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Family team championship takes place first time in Kolkata

by Shahid Ahmed - 11/11/2017

Dibyendu Barua Chess Academy has been organizing Intra DBCA Chess Tournament since 2006 to encourage kids, increase general interest in chess and spread chess literacy. For the first time, a team championship was organized in an Intra DBCA Tournament but with a twist. The teammate must be directly related to the student. A concept inspired from Abu Dhabi Chess Festival was implemented for the first time in an Intra DBCA tournament. Total 38 teams participated in various combinations from father-son, father-daughter, mother-son, mother-daughter to grandfather-grandson. Here is a report full of photos and videos by Shahid Ahmed who was present at the event. 

Team Chatterjee won the Family Team Chess Championship in Intra DBCA Chess Tournament 2017

Team Chatterjee receives the Championship Trophy from the founder of DBCA, GM Dibyendu Barua himself

Team Ash scored 6 match points and secured the first runner-up place

Team Dhar grabbed the second runner-up position by scoring 6 points due to a lower tie-break score

Team Mazumder also scored 6 match points and they were placed 4th due to a lower tie-break score

Team Sarkar also scored 6 match points and they were placed 5th due to a lower tie-break score

For the first time, Dibyendu Barua Chess Academy organized a family team chess championship in Intra DBCA Chess Tournament 2017. The eligibility criterion was, the family member must be related to the student and family members will not face students. Thus every child can brag that my dad/mom is the best inside the checkered 64 squares. We saw various teams like mother-son, mother-daughter, father-son, father-daughter, two brothers and the most inspiring duo was a grandfather-grandson duo. Let's take a look at some of the different combination of teams:

Monomit Dhar awaits his father Monodip Dhar to finish the game

Team father-daughter faces grandfather and his son, Team Sengupta

Dads completed their game, but their kids are yet to

Battle of the sexes over 64 squares

The opposite teams: Mother-son vs Father-daughter

The symmetrical teams: father-son vs father-son

Intra DBCA also featured some age/strength specific groups which garnered almost 200 different participants comprising of two different centres of DBCA in Kolkata. The groups were - Marching Pawns B (under 8 of silver 1), Marching Pawns A (above 8 of silver 1), Galloping Knights B (under 8 of silver 2 & 3), Galloping Knights A (above 8 of silver 2 & 3), Bold Bishops (silver 4 & Morphy), Rocking Rooks (gold, advance and special) and Elite (For players with ELO rating).

Marching Pawns B - Boys group

Marching Pawns B - girls group

Marching Pawns A - boys

Galloping Knights B - boys

Galloping Knights A - boys

Galloping Knights A - girls

Bold Bishops - boys

Rocking Rooks - boys

Rocking Rooks - girls

Here is a short interview with the family team champion, Team Chatterjee:

A short tour of the Family Team Chess Championship:


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