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Rahul Gurung wins 18th North East Championship 2018

by Nongsha Angom - 14/03/2018

Did you know Indian chess has a north-east championship that has been held since the past 18 years! This was the 18th edition and it happened for the first time in the history that a player from Sikkim won the North Eastern Championship. Until now it was Assam and Manipur who had dominated the event. What was even more surprising is that amidst many champions of the north east, the winner was 16-year-old Rahul Gurung! The young boy aims to become an International Master as soon as possible. Our reporter from north-east Angom Nongsha sends us a detailed summary of what happened at the 18th North East Championship.

The 18th Edition of North Eastern State Chess Championship witnessed 212 participants from 7 different states of North East India (this year the Nagaland Association were not able to send a representative). Meghalaya was the hosting state this time(usually the tournament is conducted in rotation basis), Meghalaya is famous for its many tourist attracting places like the Cherrapunji(world record of most rain in a calendar year) ,Double-Decker Living Root Bridge, Elephant falls, Umiam lake, Shillong Golf course, Nohkalikai falls, Dawki river etc.

The Beautiful Double-Decker Living Root Bridge | Image Courtesy:

The incredible Dawki River | Courtery:

The tournament was hosted in Shillong, one of the best hill stations of India. The tournament was completely sponsored by AICF and the prize fund was 1.5 Lacs, of which 30,000 was the first prize. Among all the regional events in North-Eastern India, this championship is considered as the toughest and the most prestigious one.

Starting rank of the 18th North east championship

1Singh Y. Dhanabir5009723IND2126Manipur
2Singh Bhogen R K5038324IND2075Manipur
3Santanu Borpatra Gohain5023688IND1989Assam
4Trailokya Nanda5020190IND1969Assam
5Singh Soram Rahul25001574IND1957Assam
6Nitish Das25089315IND1939Assam
7Gurung Rahul35015117IND1922Sikkim
8Gurung Rohit35033972IND1917Sikkim
9Tamang Thendup35034375IND1914Sikkim
10Rorelkima C25650319IND1890Mizoram
11Dhrupad Kashyap46606092IND1887Assam
12Rishideep Bordoloi5004730IND1886Assam
13Nandan Buragohain5023580IND1871Assam
15Dupit Tabu35033913IND1846Arunachal Pradesh
17Heikrujam Jacky Singh25028286IND1833Manipur
18Madhab Sarma5023548IND1820Assam
19Rajdip Das25038184IND1801Assam
20Rijied Katrai5096278IND1797Meghalaya


Winner of Last Edition Mr.RK. Apollosana Singh (NE Champion 2017) | Image Courtesy: Apollosana

Last year Champion Mr. RK. Apollosana Singh couldn’t participate due to some personal issues but you cannot complain when you have multiple times North East Champion Mr. Shantanu Borpatra Gohain and Mr. Dhanabir Singh fighting for the title. For years this prestigious event has been dominated by Assam and Manipur but it came as a surprise that this time Sikkim took the title! Yes, and this is for the first time in the history of North Eastern Chess Championship that a 16-year-old boy won the championship making him the youngest. Rahul Gurung of Sikkim scored 9 points out of 10 and gained 85 elo rating points to become the 18th North Eastern Champion!

North East Champion Rahul Gurung | Image Courtesy: North East Crusaders
Team Sikkim taking everyone by Suprise!! | Image Courtesy: North East Crusaders

This is for the first time anyone from Sikkim has done it after the state started taking part in the event from 2011. Apart from Rahul at the top we also had Mr. Thendup Tamang from Sikkim who became 2nd runners-up with 8.5 points. Sikkim performed really well and it is fitting that it will be hosting the 19th edition of the event. Former Assam Champion Mr. Trailokya Nanda emerged as the 1st runner-up with 8.5 points, after a defeat from state-mate in the 4th round Trailokya made a come back with consecutive wins and remained unbeaten to take the 2nd place.

From Left: Trailokya Nanda(1st Runner's Up), Rahul Gurung(Champion) and Thendup Tamang(2nd Runner's Up) | Image Courtesy: Arun Singh

Final Ranking after 10 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
17Gurung RahulIND1922Sikkim9,00,061,065,5
24Trailokya NandaIND1969Assam8,50,062,067,5
39Tamang ThendupIND1914Sikkim8,50,057,560,5
460Silseng N MarakIND1424Meghalaya8,00,056,560,5
517Heikrujam Jacky SinghIND1833Manipur7,50,066,570,5
61Singh Y. DhanabirIND2126Manipur7,50,066,069,0
712Rishideep BordoloiIND1886Assam7,50,064,567,5
86Nitish DasIND1939Assam7,50,057,561,5
929Iftikar Alom MazumdarIND1680Assam7,50,056,060,0
1019Rajdip DasIND1801Assam7,00,063,067,0
1121Neelabh Jyoti BorthakurIND1794Assam7,00,062,066,0
1228Silkam SangmaIND1688Meghalaya7,00,061,564,5
135Singh Soram RahulIND1957Assam7,00,061,066,5
148Gurung RohitIND1917Sikkim7,00,061,066,0
153Santanu Borpatra GohainIND1989Assam7,00,061,065,5
1615Dupit TabuIND1846Arunachal Pradesh7,00,060,565,0
1720Rijied KatraiIND1797Meghalaya7,00,059,061,5
1813Nandan BuragohainIND1871Assam7,00,058,562,0
1946Nirmalya ChakrabortyIND1536Assam7,00,056,560,5
202Singh Bhogen R KIND2075Manipur7,00,056,060,5

Complete list


The only blind player in the event was Mr. Ram Prasad Chakravarty who scored 5 points.

Mr. Ram Prasad Chakravarty | Image Courtes: North East Crusaders

Team Meghalaya | Image Courtesy: North East Crusaders

The newly crowned North-East Champion Rahul Gurung, who is a class X student of Tadong Senior Secondary School, expressed immense happiness on his achievement and said that this victory will motivate him to do better in his further national and international competitions. His aim is to become an International Master at the earliest.

Team Arbiters | Image Courtesy: North East Crusaders

Chief Arbiter of the event was Mr. Debasish Barua who was assisted by Mr. Arun Singh M as a Deputy Arbiter and Mr. Biju Singh Th, Mr.Taba Anam, Mr. Lalchuanpuia P and Mr. Amar Bhandari as Arbiters.

About the Author:

Nongsha Angom is an aspiring chess player who fell in love with the royal game only two years ago in 2015. When he is not playing chess, he loves playing the guitar and the flute. He also has a 2nd DAN black belt in Manchurian Kung Fu and a black belt in Taekwondo. His aim is to establish himself as a chess player and play chess for the rest of his life while simultaneously promoting chess in North East India. Currently, he is pursuing his Master Degree in English Literature at IGNOU.

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