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FIDE Rated Over-The-Board Classical chess event IPS Academy Cup is here

by Sagar Shah - 16/03/2021

If you are itching to travel and play over-the-board chess again (or for the first time in your life), here's some good news! IPS Academy in Indore, Madhya Pradesh is organizing the 1st IPS Academy Cup from the 7th to the 11th of April 2021. The tournament is organized within the premises of the academy and the organizers are also providing accommodation and food within the institute to all the players! In these troubled times of Covid-19 pandemic, how are the organizers going to provide the best condition to the players? We speak with the organizing secretary of the tournament IM Akshat Khamparia. Know more about the event.

"Can chess be played without a mouse?" - What sort of silly question is that? For someone like me who started playing chess years ago, over-the-board (OTB) chess was the serious stuff. Online chess was just meant for practice and trying out some ideas that you can use in your over the board games! But since the chess boom took place in the pandemic, there is a huge impetus that online hess has received. People who have been hooked to the game in the last few months have enjoyed its beauty, but have been unable to have the pleasure of an over the board encounter due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Their chess experience has largely remained online and they played on their laptops with a mouse or by dragging the pieces on a mobile screen!

Playing online chess from the comforts of your home is fun...

....but the real joy of chess does lie in over the board chess!

One more drawback of online chess is that you cannot get your FIDE Ratings. To become an internationally FIDE rated chess player, you need to play an over-the-board tournament which is FIDE rated. Since a year chess players are waiting for over the board tournaments to resume so that they can increase their already existing ratings or for the new fans, a chance to open their account! Well, here's some good news! IPS Academy is here with the 1st IPS Academy Cup from 7th to 11th of April 2021. The tournament will be held in Indore, Madhya Pradesh and the prize fund is Rs.5 lakh.

The circular of the event

The prize money of the tournament with the first prize of Rs.51,000

IPS Academy is not an unknown quantum to the chess world. Even in the lockdown they conducted a huge online event on Playchess named the Sultan Khan Cup with a total prize fund of Rs.1,00,000. The Indore based institute supports chess in a big way and chess has been one of the core games.

Indore Professional Studies Academy (IPSA) is one of the Central India’s largest educational hub-premises, playing a major role to develop Indore as Central India’s most preferred educational centre.

Sprawled in an area of 60 acres, 3 campuses, IPSA has a massive infrastructure

IPSA is a successor to Indore Public School, which is a vision realized by Mr. Achal Choudhary (IIT, Kharagpur), a renowned architect.

Isn't holding an over-the-board tournament in these times of pandemic a risky proposition. Speaking to ChessBase India, organizing secretary Akshat Khamparia said, "We know it's a very risky/difficult decision as an organiser. But we need to start over the board Chess and that's why we have gone ahead with this event. We will take all the necessary precautions and adhere to government guidelines. Here are some of the measure we have taken:

1.  It is mandatory to produce a Certificate (Hard copy of RT-PCR Test) on the day of the arrival for the 1st IPS Academy Cup (06/04/2021) Stating that you are tested 'COVID-19 Negative' 72 Hours Before Arrival. A soft copy of the same to be mailed at

2.Thermal Checking of all the players and accompanying persons.

3.Wearing of Mask and regular sanitization during the game.

4. Sanitization of tournament Hall after every round.

5.Our campus is Covid Free

6. Our dedicated staff will be ready 24*7 for any help required.

This might well be the tournament hall

The organizing secretary further added, "It's a player-friendly tournament. We will try to provide best possible conditions to our players/guests. Here are some of the efforts that have been taken:

1. Free Accommodation

2. Vegetarian Hygienic Food at a very reasonable price.

3. Rs.1500 for 5days which includes Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks and Dinner.

4. IPS Academy's 60 acres green campus is fully secured with cctv cameras and security guards.5

5. Everything will be under one campus :- Playing Hall/Food/Accomodation

6. Good team of Experienced Arbiters headed by Mr.GopaKumar

7. Indore is the 4th time cleanest city of India

8. Live Games 

9. Anti Cheating Team and we are also trying to have Jammers.

When the first IM of Madhya Pradesh Akshat Khamparia is the organizing secretary of the event, you can expect a player friendly atmosphere

Here's how you get your FIDE Rating. The man explaining the process in this video Gopakumar is also the chief arbiter of the tournament

Chess players Indore is calling you!

IPS Academy is well known for its sports infrastructure:

Tennis courts

Table Tennis




An aerial view of the IPS Academy

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