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57th Biel Chess Festival 2024: Registrations are now open!

by Shahid Ahmed - 11/03/2024

The 57th edition of Biel Chess Festival is set to start from Saturday 13th July 2024. Apart from two GMT (Grandmaster Triathlon) events, there will be a ten round MTO (Master Tournament) for players rated 1900+, ATO (Amateur Tournament) for players rated below 2000. The barrier for MTO has been lowered to 1900 which allows players rated 1900 and 2000 to choose between MTO and ATO. There are also going to be several other events including Rapid, Blitz and Chess960 events. Indian players did quite well last year in MTO and Rapid. Aditya Samant became India's 83rd Grandmaster. With MTO now becoming an event for 1900+ players only, ten rounds and a classical time control means that there are great chances of scoring norms. Photo: Biel Chess Festival

An enticing program!

With at least fourteen tournaments on the program (more could be added), the range of tournaments is once again very extensive this year. As always, the 2024 festival offers tournaments for every taste and every level. In addition to the traditional multi-day Open (ATO, MTO, and weekday tournaments), there will also be one-day tournaments such as the Fischer Swiss Chess Championship, rapid and blitz tournaments, the Vinetum for youngsters, as well as the Physicians Tournament, which is making a comeback thanks to the Biel Hospital Centre. The simultaneous will take place on Friday, July 12, 2024, and will be played by Abhimanyu Mishra, the youngest GM of all time!

The tournament hall at 56th Biel Chess Festival 2023 | Photo: Biel Chess Festival

As for the opens with classical time control, we are returning to two one-and-a-half week tournaments – MTO and ATO – with greater freedom for the most talented amateurs to play against semi-professionals and professionals. In fact, the Elo limit for the MTO has been lowered to 1900. Players between 1900 and 2000 Elo thus have the choice between the Master Tournament (MTO) and the Amateur Tournament (ATO).


In the last week of the festival, two morning tournaments will take place: the WT1 for players up to 1799 Elo and the WT2 for players from 1800 Elo. Those who reach ATO+WT1 or ATO vs. MTO+WT2 only pay half the entry fee for the Week’s Tournament, which is also interesting for those who are returning from Flims or only have five days for chess during the summer vacation but want to play with the world's elite in the same room at least once in their lives.


Indeed, the Grandmaster tournament, which we presented in our press release of March 08, is even stronger than last year, with an Elo average of over 2700! In addition, the tournament has been given a little brother, the Challengers Tournament


So combine the pleasant with the useful and measure your chess strength against the best in the world! The foreigners’ registration fee can be paid in CHF or € at the 1=1 exchange rate.


For more information:

Tatjana Kraska Horvath, Backoffice/Front Desk,, +41 32 589 68 68

Florian Zarri answers questions about the policies,

Paul Kohler, Tournament Director,

Peter Bohnenblust, President of the Organizational Committee: +41 76 405 80 87


Schedule of the International Chess Festival Biel/Bienne 2024:

Source: Press Release


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