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Chess Friendship Band and ChessBase India Pen for all orders placed on 8th August 2019

by Sagar Shah - 07/08/2019

The Independence Day is coming up and so is the festival of Raksha Bandhan. The Friendship Day just passed a couple of days ago and overall this week is a festive one! In order to celebrate it, on the 8th of August, ChessBase India has a special offer where any order in the ChessBase India shop entitles you to a free Chess Friendship Band and a ChessBase India pen. It doesn't matter if you are buying a software or a book or a t-shirt. As long as you buy it on the 8th of August, we will be couriering the freebies to you on your address. Also with India's 73rd Independence Day just coming up, it would be a good idea to get yourself one of our high quality T-shirts.

This week 8th to 15th of August is quite a festive one for Indians. We have the Independence Day coming up and there is also the occasion of Raksha Bandhan (a festival where a sister ties her brother a special band). We have a special offer in the ChessBase India shop on 8th of August 2019. For every order that you place on the ChessBase India shop, you will get a Chess Friendship Band and a ChessBase India pen absolutely free, couriered to your place!

What is a Chess Friendship Band?

We call it a chess friendship band because it is something that you give to your friends who love chess. But we absolutely see it being used as a Rakhi for Raksha Bandhan festival.

Chess Friendship Band consists of two chess elements (in the above picture King and Queen) and two other elements (lock and key). You also have an adjustable band which makes the size of it universal.

Different bands with different chess pieces. You have a pawn and a queen in the first one, a king and a queen in the second and a rook and bishop in the third! We also have the knight, which is not shown in the picture above!

These Chess Friendship Bands cannot be bought on their own from the ChessBase India shop. You need to buy a software or a book or an accessory in order to earn this. And guess what, we also give you the option to choose your chess piece! Here's how you do it:

While checking out, in the additional comments box, you can write the two specific chess pieces that you want in your chess friendship band! It can be a king and a queen, or a bishop and a knight or a knight and a pawn and so on!

The stylish bag which will come along with the Chess Friendship Band!

For every order placed on ChessBase India, along with the Chess Friendship Band, you also get a ChessBase India Pen!

We have no restriction on the products you buy. You can buy a book or a software or a t-shirt. Every unique order (with a unique placed on the ChessBase India shop entitles you to a Chess Friendship Band along with a ChessBase India pen. This offer begins on 8th of August at 00.00 a.m. and goes on until 23.59 p.m. on 8th of August. It's a 24 hour offer to make your Independence day and Raksha Bandhan special!

This independence day own a ChessBase India T-shirt

We started the ChessBase India t-shirts with just two designs - the black round neck and the black collar neck. And then we introduced the blue t-shirt. Over the last year we have sold thousands of t-shirts and realized that the people love the quality of the material used and also the ChessBase India logo, which essentially shows their love for chess and India. Hence we went ahead and made the t-shirt in royal blue colour and subsequently came up with 12 new designs! These twelve new designs can be seen below and in case you would like to check them in detail, do read our article

This Independence Day celebrate with the new designs of the ChessBase India t-shirts

The ChessBase India Classic design is a perfect one that you can wear on 15th of August, India's 73rd Independence Day! We now have this same design available in Royal Blue and Charcoal Grey.

India no.3 Vidit Gujrathi really likes the design of the ChessBase India t-shirt

So does Bharat Singh Chauhan!

Tania Sachdev went for the blue one!

Gukesh made it a point to wear the ChessBase India t-shirt on his way to becoming world's second youngest GM

Nigel Short not only posed with the t-shirt, but also...

Wore it the next day to the game!

The father and son duo of Prashant and Raahil Mullick!

The coach and student duo of GB Joshi and Garvit Kumar Kalra

Amruta Mokal, co-founder of ChessBase India in her t-shirt! 8th August turns out to be her birthday as well!

WIM Rucha Pujari at the Commonwealth Championships 2018

WGM Keti Tsatsalashvili flaunts the ChessBase India t-shirt in Georgia!

GM Andrey Deviatkin from Russia

Atul Dahale and Niklesh Jain in Barcelona!

Yogesh Gautam with his India t-shirt at the very famous hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia in Turkey

We also have the new designs that you can get from the shop! Apna Time Ayega is one of the bestsellers

Are you a fighter? Go for the "No Draw" T-shirt!

If you order your ChessBase India t-shirt on 8th of August, you will get it before the Independence Day and along with it you will get the band and the pen! Not a bad deal, you have to agree!

Get your favourite products from the ChessBase India shop

Please Note, this offer is applicable only on paid orders. If you buy some free products in our shop like the ChessBase Reader or the ChessBase India show with Sagar Shah, this won't be applicable.

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