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Vaishali is the Arjuna Award 2023 recipient, Dronacharya Award for R B Ramesh in Chess

by ChessBase India - 09/01/2024

R Vaishali became the third Indian woman to achieve the Grandmaster title. She ended the 12-year-long wait for an Indian female to earn the highest title one can achieve in chess. Before fulfilling the GM title requirements, she won the FIDE Women's Grand Swiss 2023 and earned herself a spot in the FIDE Women's Candidates 2024. That's not all, she won Silver medal at 19th Asian Games 2022 before that and also won a team and individual Bronze medal at 44th Chess Olympiad 2022. GM FST R B Ramesh has a long list of accolades. At FIDE World Cup 2023, his student R Praggnanandhaa won Silver medal and also secured a spot at the FIDE Candidates 2024. Photo: President of India twitter

Dronacharya Award in chess, nearly after 16.5 years

The last Dronacharya Award that was conferred in chess was back in 2007 to Koneru Ashok. Almost 16.5 years later, GM FST R B Ramesh received the coveted award in chess. IM Bhakti Kulkarni and GM R Praggnanandhaa are the Arjuna Award 2022 recipients in Chess. Vaishali and Ramesh both received cash prize, a statuette of Arjuna and Dronacharya respectively, and a certificate each.

GM Vaishali R and GM FST R B Ramesh receives the Arjuna and Dronacharya Award respectively from the President of India, Droupadi Murmu | Photo: President of India twitter
Vaishali receives the second-highest sporting honour in India - Arjuna Award 2023 and R B Ramesh receives the sports coaching honour of India - Dronacharya Award 2023 + Interview with Ramesh | Video: ChessBase India

The narrator spoke about following achievements of Vaishali:

1. Silver medal at the 19th Asian Games 2022

2. Bronze medal at the FIDE Online Olympiad 2021

3. Gold medal at the FIDE Online Olympiad 2020


The narrator mentioned the following achievement of R B Ramesh:

1. Coach of the FIDE World Cup 2023 Silver medalist - R Praggnanandhaa

2. Coach of the Asian Continental 2019 Silver medalist - Karthikeyan Murali

3. Coach of the 19th Asian Games 2022 Silver medalist - Savitha Shri B

Arjuna Award

Arjuna award is the second-highest sporting honour in the country. The recipients of the Arjuna Award are selected by a committee constituted by the Ministry and are honoured for their "good performance in the field of sports over a period of four years" at the international level and for having shown "qualities of leadership, sportsmanship and a sense of discipline."

List of Arjuna Award winners in Chess

1961Manuel AaronArjuna AwardMale
1980–1981Rohini KhadilkarArjuna AwardFemale
1983Dibyendu BaruaArjuna AwardMale
1984Pravin ThipsayArjuna AwardMale
1985Viswanathan AnandArjuna AwardMale
1987Devaki PrasadArjuna AwardMale
1987Bhagyashree ThipsayArjuna AwardFemale
1990Anupama GokhaleArjuna AwardFemale
2000Subbaraman VijayalakshmiArjuna AwardFemale
2002Krishnan SasikiranArjuna AwardMale
2003Koneru HumpyArjuna AwardFemale
2005Surya Shekhar GangulyArjuna AwardMale
2006Pentala HarikrishnaArjuna AwardMale
2007Harika DronavalliArjuna AwardFemale
2009Tania SachdevArjuna AwardFemale
2010Parimarjan NegiArjuna AwardMale
2013Abhijeet GuptaArjuna AwardMale
2022Bhakti KulkarniArjuna AwardFemale
2022R PraggnanandhaaArjuna AwardMale

Dronacharya awards

The Dronacharya Award, officially known as Dronacharya Award for Outstanding Coaches in Sports and Games, is sports coaching honour of India. The award is named after Drona, often referred as "Dronacharya" or "Guru Drona", a character from the Sanskrit epic Mahabharata of ancient India.

List of Dronacharya Award winners in Chess

1986Raghunandan Vasant GokhleChess
2006Koneru AshokChess
2023Ramachandran RameshChess

The important tweets

President of India, Droupadi Murmu

Vishy Anand, India's first Grandmaster, Arjuna Award 1985

Pentala Harikrishna, India's sixth Grandmaster, Arjuna Award 2006

What's next for Vaishali and Ramesh? She has FIDE Women's Candidates 2024 coming up in April. As for the super coach, GM FST R B Ramesh, his student, GM R Praggnanadhaa has 86th Tata Steel Masters 2024. The first round starts on Saturday 13th January at 2 p.m. local time, 5:30 p.m. IST. 


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