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Ramesh's book "Logical Decision Making" is now available for just Rs.799/- !

by Sagar Shah - 24/02/2018

GM R.B. Ramesh is considered as one of the best coaches in Indian chess circles. His wealth of chess knowledge is humongous. Not many coaches are able to guide their students right from the stage of learning the basics to becoming a grandmaster. Learning personally from Ramesh is every students' dream. Hence it was a great news for the chess community that Ramesh wrote his first chess book - Fundamental Chess - Logical Decision Making. And thanks to ChessBase India, this book is available to Indians at just Rs.999/- Don't miss the early bird offer - first 100 buyers for Rs.799/-! Thumbnail Photo: David Llada.

R.B. Ramesh without any doubt is one of the finest chess coaches that India has ever produced. He has helped the Indian team win a medal at the Olympiad - the first one in the history of our country. He has trained some sublime talents in the country right from Aarthie Ramaswamy to Aravindh Chithambaram and Praggnanandhaa.

The team lifts Ramesh after we won the bronze medal at the Tromso Olympiad 2014

Ramesh with the young and talented Aravindh Chithambaram whom he has trained right from when the boy was very young

Pragg might not become world's youngest GM, but he definitely has impressed everyone with his talent. It was Ramesh who turned this young boy into a world beater

Everyone would love to learn from Ramesh, understand his training methods and improve his/her chess. Practically, this is however not feasible because of the lack of time. Hence, it was a wonderful moment for the chess community that Ramesh wrote his first chess book named Fundamental Chess: Logical Decision Making.

Ramesh's first chess book:

Even before he had a publisher Ramesh had started writing the book. This project was a passionate one for Ramesh. He wanted to pour in all his knowledge and share it with the chess world at large. Metropolitan Chess, a USA based publisher came forward to publish the book.

The cover of the book

The book is 286 pages and following are the contents of the book:

Part One: Logical reasoning

Chapter 1: Assessment of the position

Chapter 2: The problem of choices

Chapter 3: Choosing between active and passive defence

Chapter 4: Exchanging pieces


Part two: Practical chess play

Chapter 5: Initiative

Chapter 6: Converting an advantage

Chapter 7: Maintaining Tension

Chapter 8: Improving the position of pieces

Chapter 9: Playing on colors

Chapter 10: Prophylactic thinking/ The Drawback principle


Part three: Fundamentals of chess training

Chapter 11: Studying the opening

Chapter 12: Tournament Preparation

Chapter 13: Essential Endgame Principles

Chapter 14: The importance of results and ratings

Chapter 15: Self analysis and self control

Chapter 16: Learning and unlearning

Chapter 17: Using computers

Download the preview

This video gives you an apt idea about what the book contains

Getting the books to India:

When I got to know GM Ramesh RB had written a book on "Logical Decision Making" in chess, I was excited! I wanted to lay my hands on the book written by one of the best chess coaches not only in India but in the world. But when I tried to buy the book online it was impossible to get it. The book was available in USA and Europe, but not in India. At some point, it did become available, but at shipping charges which were nearly the cost of the book. Rs.4,000/- was very expensive. I decided that this book had to be made available to all the Indian players at discounted prices. After all, if our best trainer has written a book shouldn't we be learning from it?


After endless negotiations with the publisher and lot of efforts, I am proud to say that ChessBase India has got the books to India at a highly discounted price! A huge thanks to Ankit Gupta of Metropolitan Chess for making this possible.

Rs.999/- including shipping! And first 100 buyers will get it at an early bird discount for Rs.799/-

If you are one of the early birds then you will get the book to your doorsteps at Rs.799/- (first hundred). No extra shipping charges, no hidden charges.

Books arrive in Mumbai at the ChessBase India office

You can also stop by at the ChessBase India office and get your book

This is the quality of the print

Grab your copy now:

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