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Indian kids shine bright at Asian Youth 2019

by Shahid Ahmed - 16/04/2019

India won 8 medals in Asian Youth 2019 Standard. Thus taking the total medal tally of Indian contingent to 27 combining all three events in Asian Youth 2019.  FM Sreeshwan Maralakshikari and Moksh Amit Doshi are the Gold medal winners in under-14 and under-16 open category, the Silver medal winners are Mayank Chakraborty, Mahendra Teja Mekala, Sankalp Gupta and WFM Harshini A in under-10, 12, 14, 16 open and under-18 girls respectively. Jaivardhan Raj and FM Mitrabha Guha won Bronze in under-8 and under-18 open category. Team India won Team Gold in under-8 open and under-16 open category. The report contains photos and annotated games by the medal winners. Photo: ChessBase India archives

India wins 8 medals and two team Golds in Asian Youth 2019 Standard

The Asian Youth 2019 medal winners in Standard format | Photo: ChessBase India archives, Harsh Kanoje and Monomita Chakraborty

Gold medal winners:

FM Sreeshwan Maralakshikari's highlight in his nascent chess career is beating Ivanchuk in round 1 of Sunway Sitges 2018. He scored 8.0/9 in under-14 open category. He He is also the reigning Commonwealth under-12 open Gold medalist and Telangana State Rapid and Blitz champion.

Here is an annotated game by the golden boy himself:

Moksh Amit Doshi at Commonwealth Championships 2018 | Photo: Amruta Mokal

Moksh Amit Doshi of Gujarat had his first major breakthrough in international fray by winning Gold in Asian Youth 2019 Standard in under-16 open category. He scored 8.0/9 in under-16 open category to win the Gold medal.

Here is an annotated sent by Moksh:

Silver medal winners:

9-year old Mayank Chakraborty of Assam finished as the first runner-up in National under-9 open. Days before leaving for Asian Youth, he won Assam district under-13 open. Mayank scored 7.0/9 in under-10 open to clinch Silver medal. His only loss was against the eventual champion of the tournament, CM Khumoyun Begmuratov of Uzbekistan.

Mayank with the Silver medal, trophy and certificate | Photo: Monomita Chakraborty

Mahendra Teja Mekala scored 7.0/9 in under-12 open to win Silver medal | Photo: R Anantharam

Mahendra Teja Mekala is the reigning Andhra Pradesh State under-11 open champion. His first success came in his international debut tournament at Asian Youth 2019. He scored 7.0/9 in under-12 open to win Silver medal. Here is an annotated game by Mahendra Teja himself.


Sankalp Gupta won another Silver medal in Asian Youth 2019 Standard when he scored 7.5/9 in under-16 open category. He is the former National Sub-junior (under-15 open) champion. This is what his trainer IM FT Swayams Mishra wrote about his student's triumph:

Sankalp Gupta proudly spreads the Indian flag as he receives his Silver medal in under-16 open for scoring 7.5/9 | Photo: Harsh Kanoje

Here is annotated game by Sankalp himself:

WFM Harshini A of Tamil Nadu scored 6.5/9 to win Silver medal in under 18 girls category. She is a former World Schools under-15 girls Gold medalist.

WFM Harshini scored 6.5/9 to win Silver medal in under-18 girls | Photo: ChessBase India archive

Bronze medal winners:

7-year old Jaivardhan Raj of Maharashtra scored 7.0/9 to secure a Bronze medal in under-8 open category. He did not make a single draw in the tournament. He is the current Silver medalist in Western Asia Youth under-8 standard and rapid, Gold medalist in Asian Schools under-8 rapid and National under-7 runner-up.

Jaivardhan Raj with his medal, shiny trophy and a certificate | Photo: Harsh Kanoje

Here is an annotated game by Jaivardhan Raj himself:

FM Mitrabha Guha becomes the only Indian who has won a medal in each of the three formats in Asian Youth 2019. He scored 5.5/9 to clinch Bronze medal in under-18 open category.

FM Mitrabha Guha won a Silver and two Bronze medals in Asian Youth 2019 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Here is an annotated game by Mitrabha Guha himself:

Team Gold:

Under-8 Open Team Gold: Jaivardhan Raj 8.0/9, Amogh Bisht 6.0/9 and Rosh Jain 6.0/9 | Photo: Harsh Kanoje

Under-16 Open Team Gold: Moksh Amit Doshi 8.0/9, Sankalp Gupta 7.5/9 and Utsab Chatterjee 5.5/9 | Photo: Harsh Kanoje

Complete standings in Standard of all Indian players

Complete standings in Standard of all players: u-8 open, u-8 girls, u-10 open, u-10 girls, u-12 open, u-12 girls, u-14 open, u-14 girls, u-16 open, u-16 girls, u-18 open and u-18 girls.

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