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FIDE WSCC QF: Harika beats A Muzychuk, advances to the Semi-Final

by Shahid Ahmed - 26/06/2021

Harika continued her phenomenal run in the FIDE Women's Speed Chess Championship to beat former Women's World Rapid and two-time Women's World Blitz champion, Anna Muzychuk. She started the final Bullet 1+1 segment with a score of 8.5-4.5, won the first three bullet games and increased her lead to 11.5-4.5 which became insurmountable for her opponent. Harika won the match 13.5-8.5, and she will face reigning Women's World Blitz champion Kateryna Lagno in the Semi-Finals. Lagno beat Nana Dzagnidze 14.0-8.0 in the Quarter-Finals. Photo: David Llada/FIDE

Harika dominated all segments

Harika Dronavalli beat Anna Muzychuk 13.5-8.5 in the Quarter-Finals to advance to the Semi-Finals of FIDE Women's Speed Chess Championship 2021. Harika led all three sections. First she took a 5-3 lead in the 5+1 segment, then she increased her lead to 8.5-5.5 at the conclusion of 3+1 segment. Final score at the end of 1+1 Bullet segment was 13.5-8.5.

Harika scored another victory by big margin | Photo:
Harika vs. Anna Muzychuk - Quarter-Finals | Video: ChessBase India

Replay all games of Harika - A Muzychuk

Knockout Brackets

Harika will face Kateryna Lagno in the Semi-Finals | Photo:


Round of 16: 12th - 20th June

Quarter-Finals: 24th - 27th June

Semi-Finals: 1st and 2nd July

Finals: 3rd July


Total prize fund has been increased to US$ 66000 | Photo:



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