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DCA wins ACL 1st Super League 2018 in Rating 1000-1400 category

by Shahid Ahmed - 22/08/2018

Dynamic Chess Academy drew both of their final matches with Innovators Chess Academy. However DCA beat ICA in the final tie-breaker blitz match and became the first and only academy to win in two different categories of ACL 1st Super League 2018. Hirak Modi of DCA was dominant throughout the tournament as he won all 8 games he has played in the league. Team DCA won €200 (almost ₹16000) worth of ChessBase products from ChessBase India shop. The prize is sponsored by ChessBase. DCA can buy any ChessBase products from the shop. The most interesting and exciting games are mentioned in the report. Photo: DCA/Manish Parmar 

DCA triumphant in ACL 1st Super League 2018 in Rating 1000-1400 category

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Hirak Modi is definitely the star player of DCA as he has won all his matches in ACL, 8.0/8 to be precise | Photo: DCA/Manish Parmar

Tie-break rules: If both teams win a match each in the finals, then both team managers nominated a player of their choice to play the Blitz. Time control of Blitz was 3 minutes + 2 seconds each. Color was decided randomly.

Hirak managed to defeat Archit Saigal of ICA in the first match of the final, despite his opponent sacrificing Queen for Rook and Knight and having an initiative early in the game. He managed to bounce back and played the endgame beautifully to keep his winning streak alive.

In the second match of the finals, Hirak trapped his opponent's Bishop which forced Archit to give it up for two pawns. Hirak managed to to defend his King as well as consolidate the position and converted it into a win.

In the final tie-breaker Blitz match, Hirak held his nerve, however Archit could not. The latter blundered terribly under time pressure and he was just completely lost.

Even though ReversedE (Shreyas Shashi Kumar) of ICA ended up on the losing side, his attack was definitely worth a watch. Can you find out how did white continue the attack here?

Black can take the pawn at g4. However there is a better move. Find out the move and the entire winning continuation.

Team DCA (L to R): Devarsh Borkhetriya M, Vishwam Jayesh Thaker, Vineet Patel Parin and Aryan Lakhwani | Photo: DCA/Manish Parmar

Individual performances of DCA members:

Hirak P Modi - 8.0/8

Devarsh Borkhetriya M - 0.0/2

Vishwam Jayesh Thaker - 5.0/6

Vineet Patel Parin - 3.0/6

Aryan Lakhwani - 2.0/3


When we reached to Manish Parmar on sharing his thoughts, this is what he had to say, "It is a pleasant moment for Dynamic Chess Academy to be a Champion in Unrated & 1000-1400 category. I am speechless to explain my feelings for being the first & only academy to be a Champion in two different categories in ACL 1st Super League 2018. It is a very big achievement & we have that precious crown. It was our dream to become Champion in ACL & our students has achieved this pride for DCA family. We heartily congratulate our DCA players for their great performance in this event. This event is very well organized & I am thankful to ChessBase India for giving us such great event. Special thanks to Mr. Shahid for his punctuality & co-operative nature."


Matrix Chess Academy defeated Tattva Chess Academy - Achievers 2.5-1.5 in the first 3rd-4th place match and drew the second match with a score of 2-2. Matrix Chess Academy secured 3rd position and Tattva Chess Academy - Achievers secured 4th position in ACL 1st Super League 2018 in Rating 1000-1400 category.

Aim of the Academy Chess League (ACL):

There are many chess academies all over the world. However, in terms of playing practice and partners they are bounded by geographical limitations. The Academy Chess League by ChessBase India wants to overcome these limitations and barriers and ensure that academies, schools and institutions situated in one part of the world can compete against teams anywhere on the planet. The aim is to play high quality chess and that's why the time control of 45 minutes + 10 seconds has been decided. ACL is an initiative by ChessBase India that will be played online on the Playchess platform. Over 300 players from 50 institutions have registered with us for the 1st Super League that has begun from the 1st of July. The second league will soon follow, so stayed tuned!

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