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12th Norway Chess R9: Ding Liren massacres Hikaru Nakamura in Armageddon

by Shahid Ahmed - 07/06/2024

For the second consecutive round, all games of the penultimate round of 12th Norway Chess 2024 were decided in Armageddon. Not only the games were decided in Armageddon but also had clear victors means there was no decision based on clock or a draw by black. Alireza Firouzja (FRA) missed his opportunity to win against Magnus Carlsen (NOR) in Armageddon. The world champion, Ding Liren (CHN) completely decimated Hikaru Nakamura (USA) in Armageddon. Fabiano Caruana (USA) also got the better of Praggnanandhaa in the ultimate form of tie-break, Armageddon. Round 10 starts today from 5 p.m. CET, 8:30 p.m. IST. Photos: Norway Chess/Stev Bonhage

Magnus is just a Classical win away from clinching the tournament

Hikaru Nakamura jokingly mentioned in the Confession booth that the players are not getting paid to make appearance and share their thoughts during their game. He added that if they did then he will make appear there a lot more than on the board. Well, the world champion reminded the streamer that he does all the talking on the board. He is a world champion and once went for an unbeaten streak of 100 games for a reason. It is mathematically no longer possible for Ding Liren to avoid a last place finish at this event. However, his win in the penultimate round showed that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how dark it gets, every dawn destroys the seemingly unending dark night.

Ding Liren (CHN) brutally defeated Hikaru Nakamura (USA) in Armageddon

Firouzja - Carlsen: 1-1.5

Unlike their first encounter at this event, the Classical game between Alireza Firouzja (FRA, 2737) and Magnus Carlsen (NOR, 2830) ended in a draw. This ensured Hikaru Nakamura's mathematical chances of winning the tournament. It was clear that Magnus was playing for a win in Armageddon, even though a draw was enough for him to win the match.


Position after 32...Rxf3??

32...Rxf3?? 33.Ne7+! Kh7 34.Qe4+ Kh8 35.Nf5 would have given White a decide advantage. Instead, Firouzja played 33.Rxf3 Qxf3+ 34.Qxf3 Rxf3 35.Nxd4 exd4 36.Ra1?? d3 would have been a quick win for Black. After a few misses by both sides, eventually Magnus won the game and match.

Alireza Firouzja missed a good opportunity to win against Magnus Carlsen in Armageddon

Nakamura - Ding: 1-1.5

Ding Liren (CHN, 2762) managed to hold a four vs three pawns in a rook endgame against Hikaru Nakamura (USA, 2794). Nakamura's aggressive approach in Armageddon did not work out against the world champion.


Position after 16.g5

Nakamura's attack did not yield anything 16...hxg5 17.Bxg5 Re8 18.c5 Bc7 19.Nb2 Qd7 20.Bxf6 gxf6 21.Nh4 f5 and Black eventually won the game. We got a glimpse of the Ding Liren we all know in this game.

Hikaru Nakamura vs Ding Liren, Armageddon Commentary by IM Sagar Shah | Video: ChessBase India

Ding Liren won his second Armageddon, first one against Hikaru Nakamura at this event

Caruana - Praggnanandhaa: 1.5-1

The Classical game was a well-contested draw between Fabiano Caruana (USA, 2805) and Praggnanandhaa (2747).


Position after 23.Bc3

Black had to make a difficult choice to save either a5 or d5-pawn. 23...Qa7 was played 24.Bxa5 Rd7 25.Bc3 d4 26.exd4 cxd4 27.Rxe8+ Nxe8 28.Bb4 and White went on to win the game.

Fabiano Caruana (USA) won his second Armageddon game, third overall Armageddon win of the event

Round 9 in progress

Replay live stream

Replay Norway Chess 2024 Round 9 Live Commentary by IM Sagar Shah and Amruta Mokal | Video: ChessBase India

Replay Round 9 games

Round 9 results

Alireza Firouzja - Magnus Carlsen: 1-1.5

Hikaru Nakamura - Ding Liren: 1-1.5

Fabiano Caruana - Praggnanandhaa: 1-1.5

Standings after Round 9

Magnus Carlsen - 16/27

Hikaru Nakamura - 14.5/27

Praggnanandhaa - 13/27

Alireza Firouzja - 12/27

Fabiano Caruana - 10.5/27

Ding Liren - 6/27

Round 10 pairings

Round 10 pairings | Photo: Norway Chess


6 players will take part in the Tournament.

The Tournament is a double-round event with Armageddon.

The Tournament consists of 10 rounds.

Time Control

Each player will have 120 minutes on the clock with an increment of 10 seconds starting from move 41. The time control for the Armageddon game: white has 10 minutes and black has 7 minutes with an increment for both players of 1 second per move, starting from move 41.

Draw by Mutual Agreement

Players are not allowed to agree to a draw until at least 30 moves have been made by each player. This rule does not apply to Armageddon games.


If the classical game is drawn, an Armageddon game will be played. It shall start within 20 minutes of the conclusion of the classical game. The player with White pieces will continue with White in Armageddon. If the Armageddon game is drawn, black will win.


Players will get the following points per round:

Win in the classical game: 3 points

Loss in the classical game: 0 points

Draw in the classical game & win Armageddon: 1½ points

Draw in the classical game & loss Armageddon: 1 point


From 27th May to 7th June, every day game starts at 5 p.m. local time and 8:30 p.m. IST. Rest days are on Friday 31st May and Wednesday 5th June.

Prize money

Prize Money The total prize fund of the Tournament is 1690000 NOK. Distribution of Prize money occurs as followed:

1st - NOK 700000

2nd - NOK 350000

3rd - NOK 200000

4th - NOK 170000

5th - NOK 150000

6th - NOK 120000

Watch the tournaments live at the venue:

SR-Bank in Stavanger City.

Address: Christen Tranes Gate 35, 4007 Stavanger

All tickets are purchased directly at the venue. No pre-sale.

It is possible to reserve tickets, however, this is normally not necessary due to good capacity at the venue. Reserve your ticket by e-mailing the desired dates and names to:


Ticket prices per day:

Adults: 200 NOK

Children: 100 NOK

Family: 400 NOK


Tournament Regulations

Norway Chess: Official site, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, linkedin

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