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Aronyak Ghosh dominates Tata Steel Chess Festival 2021 All India Rapid Rating Open

by Shahid Ahmed - 25/11/2021

IM Aronyak Ghosh scored a massive 8.5/9 at the Tata Steel Chess Festival 2021 All India Rapid Rating Open. He finished a full point ahead of the competition. Three players finished at 7.5/9. They are - IM Koustav Chatterjee, IM Neelash Saha and GM Mitrabha Guha. They were placed second to fourth according to tie-breaks. A total of 148 players including a GM, 4 IMs and a WIM took part in this event, in this nine-round Rapid Rating tournament with a time control of 20 mins + 5 seconds each. The total prize fund was ₹100000. Check out the games of the champion and photos from the event in this article. Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Aronyak finishes a full point ahead

Tata Steel Chess Festival 2021 All India Rapid Rating Open was the first Open Rapid Rating tournament in West Bengal since the Covid-19 pandemic began. It was announced that the tournament registration of 150 players capacity was filled within 40 hours since the registration started. It just shows that West Bengal is not only a sports loving state but also loves chess immensely. AICF Hony. Secretary Bharat Singh Chauhan gave away the prizes in presence of GM Dibyendu Barua and Tushar Chatterjee, Secretary of Sara Bangla Daba Sangstha.

Champion IM Aronyak Ghosh receives the beautiful champion's trophy and ₹20000 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

"It feels great to win a tournament after a long time. Played some good games (I think), although the last round was bad. Need to improve a lot. Enjoyed playing the tournament and cricket afterwards." - Aronyak on winning the tournament.

Aronyak scored an unbeaten 8.5/9 and finished a full point ahead of the competition

Replay Aronyak's games

Runner-up IM Koustav Chatterjee 7.5/9, received ₹15000 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

3rd IM Neelash Saha 7.5/9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

4th GM Mitrabha Guha 7.5/9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

5th WIM Arpita Mukherjee 7.0/9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

6th IM Shahil Dey 7.0/9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

7th Aditya Vikram Paul 6.5/9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

8th Kaustuv Kundu 6.5/9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

9th Bishal Basak 6.5/9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

10th Soham Bhattacharyya 6.5/9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

11th Utsab Chatterjee 6.5/9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

12th Agnim Dutta 6.5/9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

13th Samriddhaa Ghosh 6.5/9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

14th Arindam Mukherjee 6.5/9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

15th Shresth Mahapatra 6.5/9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

16th Soureen Bhattacharya 6.5/9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

17th Alekhya Mukhopadhyay 6.0/9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

18th Priyanshu Barua 6.0/9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

19th Shuvam Roy 6.0/9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

20th Mrittika Mallick 6.0/9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Best Rating 1401-1800 1st - Gopal Das 6.0/9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Best Woman 1st - Sudipa Haldar 6.0/9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

GM R B Ramesh made the first move on the youngest player's board | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

The conference room at Bhasha Bhavan in The National Library of India was a huge spacious hall | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Game on | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

West Bengal's first and latest GM along with the future GMs | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Bhasha Bhawan (ভাষা ভবন) at The National Library of India was the venue | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

For more photos, click here.

Final Standings

Rk.SNoNamesexFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
15IMAronyak GhoshIND2049West Bengal8,551,555,052,2580,0
24IMKoustav ChatterjeeIND2055West Bengal7,553,057,546,7560,0
37IMNeelash SahaIND1883West Bengal7,552,056,544,2570,0
41IMMitrabha GuhaIND2122West Bengal7,550,555,044,5070,0
58WIMArpita MukherjeewIND1837West Bengal7,051,555,039,2560,0
69IMShahil DeyIND1816Assam7,046,050,037,0060,0
717Aditya Vikram PaulIND1508West Bengal6,550,555,035,7560,0
83Kaustuv KunduIND2098West Bengal6,550,554,536,2560,0
915Basak BishalIND1592West Bengal6,550,554,036,2560,0
1021Bhattacharyya SohamIND1375West Bengal6,549,554,036,2560,0
1112Utsab ChatterjeeIND1650West Bengal6,548,052,533,5060,0
1252Agnim DuttaIND1148West Bengal6,547,050,533,5060,0
1313Ghosh SamriddhaawIND1614West Bengal6,545,548,531,7560,0
142Arindam MukherjeeIND2120Railways6,543,548,032,7560,0
1532Shresth MahapatraIND1262West Bengal6,541,044,028,2560,0
1625Soureen BhattacharyaIND1310West Bengal6,538,041,525,2560,0
1719Alekhya MukhopadhyayIND1418West Bengal6,047,548,525,5060,0
1850Priyanshu BaruaIND1162West Bengal6,046,050,030,5060,0
1918Shuvam RoyIND1469West Bengal6,046,048,529,0060,0
2034Mrittika MallickwIND1254West Bengal6,043,547,527,7550,0

Complete standings

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