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Live Games from the Delhi Open 2018

by ChessBase India - 09/01/2018

The Delhi International 2018 is one of the biggest tournaments in India. 264 players are playing in A section. Arkadij Naidtisch (2701) is the top seed, followed by some world class players like Farrukh Amonatov, Abhijeet Gupta, Timur Gareyev and many others. There are in all 27 grandmasters, 24 International Masters and players from 24 countries. On this page, you can not only find not only live games from the event, but also live commentary by masters and some of the top players from the event.

Live Commentary:

Live Games:

Completed games:

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Live commentary

Round three


12018/01/0914:00 hrs
22018/01/1009:30 hrs
32018/01/1016:00 hrs
42018/01/1110:00 hrs
52018/01/1209:30 hrs
62018/01/1216:00 hrs
72018/01/1310:00 hrs
82018/01/1410:00 hrs
92018/01/1510:00 hrs
102018/01/1610:00 hrs


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