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Carlos Daniel Albornoz Cabrera wins 17th Figueira da Foz Open 2023, Lalit second and Mehar third

by Shahid Ahmed - 23/11/2023

Cuba no.2 GM Carlos Daniel Albornoz Cabrera scored an unbeaten 7/9 to win 17th Figueira da Foz International Chess Festival 2023. Carlos finished a half point ahead of the field. Twelve players scored 6.5/9 each. GM M R Lalit Babu and IM Mehar Chinna Reddy C H secured second and third respectively. GM Prraneeth Vuppala, GM Sayantan Das, GM Diptayan Ghosh and IM Vav Rajesh are four more Indians to finish with the sam score 6.5/9. They were placed fifth, ninth, eleventh and twelfth respectively according to tie-breaks. The total prize fund of the tournament was €8050. The top three prizes were €2000, €1250 and €850 along with a trophy each. Photos: Miguel Babo

A dozen players at 6.5/9

Miguel Babo shared - The Cuban GM, Carlos Albornoz, who is part of the Cuban national team, and some of the most highly rated players present, emerged victorious in an absolutely thrilling final round. Albornoz, playing with the black pieces, faced the then leader, Indian IM Mehar Chinna Reddy, who only needed a draw to win the tournament and achieve a GM-norm. From the beginning of the game, Albornoz demonstrated his intention to play aggressively, exploiting some caution from the Indian player who knew that a draw would be sufficient. The match, which was the last to finish in the round and determined the throne, had a highly skilled conclusion by the 22-year-old Cuban, living up to all the expectations placed on him and setting the stage for his future. The young Cuban GM thus won the strongest, most prestigious chess tournament ever held in the history of chess in Portugal and contributed to writing a golden page in the history of chess in Figueira da Foz.

Champion - GM Carlos Daniel Albornoz Cabrera (CUB) 7/9

Runner-up - GM M R Lalit Babu 6.5/9

Second Runner-up - IM Mehar Chinna Reddy C H 6.5/9

Miguel added - The Figueira da Foz tournament, in its 17th edition, is the oldest and most prestigious open in Portugal. This year's edition was the strongest ever held in Portugal, with the highest number of GMs and IMs participating, and a record amount of prize money awarded. The Indian presence in the tournament was the largest among all foreign countries.

5th GM Prraneeth Vuppala 6.5/9

9th GM Sayantan Das 6.5/9

11th GM Diptayan Ghosh 6.5/9

12th IM Vav Rajesh 6.5/9

The tournament hall at Sweet Atlantic Hotel in Figueira da Foz, Portugal

Beautiful view from the venue

Trophies and...

various prizes for the prize winners

Closing ceremony

The tournament was financially supported by FIDE Open Aid Project.


A total of 100 players including 14 GMs, 14 IMs, two WGMs and four WIMs took part from 22 countries across the world in this eight-day nine round Rating Open tournament. It was organized by Assembleia Figueirense and Miguel Babo at Sweet Atlantic Hotel in Figueira da Foz, Portugal from 5th to 12th November 2023. The time control of the event was 40 moves in 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment per move.

Final standings

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 Krtg+/-
GMAlbornoz Cabrera, Carlos DanielCUB2585742,5255852,5100,3
GMLalit, Babu M RIND25336,545257753,5108,7
IMMehar, Chinna Reddy C.H.IND23666,5452486501025,9
GMJanik, IgorPOL25016,5442581531012,9
IMPrraneeth, VuppalaIND25126,5442579531011,3
GMBernadskiy, VitaliyUKR25466,543256553,5105,6
GMSafarli, EltajAZE26106,54125485010-3
IMUrazayev, ArystanbekKAZ24786,541248351104,6
GMDas, SayantanIND25006,540,5248349101,7
GMGrigoryan, Karen H.ARM26466,539,525304810-8
GMGhosh, DiptayanIND25706,539249947,510-4,3
IMRajesh, V A VIND23106,537,52425441019,9
IMElissalt Cardenas, HectorESP23276,536,52390441012,3
FMKaczmarek, AleksanderPOL2331640242247,52030,8



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