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Anand, Vidit, Arjun, Nihal, Praggnanandhaa, Harikrishna, Gukesh, Harika and many Indians set to play at the inaugural FIDE World Rapid Team Championship 2023

by Shahid Ahmed - 26/08/2023

The inaugural edition of FIDE World Rapid Team Championship is starting today in Dusseldorf, Germany. A total of 19 Indians are going to take part, third after Germany 115 and Ukraine 22. Vishy Anand, Vidit Gujrathi, Arjun Erigaisi, Nihal Sarin, R Praggnanandhaa, Pentala Harikrishna, D Gukesh, Raunak Sadhwani, Aravindh Chithambaram, Srinath Narayanan, Harika Dronavalli, Pranesh M, Aditya Mittal, Karthik Venkataraman, Nubairshah Shaikh, Priyanka Nutakki, Dinesh Rajan M, Peter Anand and Vibhor Sharma will representing their respective teams. A total of 295 players in 37 teams are slated to take part. The total prize fund is €250000. The top three prizes are €100000, 60000 and 40000 each respectively. There will be four rounds everyday from 26th to 28th August 2023. Round 1 starts today at 1:30 p.m. local time, 5 p.m. IST. Photo: Lennart Ootes

A new World Team event starts today

Our very own Cofounder and CEO of ChessBase India, IM Sagar Shah is present venue. We will bring you a detailed coverage of this inaugural edition of FIDE World Rapid Team Championship.

The inaugural edition of FIDE World Rapid Team Championship will take place from 26th to 28th August 2023
FIDE World Rapid Team Championship 2023 promo | Video: FIDE

WR Chess Team might be the second seeded on paper but they have eight GMs in the team having countless accolades between them | Photo: Lennart Ootes

Team MGD1 has the maximum number of Indian players - eight | Photo: Sagar Shah

L to R: IM Sagar Shah, Frederic Friedel, Martin Friedel, Christian Hesse, Vishy Anand and Vidit Gujrathi | Photo: Sagar Shah

A couple playing chess at a park | Photo: Sagar Shah

The tournament venue is on the banks of the river Rhine | Photo: Sagar Shah

Nihal Sarin and Arjun Erigaisi meet Frederic Friedel, the cofounder of ChessBase | Photo: Sagar Shah
Vidit Gujrathi on missing the Candidates spot, minute improvements, meditation and more | Video: ChessBase India
Anand, Pragg, Gukesh, Vidit, Arjun, Nihal are all playing here in Germany | Video: ChessBase India

Team composition

Each team will consist of at least six and maximum nine players. Apart from having to include at least one female player, for the first time in a high-level team event, teams will have to include a recreational player, who has never achieved a Standard, Rapid or Blitz FIDE rating of 2000 or more. It is not mandatory for the teams to have board order as per rating. For more details, please check the tournament regulations, link provided at the end of the article.


The 12-round Swiss League team event has a time control of 15 minutes + 10 seconds increment from move no.1. There is no default time. No penalty shall be imposed on a player if he/she is late for any of his/her games. Scoring is usual for a team event. Match points: Win = 2, Draw = 1 and Loss = 0.


There are 37 teams in total. Here are the six teams which contains least one Indian player.

1. Freedom (RtgAvg:2522 / TB1: 0 / TB2: 0) Captain: Sutovsky, Emil
1GMRapport, Richard2752ROU7385900
2GMAnand, Viswanathan2751IND50000170
3GMDubov, Daniil2723FID241260550
4GMVidit, Santosh Gujrathi2682IND50294650
5GMSutovsky, Emil2593ISR28020070
6GMNajer, Evgeniy2579FID41189870
7IMShuvalova, Polina2358FID24171760w0
8WGMRapport, Jovana2314ROU937266w0
9Shapiro, Alexander1947ISR2845890r0
  2. WR Chess (RtgAvg:2486 / TB1: 0 / TB2: 0) Captain: Gustafsson, Jan
1GMSo, Wesley2789USA52022130
2GMNepomniachtchi, Ian2762FID41681190
3GMDuda, Jan-Krzysztof2760POL11705460
4GMAbdusattorov, Nodirbek2724UZB142041180
5GMPraggnanandhaa, R2645IND250595300
6GMKeymer, Vincent2636GER129406900
7GMHou, Yifan2537CHN8602980w0
8GMKosteniuk, Alexandra2523SUI4128125w0
9Rosenstein, Wadim0GER24148148r0
  3. Team MGD1 (RtgAvg:2453 / TB1: 0 / TB2: 0) Captain: Narayanan, Srinath
1GMErigaisi, Arjun2681IND350091920
2GMNihal, Sarin2671IND250923400
3GMHarikrishna, Pentala2630IND50070030
4GMSadhwani, Raunak2564IND350934870
5GMNarayanan, Srinath2475IND50184200
6GMDronavalli, Harika2459IND5015197w0
7GMAditya, Mittal2386IND350420250
8IMMammadzada, Gunay2314AZE13403729w0
9Peter Anand, A1901IND25003801r0
  7. Kompetenzakademie Allstars (RtgAvg:2405 / TB1: 0 / TB2: 0) Captain: Becker, Rainer
1GMCaruana, Fabiano2763USA20200090
2GMAronian, Levon2763USA133004740
3GMGukesh, D2629IND466165430
4GMSiebrecht, Sebastian2371GER46093520
5GMBatsiashvili, Nino2364GEO13602993w0
6WGMTsatsalashvili, Keti2203GEO13603434w0
7Becker, Rainer2128GER46646120
8Schneider, Manfred2022GER12956350r0
  12. Six-pack (RtgAvg:2289 / TB1: 0 / TB2: 0) Captain: Shaikh, Mohammad Nubairshah
1GMAravindh, Chithambaram Vr.2553IND50727860
2GMPranesh, M2391IND350286000
3GMKarthik, Venkataraman2369IND250064790
4IMMohammad, Nubairshah Shaikh2292IND50531960
5WGMPriyanka, Nutakki2226IND25049615w0
6Dinesh, Rajan M1903IND35060600r0
 16. Ukrainian Amators (RtgAvg:2190 / TB1: 0 / TB2: 0) Captain: Maly, Alexey
1GMBaklan, Vladimir2625UKR141021960
2IMZavgorodniy, Sergiy2396UKR141101480
3IMGrinev, Valeriy2346UKR141175170
4IMGaponenko, Inna2292UKR14101181w0
5IMMaly, Alexey2291UKR141031840
6Bagiryan, Vigen2075UKR141249630
7WFMGrineva, Marianna1987UKR14102013w0
8Breest, Axel1972GER246823490
9Vibhor, Sharma1722IND5099366r0




The venue for the event will be Rheinterrasse, Düsseldorf by Stockheim


The total prize fund is €250000. There are six prizes in total - top five and one rating category. The top three prizes are: €100000, 60000 and 40000 each respectively. Best U2400 will earn €12500.

Team list

1Freedom2522Sutovsky, Emil
2WR Chess2486Gustafsson, Jan
3Team MGD12453Narayanan, Srinath
4ASV AlphaEchecs Linz2452Bacrot, Etienne
5Armenia2421Ter-Sahakayan, Samvel
6Ashdod Elit Chess Club2407Slav, Moshe
7Kompetenzakademie Allstars2405Becker, Rainer
8Columbus Energy KingsOfChess Kraków2347Pakleza, Zbigniew
9Chessbrah OFM2344Hansen, Eric
10Germany and Friends2343Donchenko, Alexander



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