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Please Help! Blind National Premier in trouble

by Sagar Shah - 01/02/2018

The Blind National Premier is about to begin in a day (on 3rd of February 2018) in Mumbai and all the sponsors who were going to support the event have not come forward. The All India Chess Federation for the Blind (AICFB) is bravely going ahead with the organization of the event. They are in need of Rs.5,00,000 for the lodging, boarding, and prizes for the tournament. This article is a request for the chess community to come forward and donate to a cause. The visually challenged chess players of our country need our support and motivation and we must not let them down. If you aren't able to contribute money, you can always help by sharing this article and spreading the word.

Did you know: All three medals at the Asian Blind Championships 2017 went to the Indians!

Kishan Gangolli was beaming with pride at the conclusion of the Asian Blind Championships held in April 2017 in Bangalore, India. The 25-year-old visually challenged player had made his country proud by winning the gold medal. Indians made a clean sweep at that championship with Ashvin Makvana winning the silver and Soundarya Pradhan getting the bronze! Later that year team India went to the Blind Olympiad in Macedonia. Our boys started as the 19th seed, fought valiantly and finished seventh! Kishan was a rock on board three as he scored 6.5/9 and won the individual bronze medal. 

Kishan with his individual bronze at the Blind Olympiad in Macedonia 2017

You could say that the Indian blind chess was on the rise. These youngsters needed more motivation and exposure to ensure that their talent comes out to the world at large. They needed more backing, they needed more support. Just when you think that things should go well for them and funds should flow in, you witness an unbelievable scene. The National Premier Blind Championships about to begin in a day from now - 3rd of February 2018, has no sponsors. 


List of participants for the National Premier Blind 2018:

SNo. Name IRtg Club
1 Kishan Gangolli 1996 KAR
2 Aryan B Joshi 1845 MAH
3 Soundarya Kumar Pradhan 1753 ODI
4 Gaurav Gadodia 1749 MAH
5 Makwana Ashvin K 1744 GUJ
6 Krishna Udupa 1711 KAR
7 Patil Shirish 1698 MAH
8 Yudajeet De 1678 W B
9 Swapnil Shah 1678 MAH
10 Samant Milind 1672 MAH
11 Marimuthu K 1613 T N
12 Prachurya Kumar Pradhan 1611 ODI
13 Deeptyajeet De 1607 W B
14 Patra Subhendu Kumar 1587 ODI


The National Premier Blind Championships 2018 are to be held from the 3rd to the 11th of February 2018 at the Andheri Sports Complex in Mumbai. 14 of the best blind players of India will fight it out to decide who becomes the national champion. If you were to think about it, chess is the only sport where blind players can compete on an equal footing with sighted players. There is just one Elo rating and in order to become an IM/GM you need to reach 2400/2500 rating with three norms just like a sighted player. Chess for blind players is an extremely important discipline that needs to be supported and boosted in our country. But instead of getting additional backing, the most important event for the blind - National Premier has currently no sponsors.

Statement by President of AICFB Charudatta Jadhav:

"We are struggling this time to get sufficient support to conduct the National Premier for the blind which is very sad. Only HPCL has agreed to support up to Rs. 50,000 (verbal confirmation). Other than this, we don’t have any support for this prestigious championship as all the major sponsors have not come forward. In spite of doing extremely well at the international level and also playing a leading role at the world level to scale blind chess, at home, blind chess is struggling to get its due recognition. This has started impacting the motivation levels of the players which is not a good sign.


In spite of this, we are bravely going ahead with the organization of the National Premier 2018. I humbly request the help of the chess community in getting minimum support to conduct this National Championship. The following are our expenses:

Expenses for the event:

Lodging for the players (1 player + 1 accompanying person): Rs. 2,05,000

Boarding: Rs. 1,35,000

Tables, chair, sound system, stage etc: Rs. 70,000

Prizes and trophies: Rs. 1,25,000

Arbiter, live games (board rent): Rs. 27,000

Total: Rs. 5,62,000

Less: Rs. 50,000 (HPCL sponsorship)

Money required: Rs. 5,12,000

It's your chance to help:

Click on the button below and make a contribution. It could be any amount. You contribute as per your ability. Your small gesture will ensure that the biggest national blind chess event takes place and the players get their due:

International readers can contribute via Paypal to


All the money collected will be transferred to AICFB.


You can also contribute directly to the bank of AICFB. Here are the bank details:

All India Chess Federation For The Blind

Indian Bank

SB a/c: 415222082


Address:  Ground floor, United India Building, Sir P. M. Road, Fort Branch, Mumbai – 400001.


If you do make a direct payment to the above-mentioned bank please send a mail to with a copy (cc) to with the amount of contribution, your name, address and Permanent Account Number (PAN). These details are mandatory for tax purpose.

Support by ChessBase India:

IM Sagar Shah (that's me) and Amruta Mokal will be present at the event for the entire duration bringing you detailed coverage of the tournament on ChessBase India website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. In our personal capacity, Amruta and I will be contributing Rs.10,000 to help in the organization of the event.


If you contribute Rs.1,00,000 or more, your logo/name will be mentioned in every article and video published on ChessBase India. With thousands of readers that ChessBase India possesses, it will be great mileage for your company/brand. You would not only be contributing to a noble cause but also gain something in return.

Total collection:

ChessBase India with AICFB thanks each and every contributor on this list. The list will be updated as soon as we new contributors.

No. Amount Name
1 5000 Sachin Samant
2 2000 Rochelle D'souza
3 11000 Madhusudan Iyer
4 1000 Atul Dahale
5 10000 Ritu Mohit Bhandari
6 25000 Sainath Ramanathan
7 2000 Priti Mahendru
8 1000 Mamta wadhwa
9 5000 Shailesh Gadre
10 5000 Avathanshu Bhat
11 500 Rekha  Raghavan
12 1000 Vikas Sharma
13 10800 Rekha Pinkesh Nahar
14 1000 Aditya Mukund Kulkarni
15 2100 V j gupta
16 500 Nishchint Sharma
17 1500 Jeet shah
18 5000 Swapnil Kothari
19 11000 Sanjoy Shome
20 1000 Sudhahar
21 1000 Giriappa T Amin
22 2000 Vanita Noronha
23 500 Rajesh gupta
24 1000 Tamojit Chakraborty
25 200 Devansh Singh
26 5000 Shubham Sanjiv Kumthekar
27 100 Harshal Pramod Patil
28 10000 Sushir Lohia
29 2000 PAVAN BNB
30 2000 Nitish Mittal
31 5000 Sudip Singh
32 2000 S C AGARWAL
33 1000 Deepak chavan
34 1500 sanjeev Tambe
35 2000 Laishram Imocha
36 1000 Niranjan Prasad
37 2000 Niranjan Prasad
38 500 Eshan Tilwani
39 10000 Vedaprakash PC
40 5000 Vivek Gupta
41 2000 Prathamesh Mokal
42 1000 Chaitanya Kulkarni
43 251 Aditya Vimal
44 1000 Mitul KH
45 1000 Aruna Shiv shankar Singare
46 2000 Sneha Ghatpande
47 2500 Abdesh Jha
48 10000 Anand Kashelkar
49 27000 Mullick Somnath Charitable trust
50 1001 Ramkrishna Kashelkar
51 2000 Aravind
52 2000 PR Krishna
53 1000 Aniruddha Deshpande
54 3000 Sundararajan Kidambi
55 2500 Rahul Anil Bhagwat
56 5000 Himanshu Kumar
57 500 Rohan Bharat Joshi
58 500 Yoges kumbhar and Deepak vaychal
59 5000 Romit
60 700 Vishal Sodani
61 2000 sankaran ponnada krishnaswamy
62 1000 Durgaprasad Mahapatra
63 1500 Priyanka Ved
64 1001 CMA (Dr.) Ashish Thatte
66 500 VIMAL RAJ M
67 1000 Pankaj arora
68 2000 Vikrant Malvankar
69 1000 Satyajit Basak
70 2000 Sureshkumar .T.J
71 30000 Karthik Rangarajan
72 10000 Jayaram Swaminathan
73 1000 Bina Manoj Sanghvi
74 500 Suhas Murthy
75 500 Dinesh Prakash Gaikwad
76 5000 Tania Sachdev
77 2000 Kunal kochar
78 5000 Padmini Rout
79 5000 Seema Thukral
80 1000 Amit Sanjay Raje
81 2500 Roktim Bandyopadhyay
82 1000 Vedant panesar
83 7500 Nikhil And Dipika Joshi
84 10000 Amruta and Sagar
85 3000 Vasudevan RR
86 5000 Karthikeyan Sankaran
87 19400 Ramesh Balasubramanium
88 5000 Anjali patil
89 5000 Vandana Bhansali
90 1000 Abhinav Shetty
91 500 Sunita Prasad
92 10000 Ashutosh Datar
93 1000 Vidit
94 11000 Manoj Dengla
95 45000 Not to be disclosed
96 500 Rishi Kaushik
97 1000 Dr. Himadri Roy
98 10000 Akshay Sekhri
99 1000 Venkatesan Vembu
100 3000 Swayangsu Satyapragyan
101 2000 Aarti akash
102 45000 Not to be disclosed
103 5000 Viyugam Chess Academy
104 3000 Srinivas Raghavan
105 500 Nikhil Dixit
106 2500 Ramkrishna Kashelkar
107 3000 Paras Gudka
108 2000 Manish Bajpai
109 500 Pradeep Cavale
110 1000 Aslam shirawala
111 2000 Sudaresan Sethuraman
112 1000 Vishvesh
113 25000 Dharmen Shah
114 10000 Shashi Kumar
115 5000 Yogini Uttarwa
116 10000 Raghunandan Vasa
117 5000 IMPS/P2A/803914213383
118 5000 IMPS/P2A/803914213426
119 3000 IMPS/P2A/804417782279
  575053 TOTAL

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