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Tournaments cancelled due to Coronavirus outbreak

by Shahid Ahmed - 09/03/2020

Generally we come up with upcoming tournaments article at the beginning of every month to make people aware of what to expect. We add tournaments all over the world in our calendar to keep everyone aware of all the choices and events they can follow, participate or spectate. However lately due to the advent of Coronavirus outbreak quite a few tournaments around the world got cancelled/delayed according to the WHO announcement and keeping public health safety concerns in mind. In this article we mention all the official announcements of major tournaments which got cancelled/delayed so far. Photo: infoworld

Tournaments cancelled as of now

In the past few days several tournaments got cancelled or delayed due to Coronavirus. Here are the tournaments which got cancelled so far and their official announcements.

10th HDBank Open

22nd Dubai Open 2020

20th BCC Open 2020

4th Sharjah International 2020

World Cadet & Youth Rapid and Blitz, World Amateur and European School Championships 2020

Source: FIDE site

Reykjavik Open 2020

Asian events postponement

Grenke Chess Open

Translated from German using Google Translate | Source: Official site


The article was last updated on 14th March 2020