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ChessBase India launches its new logo and Calendar on Anand's 48th birthday!

by Sagar Shah - 11/12/2017

11th December 2017 - 48th birthday of Vishy Anand! On this highly auspicious occasion, ChessBase India has launched two new features! First is our new logo and the second is the ChessBase India Calendar. The Logo is meant to give every Indian chess player a proud feeling of playing for the country, while the calendar is meant to ease the lives of chess players in India and all over the world. We will have all the tournaments listed and this will be your go-to destination to plan your events. We call all the chess organizers of India and the world to list their event on our calendar. 

11th of December 2017 is Vishy Anand's 48th birthday. On this very auspicious day we have decided to launch two new important updates from ChessBase India - the new logo and ChessBase India calendar.

1. ChessBase India logo - proud to be an Indian chess player

The theme of the logo is "Proud to be an Indian chess player". The logo has two elements. First is the ChessBase logo with the red diskette and the chess board in it. This is the one that has been constant since we started the company two years. The change is the king with the Indian flag on it. The logo has been designed by co-founder Amruta Mokal, Tanja Friedel and Jeevan Karandikar. The king has been specially hand-crafted for this logo. Says Amruta Mokal, "The main idea is to ignite a sense of pride in every chess player's mind about being Indian!"

You can see the new logo on the top ribbon of the ChessBase India website

Until now we have received pretty good reviews about the new logo. We would like to know your thoughts as well.

2. ChessBase India calendar

One of the biggest headaches for chess players is to plan a chess tournament. There are very few good calendars available out there for Indian as well as International events. We have begun building a world class chess calendar which will not only have all the Indian events listed on it, but also the international ones:

This is how the calendar looks like. Everything is pretty self explanatory. The first column deals with the start date, the second with the end date. Then you have the name of the tournament, the city in which it is being held, the state, then the country. You have the first prize, because this is often the determining factor whether someone would be playing that tournament or not. There is a button to download the circular and next two are for sharing it on social media - Facebook and Twitter.


Once you click on a specific tournament let's say the Sunway Sitges Internaional which will begin 3 days from now, you will see the following details:

Apart from what you see on the front page you have not only the first prize, but also the second and third. At the top you also have the exact venue of where the tournament will be taking place.

You also get to know what kind of tournament will be held - classical, rapid or blitz. There is also the official website link and you also get information about the top players who are playing. Click on their name takes you to the FIDE profile of the player.


And now for the most important feature. If you go to the main page of the calendar, on the top you will see a tab named "Submit your tournament."

Once you click on it you will be able to see the following fields:

It's a small questionnaire that you have to fill about the details of your tournament. There are around 15 questions. Once you submit it, our reviewer will go through it and approve it and your tournament will be listed on the ChessBase India calendar. In case there is some issue with the details, we will contact you.


We are calling all the organizers of Indian and world chess to submit their tournament on the ChessBase India calendar. Doing so will help your event get publicity, and also players all over India and the world will get to know about your event. Be it the smallest of rapid events, or the biggest ones with huge prize fund, ChessBase India will list your events.

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Organizers - Please, sumbit your tournament!

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