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Golden Girl Tejaswini G becomes the latest Woman International Master of India

by Shahid Ahmed - 23/09/2023

15-year-old Tejaswini G can be called currently the Golden Girl of Indian chess. Why? Because she became champion at National Sub-Junior Under-15 Girls 2022, Western Asian Youth Under-16 Girls 2023 and Asian Junior 2023 Girls in just over nine months. The Gold at Western Asian earned her the first WIM-norm. However, the Gold at Asian Junior made her India's latest Woman International Master by virtue of a direct title rule. She also crossed the rating criteria for direct title rule of 2000 in the live ratings. India got its last WIM few months ago in the form of Nimmy A George. She is also Kerala's first WIM. Photo: Himank Ghosh

Gold in National Sub-Junior, Western Asian Youth and Asian Junior in just over nine months

Since December 2022, Tejaswini G has won three major events - 47th National Sub-Junior Girls 2022, Western Asian Youth Under-16 Girls 2023 and now Asian Junior 2023 Girls. Her performances catapulted her towards the WIM title in a hurry.

Tejaswini G becomes the latest WIM of India | Photo: Himank Ghosh
Tejaswini G wins Gold for India in Tata Steel Asian Junior Girls Championship 2023 | Video: ChessBase India

First WIM norm: Western Asian Youth 2023

Tejaswini scored her first WIM-norm at Western Asian Youth Under-16 Girls in July 2023. She scored 7.5/11 to secure the Gold medal. As per the tournament regulations, she earned her maiden WIM-norm for winning the Gold in her category.

Tejaswini G scored 7.5/9 to win the Gold, earn her maiden WIM-norm and gain 86.4 Elo rating points

Direct Title: Asian Junior 2023 Girls

Unlike most of the players, Tejaswini did not have to earn the remaining norms. She fulfilled the criteria differently by winning Gold at Asian Junior (Under-20) Girls 2023. As per the tournament regulations, the winner of the tournament in the Girls section gets the direct title once she meets the criteria of reaching 2000 Elo rating. Tejaswini crossed 2000 in the live ratings at the very same event. She defeated WIM Zeinep Sultanbek (KAZ), drew against WIM Saina Salonika, WIM Nazerke Nurgali and WIM Mounika Akshaya.

Mrittika - Tejaswini, Round 7

Position after 17...Nd3!

Tejaswini mentioned in the interview that the game against Mrittika is her favorite from the event. 17...Nd3! she sacrificed a pawn to get rid of White's light-squared bishop. 18.Bxd3 cxd3 19.Qxd3 Nc5 20.Qc2 Qd7 21.Rad1 f5 Black launched a nice attack and went on to win the game with ease according to her.

Final moments: Mrittika Mallick vs Tejaswini G | Video: ChessBase India

Tejaswini's best game of Asian Junior 2023 Girls was against Mrittika Mallick in Round 7 | Photo: Himank Ghosh

Tejaswini G became India's latest WIM by winning the tournament with an unbeaten 7.5/9 and gaining 141.2 Elo rating points

Tejaswini drew against WIM Mounika Akshaya in the final round to claim the Gold and the WIM title | Photo: Himank Ghosh

GM Vishnu Prasanna is one of the trainers Tejaswini G is currently working with | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Tejaswini G also works with Sekar B

Tejaswini's Best Achievements

Tejaswini G has won a lot of accolades in her chess career so far. Here are the best ones:

Gold - Asian Junior Under-20 Girls 2023

Gold - Western Asian Youth Under-16 Girls Classical 2023 

• Gold - Western Asian Youth Under-12 Girls Classical and Blitz 2019

Bronze -  Western Asian Youth Under-16 Girls Blitz 2023

Silver - Commonwealth Under-12 Girls 2019

Champion - National Sub-Junior Under-15 Girls 2022

• Champion - National Under-14 Girls 2021

Runner-up - National Schools Team Under-18 2023

Champion - 51st Tamil Nadu State Women 2022

• Champion - 33rd and 34th Tamil Nadu State Sub-Junior Under-15 Girls 2021 and 2022

Runner-up - 35th Tamil Nadu State Junior Under-19 Girls 2022

Runner-up - 31st Tamil Nadu State Under-17 Girls 2022

Champion - 44th Chess Olympiad Selection Tiruvallur District Schools Under-15 Girls 2022 

Champion - Tiruvallur District Women 2018

Replay Tejaswini's games


She started playing chess at ten and is already under-12 Commonwealth Silver medalist | Video: ChessBase India
A rollercoaster endgame with High Stakes - Tejaswini vs Bristy | Video: ChessBase India


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