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39 Indians will travel to Aeroflot Open 2018 fully sponsored by the Government

by Sagar Shah - 08/02/2018

A lot of positive developments have taken place in Indian chess under the leadership of Bharat Singh Chauhan as the Secretary of AICF. One such phenomenal news is the sanction of a fully sponsored trip for 39 Indians to the Aeroflot Open 2018 by the Government of India. It includes our male and female team in senior, junior and sub-junior section. Along with them five managers will also be sent at Government cost. Aeroflot Open is one of the best tournaments in the world of chess. This will be an amazing experience for all our players, especially because we will have the top seed as an Indian. Guess who?

One of the major hurdles that chess players all over India face is the lack of exposure. It's true that Indian players are extremely talented and the circuits in India are pretty strong, but every once in a while it is important to play in foreign conditions, get acquainted to different styles of play and different regions with their cuisines, customs and climate! But whenever someone plans a trip like this, the first question that comes to mind is finance. Many of the young talents in our country are unable to go to International events because of financial constraints.


The All India Chess Federation under the leadership of Bharat Singh Chauhan has made a brilliant move. It has reinstated the foreign exposure trips that used to happen a few years ago in India. This year 35 of our players along with four officials have been selected for this exposure trip at the full cost of Government!

The letter received by AICF from the Government of India. The players listed here are the winners of the national championships in 2016.

We spoke to Bharat Singh Chauhan after this wonderful news and he said, "We had chosen the Gibraltar Masters to send our team. However, the organizer of Gibraltar was not so keen on so many Indians coming to his event and hence we chose the Aeroflot Open. It is one of the strongest tournaments in the world and will provide good exposure for our players. I would like to especially thank our sports minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore and Sports Authority of India for making this possible. It is a great moment for Indian chess that our Government is supporting the sport."


All the costs of the players will be covered. This includes the cost of local travel, international travel, lodging, boarding, visa and travel insurance. One of the officials will be ChessBase India's very own Niklesh Jain. He will ensure that our readers get excellent coverage of the event.

Positive steps in Indian chess happening thanks to the efforts of Bharat Singh Chauhan

The Aeroflot Open begins on the 20th of February 2018. We asked Bharat Singh about the time paucity for the visas to be issued to the players, to which the Secretary was quite positive, "We are in talks with the Aeroflot organizer and everything will be done in time."

Message by Bharat Singh Chauhan informing about this positive development

The Cosmos Hotel which is one of the biggest Hotel's in Russia

Cozy and comfortable rooms at the Hotel

Vidit Gujrathi will be the top seed at this prestigious event

Vidit Gujrathi, with a rating of 2723, will be the top seed of the event

Vidit won the Tata Steel Challengers and qualified for the Masters in 2019. If he wins the Aeroflot he will get direct entry into the closed super tournament in Dortmund.

Confirmed list of players in the A group (2550+)

1GMAndreikin Dmitry4158814RUS2712
2GMMamedov Rauf13401653AZE2709
3GMMatlakov Maxim4168003RUS2709
4GMArtemiev Vladislav24101605RUS2697
5GMInarkiev Ernesto4162722RUS2684
6GMNajer Evgeniy4118987RUS2683
7GMKamsky Gata2000024USA2677
8GMSargissian Gabriel13300881ARM2677
9GMMotylev Alexander4121830RUS2673
10GMSasikiran Krishnan5004985IND2671
11GMPiorun Kacper1130420POL2659
12GMSjugirov Sanan4189302RUS2652
13GMSethuraman S.P.5021596IND2646
14GMBluebaum Matthias24651516GER2635
15GMMareco Sandro112275ARG2632
16GMGordievsky Dmitry24112798RUS2630
17GMZvjaginsev Vadim4113403RUS2629
18GMRomanov Evgeny4148843RUS2621
19GMJumabayev Rinat13702661KAZ2614
20GMIndjic Aleksandar911925SRB2612


Confirmed list of players for B group (2550-2300)

1GMMozharov Mikhail4189825RUS2539
2GMXu Yinglun8604940CHN2538
3IMMoskalenko Alexander4155351RUS2533
4IMJarmula Lukasz1160664POL2498
5GMGasanov Eldar14104466UKR2490
6IMXu Yi8605564CHN2490
7IMBelyakov Bogdan24104795RUS2486
8IMFlom Gabriel621650FRA2485
9GMPotapov Pavel4169786RUS2479
10GMRogozenco Dorian1210319ROU2479
11GMVorotnikov Vladislav V4103009RUS2472
12IMZakhartsov Vladimir4145097RUS2472
13GMKotanjian Tigran13301250ARM2466
14IMSeliverstov Vladimir4192036RUS2464
15GMLugovskoy Maxim24126454RUS2459
16GMGavrilov Alexei4104358RUS2458
17IMRaja Harshit5089000IND2448
18IMHarsha Bharathakoti5078776IND2443
19Li Yankai8609357CHN2434
20GMBalashov Yuri S4100263RUS2431

Confirmed list of players for C group:

1FMApryshko Gleb24131792RUS2296
2FMVolkov Sergei4176588RUS2296
3Pranav V25060783IND2284
4FMKuznetsov Mikhail V.4194900RUS2278
5Maltsevskaya Aleksandra24174041RUS2274
6Zhao Chenxi8611513CHN2271
7Galakhov Sergey4106598RUS2267
8FMDenishev Marat24131563RUS2257
9Egorov Pavel24122637RUS2256
10WFMZherebtsova Alexandra24129518RUS2254
11FMVlassow Valentin4164008RUS2251
12FMYuferev Oleg4131720RUS2247
13FMRozanov Pavel B.4129270RUS2245
14IMMalinin Yuri4131975RUS2235
15Kesidis Odyseas4221796GRE2234
16FMBabikov Ivan4161106RUS2225
17WFMEryshkanova Anastasiya24119059RUS2222
18Kulkarni Chinmay5023513IND2215
19CMAditya Mittal35042025IND2206
20Manush Shah5040680IND2202

Check out the players' list of Group A

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