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One last time! Vedika's Chocolates Diwali offer

by Sagar Shah - 16/10/2022

Vedika Gujrathi has been in touch with the chess world since she was a very young girl. She would travel with her brother Vidit to different tournaments. Over her journey of several years, she developed a recipe of chocolates which was not only tasty, but was also very energizing for her brother during his chess games! These chocolates were launched for the world at large on 30th of July 2021. In the last 15 months, more than 1300 packs of Vedika's chocolates have been sold with very positive feedback. But now it is time for Vedika to move on in her life as she enters her higher education. This is the reason why she is stopping the production of the chocolates. However, before that we are announcing one final sale - the Diwali Sale!

Vedika chocolates was launched on ChessBase India on 30th of July 2021. It's been roughly around 15 months and we have had a wonderful journey. We have solved over 1300 packs and have received some heartwarming reviews from our customers. Here are a few of them:


The chocolates were really delicious. I am not much of a sweet person, so these chocolates were apt for me as it has just the right amount of sugar. Quality is really great. And the amount of chocolates sent were reasonable for the price. Thanks. - Uddhav Raj


They have a very unique taste. Quite different from the ones I tried over several years. Additionally, it does not feel like I have eaten chocolate from the after taste. It feels like I have eaten a unique Indian sweet. The nougat inside was dry and more grainy than gooey. Overall, as I mentioned earlier, it has a very unique Indian sweet taste rather than a chocolaty after taste, and does not feel sugary at all! Perhaps that could be the USP of this product. I hope Vedika continues to experiment and innovate to bring out more unique tastes through her chocolate making skills. - Harsha Tadikonda


The taste and quality of chocolate is as good as Sagar Shah's commentary and Vedika's dedication is also head to head as Sagar Shah. So it is perfect decision to sell this on Chessbase portal. I loved the chocolate and also I was fearless to give the chocolates to my little nephews just because its made by the true love and dedication of Vedika. And its difficult to find hygienic stuff in this covid situation.- Dhruv Bhatt


And it had arrived by courier at my house. It was a surprise to my spouse on our 25th Marriage Anniversay (from April 2021 till March 2022 every 20th of the month, we celebrate). One of the best quality chocolates we got and thanks to Vedika for such a fantabulous and nutritious Chocolates. Value for money. Would be happy, if I could get these types of beautifully wrapped boxes with satin ribbon to be sent my clients as Diwali Gift. - Santosh Nene

The founder of Vedika's chocolates - Vedika Gujrathi

Vedika's chocolates is one of those cases where there was a beautiful product, but there was no intention of starting a business! The chocolates were so sumptuous and healthy that we decided to partner with Vedika and provide our chess community with these chocolates. As time passed by a lot of people loved Vedika's creations, she also scaled it up by hiring employees! The idea was to take feedback from the customers, improve, make the product and processes better and keep scaling. It was all going excellently well. But there was a small issue! Vedika is also a brilliant student. Studying Physiotherapy she was in her final year. Because of her studies, she couldn't put in as much time as she would have liked to scale the business. As is true with any worthwhile endeavour the founder's time is the most critical. Vedika found herself in a situation where she had to make a choice. Should she focus on scaling her chocolate business or pursue her masters in physiotherapy? In the end she decided to take the pragmatic choice of finishing her masters. This is the reason Vedika chocolates will be put on a hold for an indefinite period. But before stopping it, Vedika wanted to serve her loyal customers one final time - a Diwali offer which would last until the 26th of October 2022. More about the offer as you scroll below in the article, but first a few pictures from the journey of Vedika's chocolates.

Vedika teaching the art of making the chocolates to her employee

The chocolates are refrigerated before packing them

Packing those chocolates carefully in premium and

The boxes in which these chocolates were shipped!

A lot of efforts were put in by Santosh Gujrathi, Vedika's father to ensure that all the boxes were shipped on time!

The powerhouse of this endeavour, mother Nikita Gujrathi

Nothing worthwhile can ever be achieved without teamwork!

The journey of Vedika's chocolates in the words of Vedika

The journey of Vedika's chocolates by Vedika Gujrathi

"There was no concept of Vedika's chocolates in my mind a couple of years ago! I used to just prepare it for bhai (Vidit). Then in some tournaments I traveled with him, and I gave them to Anish and Sagar bhai. Sagar bhai totally loved it! Once, I gave it to him at airport and before we got outside, he had finished all of it! Sagar bhai always said, these should reach to as many people as possible. It’s so tasty. I thought he was joking. He wasn’t! He put a story asking all of ChessBase India's viewers to message me to make it commercial. I was flooded with requests. This was extremely heartwarming. So one day, I told Sagar bhai, let’s do it!


Was it easy? Not at all! It took us 6 months to launch. We had to figure out all licenses, legal work, packaging and much more. Eventually on 30th of July 2021 the day arrived and we finally launched the chocolates. I was totally shocked! We received hundreds of orders! We didn’t expect it and we were definitely not prepared for it. But we quickly found our feet. The entire family started working on fulfilling the orders. Making the chocolates/ wrapping them, boxing it etc. The good part was that there was a demand.


Even after the initial first few days we had a lot of orders coming in. As I was studying also, I realized that, alone I won’t be able to fulfill the demand. I had to hire employees! That was an experience in itself. We trained them, taught them the details of the craft etc. After the initial orders we got to hear your feedback. The reviews about the taste and flavor were awesome! That really made us feel that we are offering something good. At the same time we also got feedback on things we can improve, like the packaging and shipping. There were issues with courier too, many of the times it took days to reach distant locations. We constantly took the feedback seriously and tried to improve the product. Our main aim was to give you guys the best product and experience as possible. I hope you could see the difference.


Eventually, I had to take a decision. I had to do justice to the thing I started - my education in Physiotherapy. You would be happy to know that I have passed my exams with flying colours. I now have a real choice between focusing on my medical career or Vedika's chocolates. Although Vedika's chocolates is close to my heart, I have decided to pause the business and focus on further education. Who knows maybe in distant future, I will resume it again but for now this will be my last batch of production. So that brings us to today’s day. I want to wish all of you a Happy Diwali and a big thank you for supporting and appreciating the chocolates. I would be very grateful if you would like to enjoy my chocolates for one final time!" - Vedika Gujrathi

Two packs of Vedika's chocolates

Vedika's chocolates are available to you in three ways - the regular pack, the premium pack and the combo (regular + premium):

The regular pack with 16 pieces of chocolates costs Rs.349

Vedika's chocolates - regular pack

The premium pack with 32 chocolates costs Rs.599

Vedika's chocolates, premium pack

Vedika's chocolates also launched a new flavour apart from the classic one - choco chip

The wrapping of chocolate comes in silver colour and not gold


These are the best features of the chocolates:

1. Prepared using only the finest quality ingredients

2. Vegetarian product

3. After you place the order you will receive it within 8-10 days. This is because every chocolate pack is freshly prepared after the order is received 

4. Once you receive the product, store it away from direct sunlight and moisture

5.Best before 30 days from the date of manufacture

6. After receiving the package, 1st freeze it and then consume the chocolates - Keep it in cool and a dry place (preferably 2 to - 8°C)

7. All those who are lactose intolerant/allergic to lactose products, please avoid buying these chocolates.

Ingredients: Refined Wheat Extract (Maida), Cereal Extract, Corn grits, Iodized Salt, Calcium Salt, Milk Solids, Sugar, Potassium Iodate, Vitamin and Minerals, Antioxidants, Edible Vegetables Fat, Cocoa Solids and Emulsifiers ( Contain soy) Note: Contains Gluten

Diwali offer

The Diwali offer will begin from the 16th of October 2022 and will go on until the 26th of October. If you would like to get your packs during Diwali, please order it between 16th and 19th of October. All those who order after 19th of October would not get the chocolates during the festival of Diwali.


Buy 2 premium packs and get 25% off

Buy 3 premium packs or more and get 30% off

Buy 3 regular packs or more and get 20% off

Buy 2 combo packs (regular + premium) or more and get 20% off

Buy Vedika's chocolates

A big thanks to Anish Giri for being the brand ambassador of this endeavour

The entire Gujrathi family who have been rock solid supporters of the entire initiative of Vedika's chocolates - mother Nikita, brother Vidit and father Santosh

Supriya Bhat, the head of sales and marketing at ChessBase India, coordinated the efforts from the end of ChessBase India related to Vedika chocolates

Abhyudaya Ram, the creative head of ChessBase India, who designed the package of Vedika Chocolates

Videos of Vedika's chocolates:

Launch of Vedika's chocolates
Entrepreneur at the age of 20 - Vedika Gujrathi
Samay Raina and Tania Sachdev try Vedika's chocolates
Aryan Tari and his love for Vedika's Chocolates

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