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Pranesh and Sarayu lead National under-13 with two rounds to go

by Sagar Shah - 11/05/2019

The national under-13 is currently in progress in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Indian chess scene for this age category is quite vibrant amd hence this national championship assumes even greater importance. V.Pranav took the early lead in the event with a 7.0/7 start. In the eighth round he was defeated by Pranesh. Pranesh then went on to beat Jubin Jimmy as well and with 8.0/9 has a two point lead with two rounds to go. In the girls section top seed Sarayu Velpula is clearly showing her superiority as she is one point ahead of the entire field. An illustrated report with photos from the venue by Devashree Agarwal.

The National under-13 should be the most competitive national championships in Indian circuit. That's because in the world list of players born on and after 2006, four out of the top five are Indians - Gukesh, Sreeshwan, Aditya Mittal and Leon Mendonca. However, none of them are taking part in the national under-13 that is currently taking place in Visakhapatnam. The top seed of the event is Pranesh M.

The top 10 players in the world born in 2006. Gukesh, Sreeshwan, Aditya Mittal, Leon Mendonca are not taking part. Pranesh is the top seed.  He has now reached an Elo of 2333.

Pranesh - the top seed of the tournament | Photo: Amruta Mokal

Starting rank of the National under-13

1FMPranesh M42694201335028600IND2333TN
2Pranav V48924201325060783IND2315TN
3FMJubin Jimmy5380720146686614IND2214KER
4CMNikhil Magizhnan42698201335075497IND2175TN
5Ilamparthi A R57804201445015775IND2074TN
6Manish Kumar (2006)4090820146605649IND1953Orissa
7Harshad S43141201346616551IND1917TN
8Shah Jeet5758020145012954IND1905MAH
9Chilukuri Sai Varshith69811201825617125IND1888AP
10Shreyash Shuvam Patnaik4088320135047272IND1868Orissa

Pranesh was going to face stiff resistance from Pranav, Jubin Jimmy and Nikhil Maghizan. There was also the young Ilamparthi who was playing in this nationals just for experience. Tbe boy is 2009 born!

The beautiful playing hall at VMRDA Children’s Arena, Siripuram | Photo: Devashree Agarwal

The top boards on the podium  | Photo: Devashree Agarwal

Pranav took the early lead with 7.0/7. | Photo: Devashree Agarwal

In round seven Pranav was up against Jubin Jimmy and very soon landed in a losing position. Jubin had to maintain his calm to bring home the full point. But he somehow made one error after another and from a completely winning position, slumped to a defeat.

Jubin Jimmy is dubbed as the next big thing from Kerala chess after Nihal Sarin| Photo: Devashree Agarwal

Pranav slumped to a loss in the eighth round against Pranesh and the tournament was wide open once again.

Pranesh and Jubin faced each other in round 9 and the Tamil Nadu lad played a beautiful game in the Caro Kann to beat Jubin | Photo: Devashree Agarwal

Nikhil Magizhnan is in joint seond position with 7.5/9   | Photo: Devashree Agarwal

Standings after round 9

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11FMPranesh MIND2333TN8,00,049,554,0
22Pranav VIND2315TN7,50,053,557,0
34CMNikhil MagizhnanIND2175TN7,50,052,557,5
424Krishnan RitvikIND1685MAH7,50,047,050,5
53FMJubin JimmyIND2214KER7,00,053,057,5
619Shaik Sumer ArshIND1737TEL7,00,052,056,5
76Manish Kumar (2006)IND1953Orissa7,00,052,056,0
87Harshad SIND1917TN7,00,051,555,5
912Aditya Varun GampaIND1826TEL7,00,050,555,0
1034Koustuv DashIND1591Orissa7,00,047,051,0
115Ilamparthi A RIND2074TN7,00,046,550,5
32Jain AdiIND1593GUJ7,00,046,550,5
1333Prithvvi SinghIND1593UP7,00,045,549,5
1411Aaditya DhingraIND1867HAR6,50,050,054,5
1526Dhanvij AnshIND1677MAH6,50,047,051,5
1631Rohith Yadav B RIND1607TEL6,50,046,550,0
1710Shreyash Shuvam PatnaikIND1868Orissa6,50,046,050,0
188Shah JeetIND1905MAH6,50,045,549,0
1920Sreekar J S SIND1728TEL6,50,045,548,0
2025Mayank ChakrabortyIND1684Assam6,50,044,548,5

Girls section:

Velpula Sarayu | Photo: Devashree Agarwal

Sarayu Velpula is the top seed and she is clearly showing that she deserves the tip billing. She is currently on 8.0/9 and one point agead of six girls who ate following her on 7.0/9. Here's her nice win against Jyoti Bir where she converts the game into a win in a pawn endgame.

Ranking after round 9

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11Velpula SarayuIND1768TEL8,00,051,056,0
211Kheerthi GantaIND1545TEL7,00,051,053,5
317WCMKriti Mayur PatelIND1449MAH7,00,050,054,0
46AIMRenganayaki VIND1610KAR7,00,048,553,0
523Panda MiracleIND1379Orissa7,00,047,549,0
624Tejaswini GIND1374TN7,00,045,550,0
731Barik BijayalaxmiIND1344Orissa7,00,043,045,5
820Yashavishree NIND1422TN6,50,047,051,5
913Yash Jyoti BirIND1507WB6,50,047,051,0
102Meenatchi Rajam VIND1714TN6,50,047,051,0
114WCMWankhade SanskrutiIND1630MAH6,50,045,550,0
125Akshaya RajaramanIND1617TN6,50,044,048,0
1321Swara Lakshmi S NairIND1390KAR6,50,040,043,0
143Boramanikar Tanisha SIND1694MAH6,00,051,556,5
1519Cera DagariaIND1433MP6,00,047,552,0
169Ananya ArumbakkamIND1550KAR6,00,047,551,5
1716Anushka GuptaIND1456WB6,00,047,551,0
187Harshavardhini M.S.IND1554PON6,00,046,050,0
1941Jahnavi Sri Lalita MareddyIND1289TEL6,00,045,548,5
2018Rout YashitaIND1440Orissa6,00,045,050,0

The arbiters who have made this event successful. (Left to right sitting),FA Subba Raju S, FA Venkata Kumar G, IA Paul Arokia Raj S, IA Promodraj Moree,,IA Palaniappan P, IA Sathiesh G G (Left to right Standing) NA Naresh T, NA MVS Prasad, NA PMD Hussain Babu Khan, FA Vamsi Krishna R, NA TVH Ram Prasad | Photo: Devashree Agarwal

(From Left to right) Mr. B. Mahalakshmi. Smt. M. Gattiga, Smt. Y. Krishna veni, Shri. P. Subba Reddy. Smt. P. Varalakshmi. Shri. G S R Arun Kumar, Shri L V V Kumar, Shri B. srinivasa Rao, Shri. A. Raju, Shri Mannu Bhai Mehta | Photo: Devashree Agarwal

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