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Dibyendu Barua wins Paritosh Bhattacharyya Memorial Chess Tournament

by Shahid Ahmed - 25/08/2018

Dibyendu Barua wins Paritosh Bhattacharyya Memorial All Bengal Open Rapid Chess Tournament 2018. The maestro organized the event for the family of Late Paritosh Bhattacharyya to raise funds. All cash prize winners donated their prize money and many other people donated through various methods. Sandipan Chanda whose first coach was Paritosh, flew from Harika's wedding ceremony in Hyderabad to support the family of his first coach. Diptayan Ghosh, Saptarshi RoyChowdhury, Neeraj Kumar Mishra, Sayantan Das, Somak Palit played the tournament in his honor. Neelotpal Das was also there despite not playing the tournament to show his support.

Dibyendu Barua organizes a tournament in honor of a pioneer chess coach of his academy

Paritosh Bhattacharya worked at Dibyendu Barua Chess Academy for more than 12 years

Dibyendu Barua organized a one-day all Bengal rapid tournament to raise funds for the family of Late Paritosh Bhattacharyya who has worked for his academy for more than 12 years. The tournament was supported by top players of West Bengal and India. Sandipan Chanda who was attending Harika's wedding at Hyderabad, flew back to Kolkata only for this reason. Neelotpal Das did not play the tournament, still he was there to support. Neeraj Kumar Mishra made his way to Kolkata only for this reason.

Dibyendu Barua hands over the cheque of ₹214201 (2 lacs fourteen thousand and two hundred one rupees) amount collected from all donations to Poulami Bhattacharyya, daughter of Late Paritosh Bhattacharyya

Sandipan Chanda, Saptarshi RoyChowdhury, Dibyendu Barua, Neeraj Kumar Mishra, Bipin Shenoy, Diptayan Ghosh and Late Paritosh Bhattacharyya's wife Mousumi Bhattacharyya lights up the candle during inauguration | Photo: Saheli Dhar

Dibyendu Barua scored 6.5/7, receives the first prize, however he donated the entire cash amount to the family of Late Paritosh Bhattacharyya

There was a four-way tie at the first position. Diptayan Ghosh also scored 6.5/7 and he secured 2nd position based on tie-break score

Neeraj Kumar Mishra played fantastic chess and he was placed 3rd. He also scored 6.5/7

Mitrabha Guha scored 6.5/7 and settled for 4th position. He defeated top seed Sandipan Chanda and drew with Diptayan Ghosh

Anustoop Biswas scored 6.0/7 and he was declared joint 5th with...

...Suvradeepta Das who also scored 6.0/7 and their tie-break score was same

Arpita Mukherjee secured 7th position due to a better tie-break score by scoring 5.5/7

Rajdeep Sarkar was placed 8th with a score of 5.5/7

Arindam Mukherjee scored 5.5/7 and secured 9th position

Tamal Chakrabarty receives 10th prize. He also scored 5.5/7

Photos Gallery:

Professor Chandan Banerjee made sure that Late Paritosh Bhattacharyya's daughter Poulami Bhattacharya's college fees are completely waived off

Aronyak Ghosh might have gone down against soft spoken powerhouse Diptayan Ghosh, but he won a tournament within six days after this battle

Childhood friends share a good laugh before the match, but when the clock starts ticking, game face is on

Can you identify the all strong titled players of Kolkata here?

Who is going to be the next GM from Kolkata? Stats favor Sayantan whereas Mitrabha has the momentum

Former National Rapid Champion Neelotpal Das was present during the tournament to show his support

Video Gallery:

2600+ GM Sandipan Chanda showcases correct technique in the endgame
Famous and veteran trainer IM Neeraj Kumar Mishra defeats GM Sandipan Chanda
GM Saptarshi RoyChowdhury tries to checkmate with two knights
Childhood friends and rivals over the board faced off each other in a tournament after almost two decades
The prodigal Mitrabha defeated the top seed of the tournament GM Sandipan Chanda
GM Diptayan Ghosh showcased brilliant technique in the endgame
Sandipan Chanda talks about his first coach Late Paritosh Bhattacharyya in a candid interview
Neelotpal Das talks about his childhood coach Late Paritosh Bhattacharyya and his memories of him
Dibyendu Barua talks about his academy's coach whom he has known for a long time

Final Ranking after 7 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
15GMBarua DibyenduIND24046,50,032,534,531,256
22GMGhosh DiptayanIND25216,50,031,535,532,756
37IMMishra Neeraj-KumarIND22276,50,031,533,530,256
411FMMitrabha GuhaIND20366,50,031,034,030,756
518Anustoop BiswasIND19006,00,029,532,526,006
21Suvradeepta DasIND18276,00,029,532,526,006
719WFMArpita MukherjeewIND18375,50,031,534,525,255
813FMRajdeep SarkarIND19975,50,030,533,524,255
98Arindam MukherjeeIND21575,50,029,532,525,255
1023Chakrabarti TamalIND17675,50,029,530,521,255
1110CMAronyak GhoshU16IND20635,50,029,032,523,755
1214Arpan DasIND19655,50,029,032,024,255
1325Sonkalan BharatiIND17065,50,029,031,021,755
1417Srijit PaulIND19135,50,028,030,022,755
153GMRoy Chowdhury SaptarshiIND24445,50,026,529,521,505
161GMChanda SandipanIND26025,00,033,036,523,505
1712Debarshi MukherjeeIND20275,00,031,533,019,005
184IMDas SayantanIND24315,00,031,034,021,005
1930Soumyaditya SahaIND16505,00,028,031,522,005
2046Souhardo BasakU12IND14395,00,028,030,017,005
216IMPalit SomakIND23255,00,027,029,020,005
2245Sanket ChakravartyU14IND14495,00,027,029,018,004
2362Mouhurtik RayU14IND12775,00,027,028,015,505
2444Atri ChattopadhyayU14IND14565,00,026,529,519,005
2553Anuronan DasIND13785,00,026,529,518,754
2632Sayantan ChandraIND16235,00,026,528,518,754
2740Aditya Bikram PaulU12IND14865,00,026,528,518,005
2838Arijit MukherjeeIND15335,00,026,528,517,005
29199Subhamay GhoshIND05,00,026,029,019,754
3050Soham DeyU14IND14085,00,026,028,017,005

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