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Anupam and Om are the National Under 9 Champions

by Niklesh Jain - 15/11/2017

To get a taste of the young talent in India, you should have been at the recently concluded National Under 9 Chess Championship in Gurugram. The tiebreak here was decided by the head to head encounter between the tied players. In the final round, two players who were leading the tournament by a one-point margin had to suffer a bitter defeat and their opponents got ahead of them. This clearly indicates that a new generation of chess players is in the making, which isn't only aggressive but knows very well how to perform under pressure. In the Open group, it was Om Kadam from Maharashtra who clinched the title while among the girls, Anupam M Sreekumar wore the champion's crown. A report.

Gurugram, Haryana: The National Under 9 Chess Championship was conducted under the aegis of The All India Chess Federation and the Haryana Chess Association at the Shri Ram Global School in Gurugram, Haryana. In the Open Group, Om Kadam from Maharashtra emerged as the champion while Anupam Sreekumar from Kerela won the title in the Girls' Group. The tournament attracted around 300 participants from all corners of the country.


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Open Group

Round  11

12Kadam Om Manish1651Maharashtra1 - 0John Veny Akkarakarn1477Kerala8
21Ilamparthi A R1686Tamilnadu80 - 18Viswak Sen M1361Telangana24
323Jaidambareesh N R1364Tamilnadu80 - 18Adireddy Arjun1301Telangana37
416Rohith S1416Tamilnadu80 - 1Shaik Sumer Arsh1569Telangana4
534Varunsatyaa Parthasarathy1317Tamilnadu½ - ½Arnav Muralidhar1440Karnataka12

The final round clash between Om Kadam and John Veny on the top board decided the tournament's champion in the Open Group

Tournament's top seed, Ilamparthi A R had been struggling with his form since the very start of the event and in the final round was beaten by Viswak Sen from Telangana

Om Kadam scored an undefeated 9.5/11 to bag the top prize in the Open Group

Kerela's John Veni also scored 9.5 but his loss against Om in the final round lost him the tiebreak and pulled him down to the second spot

Telangana's Viswak Sen and Arjun Adireddy took the third and the fourth spot respectively scoring 9.0/11 while the Rajasthani boy, Yash Bharadia bagged the fifth place with a score of 8.5 points.

Girls' Group

An interesting situation arose in the Girls group when three girls finished the tournament tied for first at 9.0/11

Round 11 on 2017/11/10 at 09:30 AM

117WCMShefali A NU09IND1134Karnataka81 - 09Rajanya DattaU09IND1182West Bengal6
22Anupam M SreekumarU09IND1300Kerala½ - ½8Aashi UpadhyayU09IND1010Rajasthan50
323Chavan Dakshayani TusharU09IND1114Maharashtra½ - ½Netra P SavaikarU09IND1208Goa3
434Rout YashitaU09IND1066Odisha0 - 1Rianna Netta BU09IND1134Tamilnadu18
51Jahnavi Sri Lalita MareddyU09IND1348Telangana70 - 17Panchal HiyaU09IND1147Gujarat14

Based on tiebreak, Telangana's Anupam Sreekumar was awarded the title 

...while Karnataka's Shefali A N was declared second

...and Rajanya Datta was declared third

Aashi Upadhyay and Rianna Netta took the fourth and the fifth spot respectively, having scored 8.5/11 each. The top three from each group will be representing India at the World Championship scheduled to be held next year in Santiago, Spain.

The role of an arbiter at a kids' tournament is a much bigger one in comparison to that in a tournament for adults. One needs not only the knowledge of rules but also a lot of patience to accomplish the job successfully

A snap of the final round action

All games were broadcasted live by International Arbiter Jitendra Chaudhary. He has also contributed to this report for which ChessBase India would like to thank him.

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