Maia Open 2022

Vedant Panesar scored his first IM-norm at Maia Open in September 2022. He scored an unbeaten 6/9 including draws against GM Yasser Quesada Perez (CUB), GM Lelys Stanley Martinez Duany (CUB), GM Johan-Sebastian Christiansen (NOR), GM Nigel Short (ENG) and IM Arthur Pijpers (NED).

Vedant Panesar in action at Maia, Portugal | Photo: Academia de Xadrez da Maia

FM Vedant Panesar scored an unbeaten 6/9, performed at 2442 and gained 33.4 Elo rating points en route his maiden IM-norm

Second IM-norm: Qatar Masters 2023

A year, a month and a half later, Vedant Panesar scored his second IM-norm at Qatar Masters 2023. He scored 5.5/9, including draws against GM Visakh N R, GM Iniyan Pa, GM Changren Dai (CHN), GM Abdimalik Abdisalimov (UZB), IM Rudik Makarian, IM Mukhiddin Madaminov (UZB), IM Benjamin Haldorsen (NOR) and IM Ilyass Msellek (MAR).

FM Vedant Panesar en route his draw against GM Iniyan Pa in Round 3 | Photo: Aditya Sur Roy

FM Vedant Panesar scored 4/9, performed at 2450 to earn his second IM-norm, increased his Elo rating by 19.2 points

Third IM-norm: Vezerkepzo Fall GM 2023

Vedant Panesar secured his final IM-norm in the following month of November at Vezerkepzo Fall GM 2023. He made a great start scoring an unbeaten 4/5. Then he lost the next three games, before finishing the event with a victory. He defeated GM Vojtech Plat (CZE) in the third round.

Vojtech - Vedant, Round 3

Position after 39.h5?

GM Vojtech Plat (CZE, 2503) made a positional mistake of locking the kingside 39.h5? His opponent, FM Vedant Panesar (2372) decided to break the queenside 39...a5 40.bxa5 Ra8 and he showed great technique to convert his advantage into a victory.

Vedant Panesar scored 5/9, performed at 2462 and gained 20.8 Elo rating points en route his final IM-norm

Fourth IM-norm: First Saturday GM November 2023

Vedant Panesar scored his fourth IM-norm at First Saturday GM November 2023, immediately after securing his final norm. Although he did not need it, nevertheless, his performance earned him another norm. He defeated GM Valeriy Neverov (UKR), GM Milan Pacher (SVK) and drew against GM Valeriy Aveskulov (UKR).

Vedant Panesar scored 6/9, performed at 2526 and gained 32.8 Elo rating points

Fifth IM-norm: Vezerkepzo GM December 2023

A month later, Vedant Panesar scord his fifth IM-norm at Vezerkepzo GM December 2023 and also won the tournament in the process. Vedant defeated GM Valeriy Neverov (UKR), GM Misa Pap (SRB) and drew against GM Zoltan Varga (HUN) and GM Valeriy Aveskulov (UKR).

Vedant Panesar scored 6/9, won the tournament, performed at 2506, gained 7.3 Elo rating points and scored his fifth IM-norm

Vedant is currently working with GM Krisztian Szabo (HUN) | Photo: lichess

Vedant's Best Achievements

Vedant Panesar has won a lot of accolades in his chess career so far. Here are the best ones:

Bronze - Commonwealth Under-18 Open 2019

Champion - 29th National Under-17 Open 2018

Champion - 2nd Dombivli Kalyan Blitz Rating Open 2021

Second Runner-up - All Maharashtra Rapid Rating 2018

Champion for Maharashtra team - 64th SGFI National Under-14 Boys 2016-17

Runner-up for Maharashtra team - 65th SGFI National Under-19 Boys 2019-20

Champion - Maharashtra State Rapid Rating December 2022

Champion - Maharashtra State Blitz Rating April 2022

Champion - Maharashtra State Under-19 Boys 2019

Champion - Maharashtra State School Under-14 Boys 2018

Champion - Maharashtra State School Under-12 Boys 2016

• Runner-up - Maharashtra State Blitz Rating 2017, December 2022

Second Runner-up - Maharashtra State Under-17 Rating 2017 

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