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36th National Under-9 Open and Girls Round 10-11: Advik Amit Agrawal wins Open, Samhita Pungavanam wins in Girls

by Himank Ghosh - 13/11/2023

The National Under-9 Championships came to a predictable end on 8th November, 2023. Advik Amit Agrawal (1378, MAH) and Samhita Pungavanam (1345, TEL) were both leading with 9/10 points in the Open and Girls section respectively going into the final 11th round. Both of them won their last round game to become the champions! They were awarded Rs. 50,000 each, and the winner trophies. Rahul Ramakrishnan (1531, PUD) took 2nd place in the Open section with 9.5/11 points, and Jai Prakash Vanum (1287, AP) took 3rd place with 9/11 points. In the Girls category, Pooja Shree R (1249, TN) took 2nd place with 9/11 points, and Divi Bijesh (1170, KER) took 3rd place with 8.5/11 points. Read the final report of this event below. Photos: Himank Ghosh

Maharashtra and Telangana take pole position

Advik Amit Agrawal (1368, MAH) and Samhita Pungavanam (1345, TEL) scored comfortable wins in the final round to become the National Under-9 Open and Girls champions respectively, both scoring 10/11 points!

The champions together with their beautiful mementos, just after their final round game had ended!

Advik played a very clean game with the White pieces to take down Sarvesh E (1222, TN) in the final 11th round. One mistake from Sarvesh in the middlegame was enough - Advik managed to win a pawn, and went on to win the game comfortably.

The top board clash of the Open section in the final round

With this win, Amit Advik Agrawal (1378, MAH) had now become the National Under-9 Open Champion 2023 with 10/11 points! Advik revealed in the post-tournament interview that his coach is Satyam Warude from Pune.

8-year-old Pune boy Advik Amit Agrawal wins the National Under-9 Championships 2023 | Video: ChessBase India

Amit Advik Agrawal being handed the winners trophy and a cheque of Rs. 50,000

Advik with his proud parents!

In the girls category, Samhita Pungavanam (1345, TEL) finished her event with a bang. In the final round, she took down the tournament top seed Sharvaanica AS (1430, TN) with the White pieces! Seizing the initiative right from the opening, Sharvaanica got into big trouble very soon and Samhita won comfortably.

The final round clash between Samhita and Sharvaanica

With this win, Samhita became the National Under-9 Girls Champion 2023! She won a beautiful trophy and a cash prize of Rs. 50,000. In the post-game interview, Samhita revealed her coach's name - Saket Pedagandham from King's Chess Academy. She also talks about her love for endgame studies!

Sacrificing pieces and solving chess studies| Samhita Pungavanam becomes National U-9 Girls Champion | Video: ChessBase India

Samhita on the stage getting her trophy and cash prize!

The proud mother and daughter!

Rahul Ramakrishnan (1531, PUD) scored a strong win against Abhinav Anand (1395, KAR) with the Black pieces in the final round. This win propelled Rahul Ramakrishnan to take 2nd position in the Open category! The wins in the penultimate and final round were key for Rahul to become the runners-up with 9.5/11 points.

Rahul Ramakrishnan (1531, PUD) getting his runners-up trophy and cash prize!
"Mikhail Botvinnik is my idol!" Puducherry boy Rahul Ramakrishnan 2nd in National Under-9 Chess | Video: ChessBase India

Pooja Shree R (1249, TN) defeated Aaradhya Das (1198, TRI) in the final round! With this win, she took 2nd place in the final standings in the Girls category. Pooja took 2nd place in the National Under-8 Girls last year, this year she's 2nd in National Under-9 Girls!

Pooja Shree R (1249, TN) getting her runners-up trophy and cash prize.
2nd in National U-8 Girls Chess 2022, now 2nd in National U-9 Girls Chess 2023! | Pooja Shree R | Video: ChessBase India

In the open section, Jai Prakash Vanum (1287, AP) secured 3rd position with 9/11 points. He was one of the two players who managed to draw against the tournament winner Advik Amit Agrawal!

Jai Prakash Vanum getting his cash prize of Rs. 30,000 in the stage
"I want to become a Grandmaster!" Kakinada boy Jai Prakash Vanum 3rd in National U-9 Chess | Video: ChessBase India

In the girls category, Divi Bijesh (1170, KER) took 3rd place with 8.5/11 points. Divi played a marathon game in the final round to take down Kiyana Parihar (1233, RAJ)! She is also the only player in the tournament who managed to defeat the winner, Samhita Pungavanam.

Trivandrum girl Divi Bijesh secured 3rd place in Girls, and won Rs. 30,000!
Learned Chess from her brother, now 3rd in National Under-9 Girls! | Divi Bijesh from Kerala | Video: ChessBase India

Photo Gallery

Bhavanya Panchumarthi (1192, AP) - 4th in Girls, 8/11

Rishitha Narayanan (1157, AP) - 5th in Girls, 8/11

Vyom Malhotra (1466,HAR) - 4th in Open, 9/11 points

Narendra Agarwal (1505, WB) - 5th in Open, 8.5/11 points

The full organizing team, arbiters and officials of the tournament

The 4 trophy holders of this tournament!

For more Round 10, Round 11 , and prize distribution ceremony photos, please click at the respective links.

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Replay Open Round 10-11 games

Replay Girls Round 10-11 games

Open Round 11 results

113Advik Amit Agrawal1368Maharashtra91 - 08Sarvesh E1222Tamil Nadu45PGN
211Abhinav Anand1395Karnataka80 - 1Rahul Ramakrishnan1531Puducherry2PGN
35Vyom Malhotra1466Haryana81 - 08Mani Sarbartho1418West Bengal9PGN
412Vairaj Sogerwal1395Haryana0 - 18Jai Prakash Vanum1287Andhra Pradesh26PGN
550AFMAr Saisharvesh1207Tamil Nadu0 - 1Narendra Agarwal1505West Bengal3PGN
67Samaksh Ashok1425Karnataka1 - 0Sidhant Rana1334Haryana18
723Nirvaan Nirav Shah1290Maharashtra1 - 0Oishik Mondal1281West Bengal29
847Shreyas Mani1215Tamil Nadu70 - 17Aarit Kapil1469Delhi4
937Joshua Mark Telles1235Goa70 - 17Rishaan Jain1412Rajasthan10
1015ACMPraneeshwar Madhavan1345Tamil Nadu70 - 17Advik Praveen1289Kerala25


Final Standings after Round 11

Rk.SNoNamesexFEDRtgBdldClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
113Advik Amit AgrawalIND1368Maharashtra1077,582,573,25
22Rahul RamakrishnanIND1531Puducherry9,5778269,25
326Jai Prakash VanumIND1287Andhra Pradesh974,57862,00
45Vyom MalhotraIND1466Haryana96367,555,50
53Narendra AgarwalIND1505West Bengal8,5758160,25
67Samaksh AshokIND1425Karnataka8,5727555,75
723Nirvaan Nirav ShahIND1290Maharashtra8,57174,554,75
822AFMVenkata Naga Karthik MalladiIND1317Karnataka876,58153,00
945Sarvesh EIND1222Tamil Nadu875,58054,25
109Mani SarbarthoIND1418West Bengal8747751,75
114Aarit KapilIND1469Delhi871,576,553,00
1216Krithik MuthukumarIND1337Tamil Nadu87176,553,00
1311Abhinav AnandIND1395Karnataka87174,551,50
1410Rishaan JainIND1412Rajasthan86973,552,00
1543Akshaya Vignesh MIND1227Tamil Nadu86567,548,25
1625Advik PraveenIND1289Kerala86263,543,75
1712Vairaj SogerwalIND1395Haryana7,58186,555,00
1850AFMAr SaisharveshIND1207Tamil Nadu7,576,580,551,25
1929Oishik MondalIND1281West Bengal7,573,57748,75
2038Pratyush KumarIND1235Uttar Pradesh7,570,574,546,25


Girls Round 11 results

12Samhita Pungavanam1345Telangana91 - 0Sharvaanica A S1430Tamil Nadu1PGN
211Aaradhya Das1198Tripura0 - 18Pooja Shree R1249Tamil Nadu7PGN
314Divi Bijesh1170Kerala1 - 0Kiyana Parihar1233Rajasthan10PGN
413Yadav Sanskriti1189Uttar Pradesh71 - 07Aaradhya Upadhyay1271Rajasthan3PGN
519Leah R Joseph1146Karnataka71 - 07Dishita Dey1263Jharkhand5PGN
68Janaki S D1236Kerala70 - 17Narayanan Rishitha1157Andhra Pradesh17
712Bhavanya Panchumarthi1192Andhra Pradesh71 - 07Aanya Gupta1234Delhi9
84AFMWaghle Bhumika1270Maharashtra1 - 0Aryahi Bhattacharya1062West Bengal26
959Anwesha Chhajlani0Madhya Pradesh0 - 1Ameya Gupta1162Assam15


Final Standings after Round 11

Rk.SNoNamesexFEDRtgBdldClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
12Samhita PungavanamwIND1345Telangana1076,58172,50
27Pooja Shree RwIND1249Tamil Nadu9727760,00
314Divi BijeshwIND1170Kerala8,574,578,558,50
412Bhavanya PanchumarthiwIND1192Andhra Pradesh872,575,551,50
517Narayanan RishithawIND1157Andhra Pradesh8707551,00
619Leah R JosephwIND1146Karnataka86568,546,00
713Yadav SanskritiwIND1189Uttar Pradesh863,56949,75
81Sharvaanica A SwIND1430Tamil Nadu7,574,58050,50
911Aaradhya DaswIND1198Tripura7,574,579,548,75
1010Kiyana PariharwIND1233Rajasthan7,5707445,25
114AFMWaghle BhumikawIND1270Maharashtra7,56669,543,50
1218Tvesha Ashish JainwIND1154Maharashtra7,56266,541,75
1335Aastha Umesh SurkarwIND1037Maharashtra7,560,56545,00
1415Ameya GuptawIND1162Assam7,5606543,75
158Janaki S DwIND1236Kerala7768147,00
165Dishita DeywIND1263Jharkhand773,579,545,75
173Aaradhya UpadhyaywIND1271Rajasthan77075,543,75
18113Vaishnavi AnandwIND0Tamil Nadu768,574,547,00
199Aanya GuptawIND1234Delhi766,57138,75
2073Gaurangee SharmawIND0Rajasthan765,570,542,25


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