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4.9/5! 100+ Facebook users review ChessBase India

by Sagar Shah - 22/11/2017

We at ChessBase India believe in working hard. But every once in a while we feel like sharing our successes with you. The ChessBase India Facebook page has now reached well over 48000 likes, but what is also very precious for us are the reader reviews. We have 107 reviews, out of which 100 of our readers have give us 5.0/5 stars. We share some of the reviews with you in this article and urge you to send us your feedback. Good or bad, whatever it is, it will help us improve and this is very precious for us.

For nearly two years now ChessBase India Facebook page has become the most dynamic, timely and up-to-date source of chess news not only in India but about Indians all over the world. The Facebook page, at the time of writing this, has 48,000+ likes! If you aren't a part of this chess loving community please join in! You can click on the "like" button below.

Facebook reviews:

One of things that has been extremely important to us is reader feedback. Hence, we are extremely happy and proud to say that we have 107 reviews with a rating of 4.9/5.

We thank all those who have reviewed us, be it 1* or 5*, your feedback is equally important to us! Although we are especially pleased with those 100 five star ratings!

Here are some of the reviews (Due to paucity of space we cannot publish them all):

We highly recommend you to please send us your review on our Facebook page. It will motivate us to do better and help us in evolving and getting better.

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