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The launch of ChessBase India App

by Sagar Shah - 02/07/2019

We have launched the ChessBase India App! What are the things that you can do with it? Well, from just one screen, you can now follow all the articles published on the ChessBase India newspage, get access to world's most powerful free calendar, a video section with 2400 videos segregated based on various themes, a powerful search function that helps you search across the articles, tournaments and videos, an ability to stay updated with all the social media (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) accounts of ChessBase India and last but not the least a position for the day, to keep you in the best possible chess shape. The app is completely free and can be downloaded from the Google Playstore. In this article we give you a detailed breakdown of all the features and how you can extract maximum from this powerful resource.

If you would like to download the app first and then go over the features in the article so that you can also check them on your device, then you can download the app from here.

The ChessBase India App, formally launched on the 30th of June 2019

In 2018, it became clear that the ChessBase India website and social media accounts were frequented by a lot of chess fans not just from the country but all across the globe. Every platform had their own fans following us. For eg. the ChessBase India YouTube Channel was the place where you could find very exciting videos, the ChessBase India Facebook page is where you have many updates related to what's happening in Indian chess, the ChessBase India Twitter always has some nice updates rolled into 280 characters, for the photo lovers ChessBase india Instagram is the place to be and finally for full fledged articles and hardcore analysis everyone visited our website - I would often meet ChessBase India followers in tournaments or would receive a mail from them saying that we cannot keep up with all the updates in different places. Why don't you have a single place where we can follow all the news related to Indian and world chess. That's when the idea of making the ChessBase India App came about. I am happy to say that after over a year of working on this project, we have finally launched the ChessBase India App. As is true with all ChessBase India products, we have tried to keep in mind that the end product that we present to our users is of the highest quality.

Sagar Shah explains on this video on how make use of the ChessBase India app

How will the app be useful to you?

Who should download the app? Is it only for Indians? Well, truth be told ChessBase India disseminates chess news on a big scale. At this moment as you read this we have updates about the Grand Chess Tour, the Danzhou tournament in China, The Porticcio Open in France, the Asian Junior in Indonesia and much more. Although we spend our maximum energy in the coverage of Indian players, we are not just limited to it. And hence we feel that this app will be useful to not just Indians but people all across the world who just love following chess. Also, because India is considered by many as the next superpower in the world of chess, it wouldn't hurt you to have this app downloaded on your phone!

The Main screen of the app

The different features of the ChessBase India App

Let's talk about each of these features individually:

1. The main menu and registration

On the top left when you press on those three lines, it opens up the main menu. This is what you can see:

You have your name and your photo (note: you have to register for that), and then all the different features that are present in the app

I would recommend each one who uses the ChessBase India app, to personalize it by registering for the same and also adding a picture of yours.

For all those who have installed and downloaded the app for the first time will get the above screen. Click on "Register Now".

Register with the details to some of the simple questions asked. If you have a FIDE ID then please use that because it gives you access to an important function...

When you have registered and you check your profile details, you find a button next to your rating which says "Update". On the first of every month you can click on it and your rating will be automatically updated!

Latest news

All the articles that are published on the ChessBase India newspage are shown under the latest news section.

You can swipe left, to see the new articles that have been published

We haven't made a separate section for Hindi news, they are a part of the news stream. You can enjoy the Hindi articles by clicking on them, and in case if you don't understand Hindi, then you can just swipe left and continue with the English articles!

When you are reading any article you have the "+" button on the bottom right of the screen. If you click on it it opens up two more buttons. One is the bookmark button (in the shape of a heart) and the other is the sharing button. The sharing button let's you share the article on different platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc., while the heart button lets you bookmark the article.

As you can see the articles or the videos, which you have bookmarked will be added to your special bookmarks page. When you have time, you can go into your bookmarks page and enjoy the content.

The Powerful search function

ChessBase India articles, videos and calendar have so much data and information that it was imperative to have a strong search function. We are quite thrilled with what we have been able to implement. For eg. let's type "Vishy Anand" in the search bar.

You will see that the keyword Vishy Anand is searched across all the platforms (ChessBase India articles, videos and tournaments). As you can see, there are 228 videos of Anand on the ChessBase India YouTube channel and 61 news articles!

Click on the "News" and it takes you to all the news articles of Anand

Position for the day

This feature of "Position for the day" is something that will help you to remain on top of your game. Everyday you will have a position which is handpicked by our experts. After solving it, you can try to check if you got it right with the solution.

Here is today's task! White to play and mate in 3. Did you find it? Once you have the solution, you can click on the "Show Solution" button at the bottom. Right now the chess board on which we give the position of the day is not interactive, but in a future update we would like to change that!

Here's the solution with expert comments by our team that teach you what Turton doubling means! As mentioned previously, we want to give you the best quality and hence you can also expect to learn quite a bit from just looking at our annotations.


ChessBase India calendar is not just limited to tournaments in India, it is a calendar that has tournaments all across the world and we are working hard to make it the best calendar in the world.

The main page of the app shows the three most recent tournaments in progress. When you click on the word "Calendar" you can load the entire calendar. It has all the tournaments of that month featured there. In this case, as it is July in progress, we have all the tournaments of July listed there.

We have a powerful filter apart from the "search by name" option. In the filter you can search by country, by type of tournament, the currency of the prizes and much more!

When you open any tournament, you get the detail about it. But apart from that you also have a small "+" button on the bottom right of the screen. Pressing it reveals two options. You can download the PDF if it exists and you can also add the tournament to your google or phone calendar!

ChessBase India is investing heavily to maintain one of the best chess calendars in the world. We provide this as a free service to you so that you can plan your tournaments without any worries. Organizers all across the world can submit their tournaments by using the "Submit your tournament" button here.


The ChessBase India YouTube Channel is one of the most active chess channels in the world with over 1,70,000 subscribers. Currently it boasts of around 2400 videos! On the front page of the app you can see all the latest videos that have been published. When you click on "more videos", it opens up the following page:

Here you can find videos segregated in the form of sections. Like openings, endgames, players, tournaments etc. You can find playlists dedicated to different opening and also to different endgames. As you can see above, the rook endgames has 19 videos, while the pawn endgames has 11.

You also have a button at the top that takes you to the very popular Hindi ChessBase India YouTube Channel

Social media

ChessBase India is extremely active on social media. On Facebook we have 90,000 people who follow us, on Instagram the count is 12,700 and on Twitter we have 4793 followers. On a daily basis we have nearly 15-20 posts on all the platforms. Just so that you can follow all these posts from a common location, we have got all our social media accounts together on the top bar of our app. 

From right to left: The instagram icon, the Facebook icon, and the Twitter icon. We have the notifications button where you will get updates about the Live push notifications sent by the ChessBase India team and the share button exists if you would like to share the link of the app with your friends.

How to download the app?

The App is currently launched only for Android users. The iOS version is going to come out soon! For all the people who use android can download the app from the Google Playstore by searching for ChessBase India. You can also download the app from the link given below:

Link to download the App

It's only been a few days since we launched the app, and we already have 1000+ installs 

We have had 41 reviews until now and all of them have loved the app with some very positive comments

People who made it possible

Making an app is quite a challenging and at the same time an expensive affair. But the chess community has been kind to us in the past and this was no different. Hemant Agrawal, who is a ChessDad from Ahmedabad and also a director at Infowarehouse, took up this project. He and his team worked day in and out along with the members of the ChessBase India team to create this valuable tool for the chess community.

Our sincere gratitude to Hemant Agrawal for creating the ChessBase India App

What's next?

We, at ChessBase India, believe that it is extremely important to keep evolving with new ideas. The chess world is dynamic and things are moving forward at a fast pace. We will keep the app up to date and we hope to provide you with more and more functionalities as time goes by. In the meantime you can always do your bit, by rating the app in the playstore. In case you would like some features in the app, do write to us at We will try our best to incorporate them in the upcoming updates.


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