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Tegernsee Masters 2020 R8: Leon makes a Fiery draw

by Shahid Ahmed - 08/11/2020

Leon played fantastic against GM Alexander Fier. Despite being lost for the better part of the game, the Brazil no.3 somehow managed to save the day. Leon moved on to shared fifth position with 3.0/8. He will face Czech GM Thai Dai Van Nguyen in the final round today. GM Matthias Bluebaum and IM Daniel Dardha were the only two victors in Round 8. Bluebaum is now at 5.0/8, just a half point behind the tournament leader Alexander Donchenko. Luigi had a quiet draw with Nisipeanu in the penultimate round of the tournament. Final round starts today at 3:30 p.m. IST Photo: Official site

Leon fantastic against Fier

Leon faced the best version of Fier as he just ended his tournament drought by beating Bluebaum on the previous day. Thus the Brazilian was able to escape from the jaws of defeat against 14-year-old IM Leon Luke Mendonca. Arguably it was the game of the round. Bluebaum scored a fine victory over Thai Dan Van Nguyen. Although he couldn't maintain his advantage till the end, but he managed to capitalize on the Czech GM's mistake in the opposite color bishop endgame and score a victory, reducing the gap between him and Donchenko by a half point. Dardha scored a solid victory over Parvanyan and Luigi held Nisipeanu to a tepid draw.

Donchenko just needs a win in the last two rounds to become champion | Photo: Official site

Leon - Fier 0.5-0.5

Leon Mendonca played brilliantly against Fier and had a decisive advantage for the better part of the game, but unfortunately for the 14-year-old things did not go his way.

Position after 25...Kg7

White is in complete command here. How should white continue after 25...Kg7 ? The game went on with 26.Kg2 which is not the optimal choice here.

Position after 28...Nf6

What should white do here? Take on c5 with 29.bxc5 or defend the g4-pawn?

Position after 30...Nh7

White obviously needs to push forward to convert his advantage, but how?

Position after 61...Rd4

One final chance - white has to make a critical choice between taking either a3 or e5-pawn. Which one is the correct capture?

Dardha - Parvanyan 1-0

Dardha scored a fine victory over Parvanyan playing actively throughout the game.

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Round 8 results

Bo.No.Rtg NameResultName RtgNo.
1102570GMBasso Pier Luigi½ - ½GMNisipeanu Liviu-Dieter26579
212672GMBlübaum Matthias1 - 0GMNguyen Thai Dai Van25718
322499IMMendonca Leon Luke½ - ½GMFier Alexandr25627
432468IMDardha Daniel1 - 0IMParvanyan Ashot24516
542658GMDonchenko AlexanderGMKeymer Vincent25885

Pairings of all rounds


Rank Prize
1st 2500
2nd 2000
3rd 1500
4th 1000
5th 500

Total Prize fund is €7500.


31st October - 7th November - 7:30 p.m. IST

8th November - 3:30 p.m. IST


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