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FIDE World Schools starts in Albania

by Tarun Kanyamarala - 22/04/2018

The FIDE World School Championships is taking place in Durres, Albania from the 21st-29th of April 2018. Siblings Tarun and Trisha Kanyamarala, who originally hail from India, but now represent the Irish flag are present at the tournament. The Kanyamaralas have been on the road travelling from one tournament to the next in the last four months. Tarun sends us a report from Albania about their travelling experience and also video analysis of his and Trisha's (his sister) first round encounter.

Round 1 report from Durres, Albania

by Tarun Kanyamarala


We traveled from Tatry to Budapest by road for five hours, then Budapest to Sarajevo by flight and in between dangerous mountains and valleys crossed Montenegro and arrived midnight at Durres. It is a horrific road between Sarajevo and Durres. We had to close our eyes and sit tight on the bends.

What an adventure!

The arrangements were good except huge road works going on in front of the venue, and one of the participant, broke his leg, while walking. We are three Irish players playing at the World School Chess Championships. I am playing in the under 15 open, Nemeth in under-17 open and Trisha under-13 girls.


Trisha (my sister) is the top seed in the under-13 section and I hope she continues until the last round.

Trisha explains her game and her calculations
I had quite a complicated game. My opponent blundered towards the end and I won!

It's going to be tough day tomorrow, as I am playing with the top seed in my category. See you to tomorrow with some more updates.

The Kanyamaralas in front of the official hotel

The bright and spacious playing hall | Photo: Rekha Nahar

The tournament hall is close to the Adriatic Sea | Photo: Rekha Nahar

Rajveer and Anaishaa Nahar - two Indian siblings who will make it big in the years to come | Photo: Rekha Nahar

6Raj Jaivardhan1119IND11,03400,00U7
8Rosh Jain1112IND11,04400,00U7
19Ishaan Singh Khanuja0IND00,02700,00U7
21Khandhadia Nivaan Rathin0IND00,02900,00U7
7CMBhagat Kush1434IND11,012403,20U9
13Aarav Lakhani1363IND11,015400,00U9
26Rajveer Pinkesh Nahar1097IND00,03140-3,20U9
12Colaco Reuben1560IND11,05400,00U11
15Bang Atharva1516IND11,019400,00U11
15Jaisingh Anugraha1717IND½0,5124016,80U17
4Aggarwal Tashna0IND11,0200,00G7
6Anaishaa Pinkesh Nahar0IND11,0300,00G7
18Kolagatla Alana Meenakshi0IND00,02400,00G7
20Lakshana Subramanian0IND00,02600,00G7
21Luxshana B K0IND11,06400,00G7
11Indira Priyadharshini Subbu1161IND11,04400,00G9
17Cera Dagaria1264IND½0,5174015,60G11
22Aarna Chugh1123IND00,02340-6,00G11
14Kiyarra Sunil Khaturia1390IND11,06400,00G13
21Rhythm Singhal1202IND00,02440-3,20G13
4Jain Nityata1894IND½0,5740-16,80G15

Complete list of results

About the author:

Tarun (right) and Trisha (left) Kanyamarala are the strongest juniors of Ireland. They recently changed their nationality from being Indians to Irish citizens. They do not go to school and have dedicated their life in improving at chess. They have been travelling since last four months playing one tournament after another. They are also entrepreneurs and founders of ATC - Anytime Chess.