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Avirat Chauhan and Charvi triumph at MPL 34th National U-8 Open and Girls Chess Championships 2022

by Shahid Ahmed - 16/05/2022

Avirat Chauhan (MAH) and Charvi A (KAR) won their respective final round games to win MPL 34th National Under-8 Open and Girls Chess Championship 2022. Charvi A once again scored an unbeaten 10.5/11 to claim her second National age group title. She finished a whopping 1.5 points ahead of the competition. Pooja Shree R (TN) and Samhita Pungavanam (TEL) scored 9.0/11 each. They secured second and third place respectively according to tie-breaks. Avirat won AICF Online National Under-7 Open last year. He successfully retained his crown. Rahul Ramakrishnan (PUD) also scored 9.5/11. He was placed second. Aarush Bathula (TEL) scored sole 9.0/11 to secure third place. Photo: Dhiren Makhija

Charvi wins her second National age group title in three weeks

Seven-year-old Charvi A (KAR, 1291) repeated her National Under-10 performance of scoring an unbeaten 10.5/11. The result was once again the same, the winner of another National age group championship, MPL 34th National Under-8 Girls 2022. Avirat Chauhan (MAH, 1405) also performed well. Despite suffering a loss in the eighth round, he bounced back well by winning the last three games. Total prize fund of the tournament was ₹250000 in each section. Top three prizes were ₹50000, ₹36000 and ₹30000 along with a trophy each.

Charvi A won her second National age group title within three weeks | Photo: Dhiren Makhija

Top 3 in Girls (L to R) - 2nd Pooja Shree R (TN), 1st Charvi A (KAR) and 3rd Samhita Pungavanam (TEL) | Photo: IA Vasanth BH

Charvi A scored an unbeaten 10.5/11 and finished 1.5 points ahead of the field
Vijayawada Police Commissoner vs National U-8 and U-10 Girls Champion | Kanthi Rana Tata vs Charvi A | Video: ChessBase India

Former Prime Minister of India, H D Devegowda congratulated Charvi on winning two National age group championships in three weeks.

Top 3 in Open (L to R) - 2nd Rahul Ramakrishnan (PUD), 1st Avirat Chauhan (MAH) and 3rd Aarush Bathula (TEL) | Photo: IA Vasanth BH

Avirat Chauhan scored 9.5/11 and won National championship for the second consecutive year

A total of 171 players in the Open and 92 in the Girls section took part in this event with zero defaults. The little kids showed perseverance by playing all eleven rounds and not a single one decided to leave the event for any reason, which is certainly commendable. It was organized by The Vijayawada Chess Association, Andhra Chess Association and KL University. Both tournaments were held at KL University, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh from 9th to 14th May 2022. The eleven-round Swiss league tournament had a time control of 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move no.1.

Open Round 11 results

196Nidhish Shyamal080 - 1Avirat Chauhan14051
222Aarush Bathula081 - 0Vihaan Anupam Agrawal13254
3111Reyaansh Venkat080 - 1Rahul Ramakrishnan12038
4109Prathul Marreddy01 - 0Aadhya V12735
512Narendra Agarwal11291 - 0Sathvik Gulakaram0130
63Samaksh Ashok13427½ - ½Veer Guliani0156
740Arav Dhoot070 - 17AFMSafin Safarullakhan13582
842Ariav Nilesh Kamat070 - 17Daivya Nagda12206
911Amam Patel113271 - 07Avyaay Garg104715
1014Jai Prakash Vanum106671 - 07Sathiyamithran V M0129


Final standings

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11Avirat Chauhan1405Maharashtra9,580,085,072,25
28Rahul Ramakrishnan1203Puducherry9,577,081,067,75
322Aarush Bathula0Telangana9,070,575,558,50
44Vihaan Anupam Agrawal1325Maharashtra8,577,081,058,50
5109Prathul Marreddy0Telangana8,571,075,053,25
612Narendra Agarwal1129West Bengal8,571,074,555,25
718Soni Vivan1002Maharashtra8,074,579,055,50
8111Reyaansh Venkat0Maharashtra8,073,576,553,00
996Nidhish Shyamal0Andhra Pradesh8,071,577,052,75
102AFMSafin Safarullakhan1358Kerala8,071,073,546,75
1111Amam Patel1132West Bengal8,068,573,547,50
126Daivya Nagda1220Gujarat8,067,071,549,25
13156Veer Guliani0Haryana8,064,569,550,00
1414Jai Prakash Vanum1066Andhra Pradesh8,063,568,048,00
155Aadhya V1273Tamil Nadu7,575,580,550,00
163Samaksh Ashok1342Karnataka7,574,078,049,25
17160Viaan Samir Makhani0Gujarat7,570,575,048,75
18130Sathvik Gulakaram0Telangana7,568,574,047,00
19153Vairaj Sogerwal0Haryana7,567,571,545,50
20124Sanikommu Jaideep Reddy0Telangana7,567,071,546,2


Girls Round 11 results

12Charvi A12911 - 08Waghle Bhumika090
258Pooja Shree R081 - 0Rashi Warudkar063
368Samhita Pungavanam081 - 07Aaradhya Upadhyay09
446Kiyana Parihar070 - 17Leah R Joseph11114
55Suzein Ahmed110070 - 17Sharvaanica A S069
66Ira Bohara107271 - 07Ameyaa Gupta015
772Srinika S071 - 07Bhavanya Panchumarthi025
81Alankrita Sharma14510 - 1Aaradhya Das11963
914Akshaya Narahari061 - 06Karthika Chava043
1054Narayanan Rishitha061 - 06Arushi Dinesh022


Final standings

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
12Charvi A1291Karnataka10,575,081,077,25
258Pooja Shree R0Tamil Nadu9,076,079,060,50
368Samhita Pungavanam0Telangana9,075,080,561,00
44Leah R Joseph1111Karnataka8,076,082,054,75
572Srinika S0Tamil Nadu8,068,572,050,25
66Ira Bohara1072Maharashtra8,067,572,550,00
790Waghle Bhumika0Maharashtra8,066,069,047,50
869Sharvaanica A S0Tamil Nadu8,063,067,047,00
93Aaradhya Das1196Tripura7,574,077,046,00
1063Rashi Warudkar0Chhattisgarh7,571,575,546,75
1115Ameyaa Gupta0Assam7,072,577,044,75
125Suzein Ahmed1100Assam7,072,076,040,50
1346Kiyana Parihar0Rajasthan7,070,075,044,75
1435Divi Bijesh0Kerala7,069,574,542,50
159Aaradhya Upadhyay0Rajasthan7,068,572,541,25
1634Dishita Dey0Jharkhand7,068,073,041,00
1714Akshaya Narahari0Telangana7,068,069,035,50
1854Narayanan Rishitha0Andhra Pradesh7,065,568,538,50
1925Bhavanya Panchumarthi0Andhra Pradesh7,065,070,044,00
2024Bhakti Raosaheb Gavli0Maharashtra7,065,068,538,50


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