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Nandhidhaa P V makes a historic shared first place finish at 47th La Roda International Open 2021

by Shahid Ahmed - 09/12/2021

WGM Nandhidhaa P V makes a historic shared first place finish at 47th La Roda International Open 2021. In 46 editions of the tournament, no woman had ever shared first place or finished in top three of the event. That changed yesterday when Nandhidhaa, GM Boris Chatalbashev (DEN) and Karen Grigoryan H (ARM) scored 7.5/9 each. Boris won the tournament, Karen secured second place and Nandhidhaa was adjudged third according to the tie-breaks. They won €2500, €1500 and €1000 cash and a trophy each respectively as their prize. The total prize fund of the tournament was €12500. Photo: La Roda Open

Aniruddh scores an unbeaten 6.0/9

A total of 238 players including 5 GMs, 3 IMs, a WGM and a WIM took part from ten countries across the world. Only four Indian players took part in the event. Aniruddh Chatterjee, Ojas Kulkarni and Sudarshan Bhat, all three of them scored 6.0/9 each. Only Aniruddh remained undefeated throughout the tournament. He secured 25th place and gained 41.6 Elo rating points, the only Indian player to finish in top 25 after Nandhidhaa.

Nandhidhaa secured a historic shared first place at 47th La Roda Open 2021 | Photo: La Roda Open

Top 3 (L to R): 2nd GM Karen Grigoryan H (ARM), 1st GM Boris Chatalbashev (DEN) and 3rd WGM Nandhidhaa P V | Photo: La Roda Open

Nandhidhaa, after suffering a loss, bounced back well by winning her next four games

Round 6: Nandhidhaa - Santiago: 1-0

Nandhidhaa exploited the dark square weakness on the kingside of her opponent, Santiago Ano Tafall (ESP).

Position after 25.Nh6+

Black was almost forced to give up the dark squared bishop 25...Bxh6 26.Qxh6 and White eventually transferred the bishop from the long diagonal to h6 where it is much more effective and played a key role in getting the win.

Position after 35.Nxe6

34...Be8?? made way for White to play 35.Nxe6! and gain a lot of pawns.

Round 7: Fernando - Nandhidhaa: 0-1

In the seventh round, Nandhidhaa recovered well from a slightly uncomfortable position, waited for the right opportunity to strike against Fenando Fernandez Estremera (ESP).

Position after 34.Nc4

Try to think like Nandhidhaa after 34.Nc4 and find out the winning continuation for Black.

Round 8: Nandhidhaa - Ruben: 1-0

In a sharp game, just when it seemed like things Nandhidhaa's opponent Ruben Fernandez Lopez (ESP) has equalized everything, he made a mistake.

Position after 30...Qe3

Find out why 30...Qe3 is a mistake and what Black could have done instead.

Nandhidhaa en route her victory against Ruben Fernandez Lopez | Photo: La Roda Open

Round 9: Larino Nieto - Nandhidhaa: 0-1

GM David Larino Nieto (ESP) went wrong early in the opening against WGM Nandhidhaa P V.

Position after 11...Nd3

Black getting to bring her knight at d3 and keeping it there comfortably for the rest of the game means White has gone terribly wrong in the opening and could not make the correct strategy of getting rid of it immediately.

Photo Gallery

Aniruddh Chatterjee scored an unbeaten 6.0/9 and gained 41.6 Elo rating points | Photo: La Roda Open

The tournament hall | Photo: La Roda Open

View from the other side of the hall | Photo: La Roda Open

WGM Nandhidhaa P V receives her prize | Photo: La Roda Open

Spain no.3 IM Sabrina Vega Gutierrez making the inaugural first move at the top board | Photo: La Roda Open

Replay Nandhidhaa's games

Replay Round 1-9 games

The tournament took place at La Caja Blanca at La Roda, Albacete in Spain from 4th to 8th December 2021. Every day there were double rounds, except the last round, which starts at 1:30 p.m. IST. Time control for the tournament was 90 minutes + 30 minutes increment per move starting from move 1.

Round 9 results

11GMGrigoryan Karen H.26451 - 0GMCabrera Alexis24814
29FMAlonso Garcia Aaron2367½ - ½GMMartinez Duany Lelys Stanley25202
38IMCarrasco Martinez Juan M.23820 - 1GMChatalbashev Boris25173
45GMLarino Nieto David245460 - 1WGMNandhidhaa P V231312
56IMTejedor Fuente Enrique243061 - 06FMRenteria Jorge227218
67IMMartin Duque Jesus241661 - 06FMCastellanos Gomez Alejandro225920
713WIMForgas Moreno Yaniela23106½ - ½6CMVillar Perez Samuel221825
836Munoz Avila Jose Luis218661 - 06FMPerez Guerra Raul228616
917FMFernandez Barrera Victor228160 - 16Rodriguez Garcia Manuel Fco216243
1014FMCabezas Ayala Ivan2299½ - ½Llavador Moron Juan Jose212149
1119FMOrtin Blanco Inigo2262½ - ½Iglesias Ferreira Andres210458
1221Fernandez Lopez Ruben2244½ - ½Aniruddh Chatterjee211254
1348Bringas Gomez Artai2135½ - ½Labiano Hernandez Juan221027
1457Ereza Vizcarra Fernando2107½ - ½FMBuenafe Moya Javier220828
1529Vergara Anton Diego2207½ - ½Hernandez Leon Sergio209960


Final standings

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgIRtgNClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
13GMChatalbashev BorisDEN25170DINAMARCA7,551,055,040,544,250,0
21GMGrigoryan Karen H.ARM26452637AND7,550,054,539,544,250,0
312WGMNandhidhaa P VwIND23130INDIA7,545,549,536,540,750,0
42GMMartinez Duany Lelys StanleyCUB25202545GAL7,051,556,037,542,500,0
59FMAlonso Garcia AaronESP23672391MUR - Lapuerta7,049,553,537,540,500,0
66IMTejedor Fuente EnriqueESP24302437CNT7,049,553,537,539,750,0
77IMMartin Duque JesusESP24162438MAD - Collado Villalba7,046,550,534,039,250,0
836Munoz Avila Jose LuisESP21862191VAS7,045,049,036,035,000,0
943Rodriguez Garcia Manuel FcoESP21622191EXT - Merida7,045,048,533,537,500,0
104GMCabrera AlexisESP24812470VAL - Mislata6,550,555,038,037,500,0
1138Fernandez Estremera Fernando1ESP21792194MAD - Jaque Mate6,547,551,532,534,250,0
128IMCarrasco Martinez Juan M.ESP23822370EXT - Casareño6,546,551,035,035,000,0
1325CMVillar Perez SamuelESP22182224GAL6,545,549,534,033,250,0
1498Horcajuelo Rocamora MartinESP19762006MAD - Diagonal Alcorcon6,545,547,531,031,000,0
1513WIMForgas Moreno YanielawCUB23100CUBA6,543,047,533,534,000,0



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