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Fischer Chess Club organizes Street Chess League in Jalandhar, Punjab

by Ashwani Tiwari - 05/02/2020

Fischer Chess Club took a unique initiative on Sunday 2nd February 2020 by organizing a Street Chess League in front of AM PM Khao Pio Jio restaurant. To promote the game in the Jalandhar, Punjab region, Fischer Chess Club decided to make this novelty to garner attention of the common masses. The event was conducted at one of the most visited markets in Jalandhar. The region's top players FM Dushyant Sharma and FM Ashwani Tiwari battled against each other much to the live attendance crowd's delight. Career achievements and highlights of young talents were mentioned in standees for everyone to be aware of the players and boost the morale. Photo: Ashwani Tiwari

A unique attempt to promote chess

Chess fraternity in Jalandhar was in for a pleasant surprise this Sunday as Fischer Chess Club (an affiliate of Jalandhar Chess Association) organised Street Chess League on 2nd February 2020 at AM PM (Khao Pio Jio restaurant) in the central Model Town Market at Jalandhar.

The venue of the Street Chess League was outside of Khao Pio Jio restaurant | Photo: Ashwani Tiwari

To promote and popularise chess among the masses in Jalandhar, Fischer Chess Club has taken a novel initiative by taking chess to the high streets of Jalandhar. Unlike the normal calm and serene tournament halls, chess matches of this event were conducted on the high street of one the most visited markets in Jalandhar. Hundreds of spectators watched the chess players in action. Not only the chess fraternity were among the visitors but also many first time visitors were the ones who got attracted to this novel chess concept.

Many visitors gathered to witness players in action | Photo: Ashwani Tiwari

There were total of four matches wherein top players of Jalandhar FM Dushyant Sharma and FM Ashwani Tiwari were pitted against each other, as expected the match went to the wire and Dushyant won the encounter on time.

Jalandhar's best FM Dushyant Sharma takes on FM Ashwani Tiwari | Photo: Ashwani Tiwari

Youngster Anahita Verma was paired against Tushita Chopra. Rushal Jain was paired against highly talented Om Arya Agrawal. The 9-year old Om Arya overcame favourite Rushil Jain by winning a rook and thus outclassing Rushil. Tiya Setia played against Amaira Mittal. The match was a close one but experienced Tiya won against Amaira. Dinesh Gera and Shilpa Gera were the arbiters for this event.

Anahita Verma plays against Tushita Chopra | Photo: Ashwani Tiwari

Sapan Bedi with arbiter Dinesh Gera and Shilpa Gera | Photo: Ashwani Tiwari

Fischer Chess Club intends to run a league wherein it will organise such matches on regular intervals in the high streets of the city with the aim to popularize chess among the masses and also providing visibility to chess players and chess coaches. Also there are plans to run a chess league involving top players of Punjab.

The co-founders of Fischer Chess Club Ashwani Tiwari and Sapan Bedi | Photo: Ashwani Tiwari

Players in action | Photo: Ashwani Tiwari

Player's achievements and highlights were on display | Photo: Ashwani Tiwari

Highlights of players achievements give players the exposure and morale boost | Photo: Ashwani Tiwari

Tiya Setia is the reigning Punjab State Women's champion | Photo: Ashwani Tiwari
Highlights of the Street Chess League (Hindi Audio) | Video: Niklesh Jain

The article was edited by Shahid Ahmed

About Fisher Chess Club

Street Chess League is organized by Fischer Chess Club (an affiliate of Jalandhar Chess association). Fischer Chess Club is promoted by highly successful entrepreneur Mr. Sapan Bedi and FM Ashwani Tiwari who are founder members of this club. The club is known for taking unique chess initiatives for promotion of the game of chess in the region.

About the Author

Ashwani Tiwari is the first FM of Punjab. He was awarded the FM title in 2006. He has participated in several National Junior and Senior events for the past 25 years.

Ashwani Tiwari showcases some of his best attacking games | Video: Sagar Shah

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