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Chess Joke Contest during Candidates 2024!

by Himank Ghosh - 09/04/2024

In every major tournament we cover, we try to have some sort of a giveaway challenge. In most cases, we have prediction contests - the person who correctly predicts the winner of the tournament gets a product from the ChessBase India Online shop! But we have changed things a little during the Candidates Tournament 2024. This time around, we have a Chess Joke Contest going on! People have to use the Hashtag #chessjokecbi and make funny/witty chess memes on various social media platforms. The best ones will receive a brand new ChessBase India product - the 10-inch mini chess set signed by all of the Candidates! Read some of our favorite entries so far in the article below.

Funny Chess Jokes during Candidates Chess Tournament 2024!

The Candidates Chess Tournament 2024 is one of the most exciting and important tournaments of the year. While IM Sagar Shah is covering the tournament live from Canada - doing player interviews, shooting vlogs, and so on, there are also regular livestreams going on in the ChessBase India YouTube Channel! Amruta Mokal, GM Harshit Raja, and famous Stand-up comedian and chess streamer Samay Raina are doing live commentary for each and every round. Sagar also joins in from time to time to share his thoughts!

The livestream for the 5th round starts today at 11:55 PM IST. Even though the games start at such a late hour in India, at some point 10,000+ people tuned in!

This Candidates 2024, we have a special challenge for you - the Chess Joke Challenge! Put it simply, here's the deal:

- Create an original, funny, or witty Chess meme, joke, or Reel during the Candidates 2024! Make sure to use the hashtag #chessjokecbi. The jokes have to both funny and not disrespectful towards any chess players!

- We are accepting entries until 22nd April. You can share your jokes anywhere - Twitter (X), Facebook, Instagram, Wildr , even in the comments of our YouTube Community post!

The event will last till the end of Candidates Tournament 2024, and some of the funniest jokes will also be shown during the livestreams!

The jokes will be judged by Samay Raina, Sagar Shah, and one other Secret Guest. What are the prizes, you ask? It is a 10-inch mini chess set - one of the latest products of the ChessBase India Shop + Gift hampers. But that is not all  - the coveted Mini chess board will be a one in a million copy, as it will be signed by all of the Candidate-ian's playing in the Candidates Tournament 2024!

This is how the mini chess set looks like!

This should give you an idea about the scale - our premium chess set, brand new Chesspa Chess set, and another new product Mini Chess set kept side by side! Graphic: Abhyudaya Ram

A graphic with the side view of the Mini Chess set! | Graphic: Abhyudaya Ram

The kings of Premium Chess set, ChessPa Chess set, and Mini Chess set compared! | Graphic: Abhyudaya Ram

Okay, enough of the boring details - check out some of the funniest jokes to come out of the contest so far! Here we go:

Samaybhai, that's why you should know all about the seconds! (Twitter)

Vidit keeps sacrificing! (Nikhil, Twitter)

That's why you should follow our streams! (Renos, Twitter)

Created by @thedreamfork on Instagram

Created by @lil.gojo on instagram

Created by @lil.gojo on Instagram

Check out a few jokes from the YouTube community post comments now!

A nice twist on Norm MacDonald's Classic Professor of Logic joke!

Gotta know Harry Potter to get this joke!

Watch the game between Gukesh and Nepomniachtchi in Round 4 for the context!

I mean... Life imitates chess!

Every chess amateur can relate!

Every chess amateur can relate - Part II

We don't endorse betting, but this is just too funny!

If Pragg is sipping water, you know it's over!

That's why Nimzowitsch said - the passed pawn should be kept under lock and key!

Yeah, seconds are all you need!

Spanish fans assemble!

Well, the Indians are doing great so far!

Ending strong with some Candidates jokes and puns

And finally (even though this isn't technically a part of the contest as #chessjokecbi wasn't used), a gem from the man himself at Canada.

Keep sending more funny jokes our way in various social media platforms - just remember to use the hashtag #chessjokecbi!


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